World Poetry Proudly Presents Ruth Kozak from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda Kehewin welcomed the adventurous world traveler and talented writer Ruth Kozak to the show. Despite some technical difficulties, it was a fascinating show with excepts  being read from her new novel In the Shadow of the Lion and stories about her recent trips. All are welcome to an exciting upcoming book launch which will be on  Jan 14, 7 pm at the Hellenic Centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada, sponsored by the Greek Consul, Ilias Kremmydas with special guest reader poet Manolis Aligizakis. ( 7 – 9 pm) Hear Ruth in person! To listen to the radio show, CLICK HERE

Host Wanda John-Kehewin shared a special chapbook. She has one poem in it! book



RUTH KOZAK is a historical fiction writer, sometimes poet and travel journalist with a strong interest in history and archaeology. A frequent traveler she has lived several years in Greece and visits there regularly. She edits and publishes a travel e-zine TRAVEL THRU HISTORY  Her historical fiction novel, “Shadow of the Lion” about the fall of Alexander the Great’s dynasty, will be published in UK by Media Aria- CDM Publishers.  in two volumes, Volume 1 subtitled “Blood on the Moon” in August 2014  and Volume 2 subtitled “The Fields of Hades” in 2016.  Read here author’s profile here:   and on the blog site for the novel at

MediaAria-CDM publicity for the novel:

Ruth instructs writing classes for the VSB and facilitates 3 mornings memoir writing workshops “Write From the Heart” at WAVES coffee shop, New Westminster; Champlain Heights Community Centre and Brock House. She also coaches writing privately and teaches a travel writing group at her home.

Ruth was recently interviewed on CoOp Radio “World Poetry” about her novel.

She recently join a travel writer’s delegation to Egypt to write and help boost Egyptian tourism.

Here’s the ‘feature’ about Ruth on


Blogs:  (writer’s blog)  (travel blog)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Velva Lee Heraty, Dream Expert from the US!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill welcomed Velva Lee Heraty, Dream expert who kindly answered a number of dream questions that had bee e-mailed and messaged. We would like to thank her for her gracious responses which have already helped the radio listeners from around the world. 

She wants to offer a free book to the 10th and 20th person  that send her their contact info via  She will need their e-mail and will reach out to the two winners for mailing addresses.
To hear the show, CLICK HERE!

World recognized dream expert helps readers interpret the meaning behind their dreams

TAMPA, Fla. – Everyone dreams, whether it is the familiar and pleasant dream, or perhaps the nightmare that wakes you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Why are some dreams so pleasing that we would rather stay asleep enjoying them while others can leave us disturbed and troubled?

Velva Lee Heraty, MSW, AKA Dream Momma wants to help readers understand what their dreams mean while providing healing and nourishment. In Heraty’s new book, “The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer: A Hands-on, How-to, Step-by-step Guide to Understanding Your Dreams”, Heraty shares with her audience the eye-opener she once experienced when a client disagreed with Heraty’s diagnosis. Rather than being offended, Heraty looked deeper and realized that, although she is the expert, the dream actually belonged to the dreamer. Once making this amazingly simple revelation, Heraty began a new approach to dream therapy.

“The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer” teaches people from all walks of life to navigate and better understand their dreams through steps, techniques, definitions and real-life examples.

“Whatever type of dream we have, most of us are adrift and confused by its impact and meaning,” said Heraty. “After reading this book you’ll never be confused by a dream and it’s meaning again.”

“The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer” includes sections set aside for personal notes and reflections so one can go at their own pace as well as a glossary of terms, a dreamer’s toolkit for additional help, and an Art Gallery of curated images.

For more information, visit

“The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer: A Hands-on, How-to, Step-by-step Guide to Understanding Your Dreams”–Step-/dp/1452587124/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417703096&sr=8-1&keywords=the+dream+belongs+to+the+dreamer

By Velva Lee Heraty, MSW, AKA Dream Momma

ISBN: 978-1-4525-8712-7

Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press

A lyric prose poem:

Introduction to “The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer” by Velva Lee Heraty, MSW

“Imagine yourself standing on the shore at the edge of a vast sea stretching as far as you can see. You’re a busy person with many demands on your time but as you stand there in your quieter moments you wonder how far away the other shore is or does the sea roll on forever? Then one restless day you imagine the far shore. It seems to call to you and something very deep inside of you stirs. It feels like an awakening. You look back and see that nothing has changed but then, once you look forward, the beckoning feels stronger. You begin to pace the shoreline wanting more.  More what?  The answer isn’t clear but the feeling strengthens. Then one day you suddenly realize you need to go to the far shore.

