In Loving Memory, First Nations Vera Manuel from Canada!

World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner , mentor to many and supporter,Vancouver-based Secwepemc-Ktunaxa playwright, poet, and storyteller, was honoured in a special World Poetry Café Radio Show Program, on July 22, with co-host poet and writer Wanda Kehewin and Ariadne Sawyer. This is one of the series honouring those who have passed to another world. Music by Mary Young Blood and Honey Novick. Tech: Israel Mota!
Ariadne and  Wanda presented her poems , told stories about her, and read from her play The Strength of Indian Women,  about residential-school life.
Vera  Manuel and Gabriel Bartleman, Tsartlip elder were instrumental in helping to create, Ariadne’s upcoming book, Love Poems for the World, Dream Offerings. Ariadne read a poem that Vera dictated to her in a dream poem called Vera’s Speaks.   *Sadly, yet another  show not archived so we cannot link it.

Vera was the eldest daughter of Grand Chief George Manuel, the first president of the National Indian Brotherhood.

Her play, Strength of Indian Women was staged through-out North American and published as in the anthology Two Plays about Residential Schools (along with Larry Loyie). Her work was honoured with inclusion at the Native American Women Playwrights Program, housed at Maima University, in Oxford, Ohio. Her poetry has appeared in various publications, most recently in ROCKSALT: An Anthology of Contemporary B.C. Poetry.

She was given a Life-time Achievement Award by the World Poetry organization here in Vancouver and the Aboriginal Writer’s Collective will be arranging the publication of her work in the near future. She was a Poet-in-Resident with the Aboriginal Media Lab.

She was the daughter of cultural leader Marceline Paul and political leader George Manuel Sr. She is survived by her loving dog U’tspo and 4 loving brothers; Arthur, Richard, George Jr., and Ara; her 4 loving sisters; Emaline, Doreen, Martha and Ida; and her numerous loving nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her Mother, Marceline Paul, Father, George Manuel Sr, and Brother Robert (Bobby) Manuel.   Partial source: The Georgia Straight.

When I First Came to Know Myself.

When I First Came to Know Myself,
My mother said,  “ I was only three years old
and traveling up in the mountains
with my grandparents. My grandfather
 and grandmother loved me
 very much and took me
 everywhere with them
and taught me everything.
At that time I knew my place
 in the world.
I knew where I came from
and where I was going.
Everything was clear to me,
That is when I first came to know myself.
Then the priest came
and took me from my people
and I lost everything.
I came to know myself again later in life
I quit drinking and it all came back to me,
my grandparents teachings.”

“When I first came to know myself.”
I said, “ I was already a woman
almost 40-years old, until then I had
no knowledge, I had no place in the world
and I knew nothing about my people.
When I first came to know myself
I was sitting inside the sweatlodge
praying with my mother
listening to her gentle voice
speaking in her language to the spirits.
Greeting them as if they were
 old friends come to visit.
It is very dark and the air
is thick with cedar,
I sat bent with tears
streaming down my face.
Crying because I felt so safe.
And for the first time in my life
I felt clean. That is the time
when I first came to know myself.”

By Vera Manuel  © Source: The World Poetry Anthology, 2000, World Poetry Publishing.

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Alan Girling and Paulina Constancia!

Ariadne’s notes: In a special World Poetry Café Radio Show hosted by Ariadne Sawyer and guest host Anita Aguirre Nieveras, we had the pleasure of welcoming Paulina Constancia, on tour from Singapore and Alan Girling presenting his new chapbook: Less talk.

Also a beautiful peace song by World Poetry Empowered Award Winner Honey Novak added joy to the show. To hear this wonderful show CLICK HERE! Link is not working at this time.









Alan Girling lives in Richmond, works in Vancouver, and writes in his head and in his heart. His work has appeared all over, in digital, in analog, in person, and once even in a shop window in Hamilton, Ontario. He was a finalist for the 2003 Larry Turner Award for non-fiction and winner of Vancouver Co-op Radio’s 2006 Community Dreams Poetry Contest. His short play, ‘Whatever Happened to Tom Dudkowski’ was produced for Vancouver’s Walking Fish Festival.

Here is the cover for the new chapbook:

Cover Scan 001









The woman there 
 smartly hatted & dressed
with the dish of lasagna in her lap
was actually sobbing
trying to contain her tears
for public transit’s sake
so I asked
was there anything I could do
though it was clear
there was nothing to do
but listen: 
to her story
of the people she’d baked it for
the people not
her friends
who never could be her friends
even after the party
even with the lasagna
she just knew
it to be the case.

