World Poetry Proudly Presents Roger Blenman, Poet and Author!

Ariadne’s Notes: A fun filled and fascinating evening radio show featuring Roger Blenman with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill. Roger read from his new book to be launched December 6 at a studio is Granville Island. Also featured was the news that Sharon Rowe had finally published her book the Big Bessie Stories. Unfortunately no photos could be published here. when the problem is fixed, I will put them in.

 A powerful poem by Katherine Gordon:On Burnaby Mountain We Make Our Last Stand  about the protestors on Burnaby Mountain  To hear the show: CLICK HERE!

Open House & Book Launch

Dead’er by Roger R. Blenman   &   When the River Wakes Up by Alyson Quinn

Readings at 2, 4, & 7 pm, with book signings
December 6th, 2014
Dalbergia Studio – Wood and Fine Objects
1333 Railspur Avenue,
Granville Island, Vancouver BC

This is a free event. All are welcome.
Readings at 2, 4, & 7 pm, with book signings

Roger Blenman is a Barbadian-born, Afro-Caribbean, Canadian. He loves athletics, literature, and travel. He teaches mathematics and science. His work is infused with rhythms from Caribbean, Afro-American, and mainstream Canadian cultures. Urbanity, social causes, race, sexuality, spirituality, rhyme, and politics infect his writing. He lives in Toronto and now Vancouver. Roger is also a poet and author.

My mother

My mother
wasn’t one of those
other mothers

other mothers
drove minivans
dropped us off at soccer practice
went off to have their hair done
you’d have to compliment them
when they picked you up
nice waves Carol
beautiful bangs Susan
other mothers would smile
put a modest hand to their head
oh really
you think so
almost touching their head

they waver across the lane
so we’d shut up
till we got to our subdivision

my mother
wasn’t like that

other mothers
made kids call them
by their first names
Alison’s mother wanted you
to call her Carol
Barbara’s mother, Susan
once I called Candi’s mother, Candi’s mother
it was a mistake
she stared so hard
I thought I’d done something wrong
like broke something
or told a lie
which I did
Sorry Annette, I said.

My mother drove
a station wagon
so old the name had fallen off the grill
and left holes in the chrome
like the gaps in her teeth
my mother did her own hair
straightened it every two weeks
if you said anything
she’d say
I could do yours for you
that made you shut up

my mother was
a wooden spoon in one hand
hand on the hip
hips to one side
mouth to the other
You think you’re talking to a fool?
kind of a mother

no mother
you’d say

Once upon a time
my mother had a first name

for a long time I thought
that it and her sense of humor
had atrophied from disuse
or had been lost in a fire
she and her best friend
always call each other girl
and then they laugh
It must be an old habit

from even before
I was born

Let’s be friends
says Susan

tell me the boys you like
Barbara acts like she believes her

talks about the sleepy-eyed forward
on the basketball team
he’s too popular for words
when it’s my turn
I shake my head
I picture my mother asking
What has he done for you?

I’m embarrassed

once, he stepped out of the way
when I nearly fell going up the stairs

you can tell me anything
says Annette

even if you’re in trouble
when I picture my mother

she’s got her arms folded

girls ought to have their privacy
says Carol

backing out of Alison’s room

my mother
has never said the word privacy
in my hearing

once I sneezed going into Carol’s house
it’s tropical potpourri, she said
I never wear black to Susan’s house
not since they got the two cats
it’s because she wants another baby
whispered Barbara

our house smells like something to eat
animals belong in the yard, my mother says

Once I asked my mother
if she had wanted another baby
no darling, she turned away from the stove
I got all I can handle with you

Roger Blenman ©

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Lidia Chiarelli from Italy !

Ariadne’s Notes: We are so honoured to present another Important International Partner and distinguished artist and poet Lidia Chiarelli! Lidia’s peace gift poem was chosen as one of four poems and was available at the University of British Columbia (Irving K. Barber Learning Centre where several hundred gift poems were taken by the 100,000 students and public at the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival during the month of October.  Also offering gift peace poems on display were our other community partners at the UBC Learning Exchange and the Britannia Public Library in Vancouver, BC, Canada.A total of 575 poems were printed and rolled. The poems went so quickly that many more were printed, rolled and given.

A special  Invitation to this upcoming event!  Sguardi d’Artista – Only…for Your Eyes (quadri di Gianpiero Actis – poesie di Lidia Chiarelli,Inaugurazione della mostra alla Promotrice delle Belle Arti, viale B. Crivelli 11 Torino (Valentino)

Here is the link to the exhibition that is also on line or the link to youtube where is the Calendar 2015 with some of the paintings in exhibition




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World Poetry Proudly Presents SARAH CARRERE MBODJ from Senegal & the world!


-BA In English Litterature, TOEFL (Dakar university and Poytechnic of Central London, School of Languages)
-Music-Art school from Dakar Senegal
-Inventor of Health/Arts/Fashion products and services: nominated by Gwiin (UK Women Inventors)
-Consultant in Eco-tourism for Latin America:ECOTURISMO EN ANTIOQUIA COLOMBIA
-occupation: language teacher
-Designer-restorer of ancient African harps:
-musician/performing artist:
-Member of RCI Red International Cuentacuentos (España)
-facebook: Sarah Carrere Mbodj
-music tours & poetry recitals on 4 continents
-Founder of “El Centenario -homenaje al poeta Arthur Haulot”
-Music workshops for kids
-Poems published in anthologies in Mexico and Cuba
CONTACTS: Tour manager in London UK
Princess ‘Deun Adedoyin-Solarin ( Media Specialist)
Tel: +44 7425853580; 0208 686 8000 (UK)
Twitter: @PrincessDeun; BB: 23B65878; Skype ID: PrincessDeun1
Emails: Emails:;


As Mamluks (*) caparisoned from head to hoofs
Harnessed in silver helmets
The Lamidos (*) pounce towards the powdery plain
A variegated horse parade..!