As this need becomes urgent, off in the distance you see a small vessel growing larger as it nears.  You eagerly hail it waving both arms and in a few compelling moments your journey to the far shore begins. You never look back.

Think of me as one of the many vessels navigating the seas of the unconscious for willing passengers such as yourself. You board, we map your route, you travel along your route and eventually you disembark. It’s important that I remain the captain of my small ship, yet it is equally important I share the helm with you if you’re willing to share the responsibilities and choices of your journey. My book is dedicated to you. You are among those bold seafarers who ultimately took the route less traveled and made it safely to the far shore. Those adventurers who found their unique, often challenging route to self-identity, or what my theoretical guide Carl Jung would call the True Self.  Welcome aboard! “

Velva Lee Heraty, MSW, Certified Jungian Depth-psychotherapist (C)

About the author

Velva Lee Heraty, MSW, AKA Dream Momma is an internationally recognized dream expert and experienced psychotherapist. Heraty is the host of her own radio show “Let’s Talk Life!” where she helps over 20,000 people heal and grow. She achieved her Masters of Social Work from Loyola University, Chicago and her Depth Psychotherapist Certification from the Jung Institute in Evanston, IL. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Velva volunteered to be a resource for the National Nightmare Hotline. She is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the Society of Professional Journalists.

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Alyson Quinn From Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes: A great World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Tuesday night on  CFRO 100.5 FM with co-host Una Bruhns and featuring the novelist of When the River Wakes Up,
 Alyson Quinn. To hear the show: CLICK HERE.

Also a special Open House & Book Launch plus Roger’s 50th Birthday!
Dead’er by Roger R. Blenman & When the River Wakes Up by Alyson Quinn
Readings at 2, 4, & 7 pm, with book signings
December 6th, 2014
Dalbergia Studio – Wood and Fine Objects
1333 Railspur Avenue,
Granville Island, Vancouver BC
This is a free event.

“When the River Wakes Up ventures courageously down paths rarely explored, the Western medical model and African mysticism from Zimbabwe. What is the cost of labeling those with sacred gifts for all of humanity? Is there a way to open ourselves to unimaginable wisdom that will illuminate the path forward for us all? Alyson Quinn writes this story with her heart immersed in cauterized memory of her beloved homeland and an unquenchable curiosity for undiscovered worlds.” — Malídoma Patríce Somé, PhD, traditional elder, author of Ritual: Power, Healing and Community; Of Water and the Spirit; and The Healing Wisdom of Africa
When the River Wakes Up is an exploration of paths rarely explored—the colliding of Western beliefs and Shona mysticism. Abigail, in all her fragility, is a resolute pioneer alongside her African brother, her soul compatriot, and vessel of African wisdom: Zukah. Through their relationship they open up closed minds and hearts around them, and forge a different path in the new Zimbabwe. Any government transitioning from a racist minority rule to a majority government is careening down a road of unfathomable chaos; Zimbabwe is no different. Seen through the lens of Abigail’s father, a civil servant, the process is filled with potholes of despair and unforeseen hope. When the River Wakes Up is a novel that is both a tormenting inner struggle and a changing world scorched by the fire of new beginnings.
About the Author
Alyson Quinn was born in Zimbabwe to Irish parents and spent her childhood years in Southern Africa. She trained as a social worker and has spent twenty-five years working in the field of psychiatry as an individual and group therapist. She is the author of Experiential Unity Theory and Model (Jason Aronson, 2012) and Reclaim Your Soul.(Hamilton Books, 2014). When the River Wakes Up is her first novel.

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Roger Blenman, Poet and Author!

Ariadne’s Notes: A fun filled and fascinating evening radio show featuring Roger Blenman with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill. Roger read from his new book to be launched December 6 at a studio is Granville Island. Also featured was the news that Sharon Rowe had finally published her book the Big Bessie Stories.

