indiegogo announcedThis will be our 4th World Poetry International Peace Festival. We have been working hard to put an exciting program together for you!

To make this possible we are trying crowd funding for the first time this year. This gives everyone an opportunity to help, according to your means, and so contribute to world peace. Be sure to visit our IndieGoGo page…

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Poet Laureate Candice James!

Ariadne’s Notes:

The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill, techs, Israel Mota and Rob, welcomed the New Westminster Poet Laureate Candice James for an interview full of tips on memorizing, editing and great poetry.  She also read poems from her new book A Silence Of Echoes to be launched September 24th.  To hear this exciting show: CLICK HERE! Background music by Mozart, welcome poem by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld  from her CD  Vagabond Dawns and Down by the River by Swan Walker.


Candice James is the Poet Laureate of The City of New Westminster, BC. Canada. She is the President of Royal City Literary Arts Society; Past President of the Federation of British Columbia Writers and a full member of The League of Canadian Poets.

Candice is the Author of eight poetry books the latest of which is “A Silence of Echoes” being launched at World Poetry Night Out New Westminster, September 24th!

A Silence of Echoes FRONTwith Bleed_edited-1

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4th World Poetry Peace Festival Poster by Kwame Yirenkyi from Ghana!

logo tiny

Ariadne’s Notes: Here is the wonderful poster which will be on monitors at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Library at the University of British Columbia Oct 6th-27th, along with six display tables and a 24 hour video feed. Please send this on to all you know and use the qrcode on the right side to check in for more updates

Celebrate The 4th World Poetry Festival new

Great thanks to our wonderful partners.

Wonderful Letters!

A sample of the  selected peace gift poems:

  • Katherine L. Gordon, Ontario, Canada
  • Madhusmita Rawooth, Grade 12 student, Sunabeda ,Odisha India.
  • Lidia Chiarelli, Torino – Italy                        
  • Anviksha  Srivastava Age 12 years, California, USA


10402541_10153141626654115_5550455356675832404_n Gift poems for SB UBC.

Some of the 575 gift poems! Photo by Una Bruhns

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Laura Kelsey from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras  plus super techs, Israel Mota and Rob welcomed the beautiful singer and poet Laura Kelsey to the fun filled radio show. To hear or download the show:


Luara 001

Laura Kelsey is a singer and poet based in Vancouver, BC Canada.
She has been a waitress, newspaper editor and volunteer firefighter. In 2006, she self published a book of poems.
Laura is currently involved in a number of projects including a funk –blue band called Dispell and solo acoustic recordings.

For links to her songs and site:
Fundraiser for WAVAW:
Her website:
Dispell songs:

Laura and host Anita Aguirre Nieveras:


Luara 005

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World Poetry Welcomes Andrés Julián Badillo From Colombia!


Ariadne’s Notes: We want to welcome Andrés Julián Badillo, a poet and a caricaturist whose work will be on display in the glassed in cases at the  University of British Columbia, Simon K. Barber Learning Centre during the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival, October 6-27th. Here are two famous poets from the past, Dylan Thomas and Pablo Neruda along with commentaries by him.

Dylan ThomasCommentary to Dylan Thomas caricature
“Dylan Thomas was a great poet. I got to know about him, thanks to Charles Bukowski´s tale That is what killed Dylan Thomas, which describes the world of fame around the life of a successful poet. Then I asked myself, can really crowds and cameras kill a poet? I don’t know about that, at least they can kill his poetry. To Bukowski, Dylan Thomas was not prepared for success, in his case, the gods made him strong enough to receive the  applause.” 150 anniversary of Dylan Thomas.

Pablo Neruda

Commentary to Pablo Neruda caricature
“To Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombian writer, lover and reader of poetry, Neruda was the greatest poet of the XX century. To me that is great, but I prefer to read to another Chilean poet, Nicanor Parra. They say that Neruda had over the entrance of his house, today a Museum, an open cage, without birds, poetry turned into life, just for that, he deserves to be a genius.”


Andrés Julián Badillo was born in Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia.  He is a 26 years old poet and caricaturist.  He has a degree on philosophy, his thesis, The concept of Death on Heidegger´s  Being and Time, got the highest note. He has written 6 books of poetry, some of them: The women who tempted Eve, The man that used to be a shadow and The obstinacy of the golden antelopes. All his  poetry work is still unpublished. As a drawer, he has created a collection of 65 portraits of poets from all over the world. This collection is called Tears of Swan, with it, he makes a little rendition to the authors he likes the most, included the ones who have had a great influence over his work as a poet, which focused on the themes of love and death.

God is a woman, and I love her

To Mayra Oyuela, (Honduran poet)

Accept the submissive inclination of my fog
I should die on your sidewalks
Desirous blush of your hair of feathers of inebriate raven
Accept my hug of dead leaves and obscene skin

I still hear the sound of thick music over my skin
The cry of cold women out of your throat
The echo of God in the gardens

Take my Adam´s shame
Livid apple of Blame
Over the nails of Pain
Crucify my phallus to your knees
Redeem your women to the feet of mire

Since God is a woman
And she agonizes on a Tegucigalpa´s lawn
Since God is a woman
And I love her

Andrés Julián Badillo (C)
From the book The woman who tempted Eve



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World Poetry Celebrates our Fourth Peace Festival with Awake Radio!

photo (2)

Exciting news! Tune in today at 5 pm Pacific Standard time on:

Featured: Carol Knepper, Richard Doiron and Corz W. Canda! “World Poetry Lives!


World Poetry gift peace poem! 575 for the festival.

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