Wild and faithful
Their heads tied in watered shimmering indigo (*) turbans
Horses swirling their tawny mane horse hair
Their feet coiled up in giant silver stirrups
Bedecked in gold and brass
Caught in the raptures of a dusty brass effervescence

Under the shadow of scarlet green blazoned canopies
Cohorts of Kanuris, Peulhs and Haoussas (*)
Expect the hoarse pips of the rifle
Scrutinizing in the offing an imaginary enemy…..
Relic of alliances, intrigues, and raids
To launch into this ride…..

Their grenade eyes reverberate lost empires
As if resuming the thread between Kano (*) and Byzance. (*)
The jingle of past time jousts, is now silent, woven under the damascene saddle
But even though, swords ever high, the emirs dart forth !


(1*) Mameluks: Dynasty of unofficial militaries during the Ottoman Empire
(2*)Lamidos: Traditional chiefs in Nigeria
(3*)Indigo: Natural dark blue dye obtained with macerated leaves
(4*) Kanuris, Peulhs, Haoussas: Main Nigerian ethnic groups
(5*) Kano: Main northern city of Nigeria
(6*) Byzance: Ancient Greek city (Constantinople)

Sarah Carrere Mbodj (copyright Sacem Paris)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Carolyn Mary Kleefeld from California!


Ariadne’s notes: World Poetry is proud to present our wonderful International Partner Carolyn Mary Kleefeld from California!  We would like to congratulate her on her wonderful poetry and paintings.  Our wishes for the greatest success possible.


Ventana invitation visual

Big Sur is special to me since we lived there.S ome of my stories and poetry come from our tiem at Big Sur.


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World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Victor Schwartzman!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the Empowered World Poetry Canada International Peace And Human Rights Film Festival Director Victor Schwartzman! A fascinating show about the featured films, poetry and readings from his new Graphic Novel. World Poetry is so grateful for his seamless work during the festival. Most of the films that were shown were mentioned on the show.

To hear the show and Israel’s special effects: CLICK HERE


Victor Schwartzman

Victor started writing when he was eight—a handwritten family newspaper—and has never stopped.  He rarely has tried to get published.  He majored in ‘creative writing’ for his B.A. and was accepted into the MFA programme at the University of California, Irvine.  However, his disagreement with the American involvement in the Vietnamese civil war led him to become a war resistor and move to Canada in 1968.

He has written tv scripts for CBC TV, narration scripts for documentaries, and has numerous ‘hits’ on Google for poetry and other writing.  He was a very minor founding member of COOP Radio, typed the CRTC application and was the engineer who broadcast the very first evening of shows.

Victor has served on the Boards of two Social Planning Councils, in Toronto and then Winnipeg, and ended as President in the Winnipeg SPC.  He lived in Winnipeg for 25 years, where initially he was the Executive Director of the Unemployed Help Centre.  Then for 23 years he was a human rights officer with The Manitoba Human Rights Commission, where he investigated complaints of discrimination.

In Winnipeg he served eight years each on the Boards of the Manitoba Writers Guild and Prairie Fire Press.  Victor was active online at that time and eventually was invited to join the Underground Literary Alliance.  After about a year he left the ULA in disagreement over its use of personal attacks on writers.  He became a minor player with four other writers who together formed Outsider Writers, a literary website.  That site is still around, although with a bit of a different name, and is primarily a review site for independent writing.  He also has been the poetry editor of a small online magazine, Target Audience, for six years.  He “reviews” nonmainstream poets he likes, he won’t write about stuff he doesn’t like.  All this led to his being awarded a page in the Literary Underground Wikipedia (I think that’s the name), a catalogue of nonmainstream writers.

Victor retired from the Human Rights Commission in 2008 (it’s a long story but you can Google it), and moved to Vancouver.  He is married with two grown children.  Retired, he has been able to focus much more time on writing.  Since a modest heart attack and a double stent he also exercises more, eats better and is putting more energy into getting published before he croaks.

His graphic novel, The Winnipeg Weakly Herald, is currently serialized by the great Canadian lit site, Red Fez.  The Herald is the story of people who work on a community newspaper (Victor’s been working on this since 1994, when there were community newspapers), with each chapter of the novel being one issue of the six page newspaper.  He also volunteers a weekly satiric column for Accessibility News in Ontario on disability issues, and works with Paul Caune on disability issues in British Columbia.  And he still writes that monthly poetry review.

Check out the  links for King Of The Planet.  Here is the link for

In any Amazon, you can type in King Of The Planet, and the Kindle book should come up. 

For Facebook, this is what came up:

In terms of poetry, Victor is working on a collection of poems which tell stories (“People You Know”.)  From this collection, he offered for a reading on peace issues:

At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Haunted for years I went to the Wall
a war resister facing soldiers who died
looking at the Wall, my crying eyes
reflected with all those forgone lives
they made the sacrifice I refused
what sacrifice should I have made?
if it was right why do I feel guilty?  *

I stood there a long time looking
all those names, some guys I knew
someone crying, my eyes are dry
coming home was worse than the war
lifelong friends, tho I have nightmares
greatest time of my life and the worst
may never know if it was worth it *

Never knew what hit me (land mine)
never knew what I died for (politics)
drafted out of my life into death
I owed my country and what a payback
flown back in a box, saw the parade
my sacrifice a memory no one wants
my country sent me to die for nothing

Victor Schwartzman ©

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