It could be she saw me
eye the dish
I didn’t say how good it smelled
or she may have sensed something
truer than false in me
because when we reached the next stop
and the doors opened
she gave me a fixed look
shy   piteous   glistening
and placed the dish in my open hands 
nodded once
and then stepped off.

That evening the talk was of
the wisdom
of eating a stranger’s food
but I knew
from her look
a kindred thing
that some things given and
with grace received
no matter who, how or where
mean communion
and further event
and I felt
for the moment
along the clogged fissures of my heart
that no one needed to taste.
this woman’s lasagna more

 than I did.

Alan Girling (C)




Paulina Constancia (b. 1970) is a Filipino-Canadian artist and poet. Her works have been exhibited in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, The Netherlands and in various cities in the USA and Canada. A permanent collection of her works is showcased at the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art [MoNA] in Cebu, Philippines. Paulina currently lives in Singapore with her husband and son. She actively creates and teaches arts and crafts as well as conducts art therapy for women and children in the Asia-Pacific region. She has recently finished a 6-nation traveling exhibition and workshop series  entitled Moments of Motherhood {M.O.M.}. She integrated scrap fabric and other materials into her paintings to symbolize the shared moments between mother and child. She believes ‘it’s these little moments that matter, it’s these little moments that we remember.’

Paulina Constancia has published a bilingual collection of poetry “Brazos Abiertos/Open Arms” (Vancouver, 2003) and a bilingual collection of short stories “Cuentos Hispanofilipinos /Hispano-Philippine Stories” (Manila, 2009). Her poems have been featured in Revista Filipina (e-magazine)and Contra Tiempo (Latin American magazine in Chicago).

For more info about the artist and her works, please visit
her website:
and her blog:

For more info on her books
Brazos Abiertos/Open Arms

Cuentos Hispanofilipinos/Hispano-Philippine Stories



You birth.
You cherish.
You protect.
be you feathered,
whiskered, shelled
or legged,
such noble task 
you’ve been assigned.
The rewards that await-

from Paulina Constancia’s book -”Brazos Abiertos/Open Arms” (World Poetry Publishing, Vancouver, 2003)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Dr. Diego Bastianutti from Italy & Canada!

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and guest host Anita Aguirre Nieveras with tech Israel Mota, welcomed the renaissance man Dr. Diego Bastianutti , poet,  writer, award winner, artist and tennis player!

Also, featured for the first time!  The world Poetry Canada International Theme song, Circle of Blue  composed by World Poetry Music Ambassador Yoshimi Sakura , played by the lovely professional pianist Mamotu Yabuki and record in front of a live audience at Gerwand Halle in Hiroshima on the 17th of May, 2014.

  To listen to this fascinating poet and the show in English, Tagalog, Spanish and Italian : CLICK HERE!

20140512_145056-008Featured Poet:

Dr. Diego Bastianutti has a number of publications:
A Major Selection of the Poetry of Giuseppe Ungaretti, in 1997, winner of the “1998 John Glassco Prize”; and three volumes of poetry,  His third bilingual collection, Per un pugno di terra/For a Fistful of Soil was awarded the 2008 International Literary Prize Umberto Saba. He has completed a fourth volume, The Bloody Thorn. His award-winning poetry and short stories continue to be featured in various journals and anthologies in the Americas and in Europe.

He is a former literature professor at the University of Toronto and Queen’s University. He held the diplomatic post of Honorary Vice Consul of Italy for 18 years in Eastern Ontario. Currently he is a Canadian Correspondent for a cultural agazine in San José, Costa Rica. He delights in doing art work and writing plays and short stories not always for publication



I want to slow the streak of stars
the lunar flashing curve
in the night sky
my love
I want the world to wake a little late each morning
the tides to ebb a little later
the sun to sleep a little longer
the fields to patiently wait the harvest moon delayed
the rivers to check their flow
my love
their waters stretching out and lazily
cascade over the lip
never quite falling
I want yesterday today and tomorrow
to blur into a never ending moment
as I sit across from you
my love
and see the woman
into which all women blur
and know you
by the touch that heals
my love

the caress that cares
the kiss that loves
the look that kills

Diego Bastianutti ©

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World Poetry Proudly Presents The Youth Poet Anviksha Srivastava!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the wondrous youth poet  12 year old  Anviksha Srivastava who plans to be a Doctor but also continue with her poetry. Calling from California, she wrote a special poem for Canada Day. We want to thank her for her patience once again with initial phone difficulties which seemed to improve as the interview continued. An beautiful e-poem the Niagara River by our eldest, 100 year old Lini Grol who is an example to us all.  Music by Canadian Singers and musicians, Susan Cogan, Linda Lucas (with her dream song)  Swan Walker and Rene Hugo Sanchez. To HEAR THE SHOW CLICK HERE




Anviksha writes:
“Hi Ariadne,
Thank you so much for having me on the show!
Here is the poem I wrote for Canada today on her
day: “Dear Canada”.