 A powerful poem by Katherine Gordon:On Burnaby Mountain We Make Our Last Stand  about the protestors on Burnaby Mountain  To hear the show: CLICK HERE!


Open House & Book Launch

Dead’er by Roger R. Blenman   &   When the River Wakes Up by Alyson Quinn


Readings at 2, 4, & 7 pm, with book signings
December 6th, 2014
Dalbergia Studio – Wood and Fine Objects
1333 Railspur Avenue,
Granville Island, Vancouver BC

This is a free event. All are welcome.
Readings at 2, 4, & 7 pm, with book signings

Roger Blenman is a Barbadian-born, Afro-Caribbean, Canadian. He loves athletics, literature, and travel. He teaches mathematics and science. His work is infused with rhythms from Caribbean, Afro-American, and mainstream Canadian cultures. Urbanity, social causes, race, sexuality, spirituality, rhyme, and politics infect his writing. He lives in Toronto and now Vancouver. Roger is also a poet and author.

My mother

My mother
wasn’t one of those
other mothers

other mothers
drove minivans
dropped us off at soccer practice
went off to have their hair done
you’d have to compliment them
when they picked you up
nice waves Carol
beautiful bangs Susan
other mothers would smile
put a modest hand to their head
oh really
you think so
almost touching their head

they waver across the lane
so we’d shut up
till we got to our subdivision

my mother
wasn’t like that

other mothers
made kids call them
by their first names
Alison’s mother wanted you
to call her Carol
Barbara’s mother, Susan
once I called Candi’s mother, Candi’s mother
it was a mistake
she stared so hard
I thought I’d done something wrong
like broke something
or told a lie
which I did
Sorry Annette, I said.

My mother drove
a station wagon
so old the name had fallen off the grill
and left holes in the chrome
like the gaps in her teeth
my mother did her own hair
straightened it every two weeks
if you said anything
she’d say
I could do yours for you
that made you shut up

my mother was
a wooden spoon in one hand
hand on the hip
hips to one side
mouth to the other
You think you’re talking to a fool?
kind of a mother

no mother
you’d say

Once upon a time
my mother had a first name

for a long time I thought
that it and her sense of humor
had atrophied from disuse
or had been lost in a fire
she and her best friend
always call each other girl
and then they laugh
It must be an old habit

from even before
I was born

Let’s be friends
says Susan

tell me the boys you like
Barbara acts like she believes her

talks about the sleepy-eyed forward
on the basketball team
he’s too popular for words
when it’s my turn
I shake my head
I picture my mother asking
What has he done for you?

I’m embarrassed

once, he stepped out of the way
when I nearly fell going up the stairs

you can tell me anything
says Annette

even if you’re in trouble
when I picture my mother

she’s got her arms folded

girls ought to have their privacy
says Carol

backing out of Alison’s room

my mother
has never said the word privacy
in my hearing

once I sneezed going into Carol’s house
it’s tropical potpourri, she said
I never wear black to Susan’s house
not since they got the two cats
it’s because she wants another baby
whispered Barbara

our house smells like something to eat
animals belong in the yard, my mother says

Once I asked my mother
if she had wanted another baby
no darling, she turned away from the stove
I got all I can handle with you

Roger Blenman ©

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Lidia Chiarelli from Italy !

Ariadne’s Notes: We are so honoured to present another Important International Partner and distinguished artist and poet Lidia Chiarelli! Lidia’s peace gift poem was chosen as one of four poems and was available at the University of British Columbia (Irving K. Barber Learning Centre where several hundred gift poems were taken by the 100,000 students and public at the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival during the month of October.  Also offering gift peace poems on display were our other community partners at the UBC Learning Exchange and the Britannia Public Library in Vancouver, BC, Canada.A total of 575 poems were printed and rolled. The poems went so quickly that many more were printed, rolled and given.

A special  Invitation to this upcoming event!  Sguardi d’Artista – Only…for Your Eyes (quadri di Gianpiero Actis – poesie di Lidia Chiarelli,Inaugurazione della mostra alla Promotrice delle Belle Arti, viale B. Crivelli 11 Torino (Valentino)

Here is the link to the exhibition that is also on line or the link to youtube where is the Calendar 2015 with some of the paintings in exhibition




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