Dear Canada

in your land
of hope
sprouts success
in your flag
I see
the dreams
of millions
In your
cool breezes
I see
the desire
to thrive
this is the land
where people
can grow
their thoughts
with your open arms
you welcome everybody
you give them
love and laughter
to share
so people don’t
want to
leave you
Dear Canada
God Bless You!

Anviksha Srivastava (C








A poem for peace.


I want to share
Smiles with hope
As it flutters
like a butterfly
around rainbow of laughter
I want to
hold hands with love
and become one with it
I want to
cherish a moment
With friendship and trust
 I want that
There will be no wind of pain .
Only Breeze of understanding
Flowing amongst us
I want
that In my
Canvas of imagination
I can paint
A perfect world
With no boundaries
When I wish out loud ……
People called me crazy
And I’m left alone
With my dream of peace
Swaying under my eyelids.

Anviksha  Srivastava (C)
Age 12 years
Arcadia , California U.S.A

In Hindi:



मै  चाहती   हूँ 

उम्मीद   की  मुस्कान  को  बाँटना

उस  तरह

जैसे  तितली  हँसी  के  इन्द्रधनुष  से  बातें  करती  है

मै  चाहती  हूँ

प्यार  से  हाथ  पकड़   के

उसमे  समा  जाऊँ

मै   चाहती   हूँ

दोस्ती   और   विश्वास  के ,

लम्हे  का  आनन्द  लेना

मै  चाहती  हूँ

के  दुःख  की  हवा  न  चले

समझ  की  रिमझिम  फुहार

हम  सभी  के  बीच

बहती  रहे

मै  चाहती  हूँ

के  मेरे  कल्पना  के  कैनवास  पर

एक  ऐसा  संसार  रच  सकूँ

जिसमे  कोई  सरहद  न  हो

लेकिन  जब

मै  अपनी  चाहत

 सबको  बताती  हूँ

लोग  मुझे  पगली  कहते  हैं

और  मै  अकेली  छोड़  दी  जाती  हूँ

अपने  शान्ती  के  सपने  के  साथ

जो  अभी  भी

मेरी  पलकों  में  पलता  है

Anviksha  Srivastava (C)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Una Bruhns From Canada!



Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and guest host Anita Aguirre Nieveras and techs Israel Mota (in training) and the master teacher Mehdi welcomed World Poetry Empowered Poet Nominee, author, host ,photographer and videographer Una Bhruns to a fascinating combination of poetry, English and Tagalog; the launching of her  new beautiful book and peace.

Also in the show, the lovely voice of Clara Hsu
her Tuvan performance piece called Kumiss
and the music of Susan Cogan from her new CD The Fields of Friendship.
To listen to this great show CLICK HERE

w.Van Photos





Video Poems
Tribute to Mandela, and  World Peace Poetathon Initiative both on DVD.  Published  In   Best Poets of 2012 (World Poetry Movement)  And Stars In Our Hearts 2013 Creative Writer . .  Published Two Anthologies. Senior Writers at John Braithwaite Community Centre, N. Van.

Working on her second book of poems ( photography in book by Juergen Bruhns
Documentarian    The John Braithwaite story, on DVD at the N. Van Public Library
Mountain Man. .. At The Archives, Lynn Valley, N. Van  . .. DVD
Haiku  . . . . ….    Sakura Award Winner 
Born in Johannesburg South Africa
Immigrated to Canada in 1969

Beautiful new book.

My first Poetry Book








Hello My Friend

Please join me and stay awhile
Let us bridge the gap between
Nations it is time to talk about
Many things . . . Sunrise children,
Berries wars dinosaurs  . . .
Laughter and tears

Stay for a while together we could
Savor the scene, soar with the eagles
Swim with he salmon scavenge with
The seagulls

Imagine if through vanity we thought
We were the universe and then one
Day we discover we were not it!
What an awakening that would be

Let us consider what legacy we would
Leave for future generations in this world?
So let you and I contemplate on peace
Till setting sun the difference we make
Could be life itself

 Una Bruhns  (C)

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