World Poetry Presents Mahinour Tawfik with Powerless!



Ariadne’s Notes: We are honoured to present a 22 year old medical student from Egypt whose powerful and moving poetry reaches out to the world. Another talented and empowered youth poet who will make a positive difference in the world! Today we are posting a strong poem called Powerless which was read on the last World Poetry Café Radio Show during the amazing show with Janet Rogers, Victoria Poet Laureate.


World Poetry Canada International  wishes to say that there are many youth poets and directors using the pen and special programs  to help create a better world with a focus on peace. Mahinour is one such poet who can present the tough issues but also create peace. Also our mission is to give support and believe in these poets, filmmakers and writers. The World Poetry Family is behind you.

She writes:
“My name is Mahinour Tawfik
A 22-year old medical student in Egypt studying to become a psychiatrist.
Was educated in British school, Grew to be fond of English Literature especially poetry.
Went through very hard times, had almost given in to pain until poetry healed me
As a medical student I believe, as medicine heals bodies, poetry cures souls
I had several chances to participate in poetry anthologies
I dream to become a world known poetess, a very successful psychiatrist and to travel around the world.”


I‘ve got brainpower & sound senses,
yet I am powerless
Granted all chances to prosper
But every moment I live,
every breath I take, is worthless

I am useless to the living
and disgrace for the dead
Humanity is being murdered;
I am drowning in the bloodshed
Villainy has steadily nurtured,
injustice has widely spread
When righteousness is known,
I am powerless to defend

Everyday thousands are victimized,
My soul keeps shattering
upon listening to mourners’ screams and cries
I see blame in the eyes
Of the orphans and parents, windows and friends
“How could you let them die?
Why didn’t you save them,
why didn’t you even try “

When heroes are martyred defending their honor
Shielding their families, protecting their lands
Steady in front of death, because faith is their armor
When heroes hold swords,
I do nothing but hold a pen in my hand
Expressing my pain and ache in valueless words
Not taking an effective action to rescue the world

My beloveds, whom I vowed to,
sacrifice my soul for their sakes
I am still living my worthless life,
but their hearts won’t ever wake

I wronged my child when I birthed him to a life
Where I am powerless to protect him,
from the abuse and strife
I was nothing but selfish, handicapped
I knew he could be murdered, raped or kidnapped
When mothers sing their babies sweet lullabies
I woke my baby upon mourner’s grief and cries

I am living in a hell, powerless to fight its demons
I can neither protect innocents nor my beloved ones

I didn’t save my murdered sister in the church
she said the word (Jesus)
And then breathed her last
Neither did I save my kidnapped brother from the mosque,
10 days had passed
When his corpse was found but cut into pieces
I watched chapels, shrines & temples set on fires
Ignited by the devils’ lustful desires*

Claiming to spread words of God & strengthen his gracious name
When they bring the gracious religions nothing but disdain and shame
Ignorant of the fact that
No matter how long corruption takes over,
only God’s power remains
I listen to the creator and religions being insulted
But powerless to defend what I’ve been entrusted

I’ve got no justification,
nothing to say
I am still useless to the living,
more disgrace to the dead

I loathe my worthlessness
I pray every moment for death to lose all the capabilities
I have, still with them,
I am nothing but powerless

Mahinour Tawfik  ©

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World Poetry Presents Janet Rogers, Victoria Poet Laureate!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Wanda Kehewin and Ariadne Sawyer welcomed Janet Rogers, Poet Laureate of Victoria BC. Canada. The show included songs by Janet Rogers and a-e poem by the Egyptian youth poet Mahinour Tawfik called Powerless.  To listen: CLICK HERE!

Unfortunately photos could not be posted at this time.

poet, media artist – Janet Marie Rogers – spoken word, radio host

Victoria Poet Laureate 2012 -2015
Janet is a Mohawk/Tuscarora writer from the Six Nations band in southern Ontario. She was born in Vancouver British Columbia and has been living on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people (Victoria, British Columbia) since 1994. Janet works in the genres of poetry, spoken word performance poetry, video poetry and recorded poetry with music and script writing.

Janet has four published poetry collections to date; Splitting the Heart, Ekstasis Editions 2007, Red Erotic, Ojistah Publishing 2010, Unearthed, Leaf Press 2011. Her newest collection “Peace in Duress” was released with Talonbooks in September 2014.  Her poetry CDs Firewater 2009, Got Your Back 2012 and 6 Directions 2013 all received nominations for Best Spoken Word Recording at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards and the Native American Music Awards.  You can hear Janet on the radio as she hosts Native Waves Radio on CFUV fm and Tribal Clefs on CBC radio one fm in Victoria BC. Her radio documentaries “Bring Your Drum” (50 years of indigenous protest music) and Resonating Reconciliation won Best Radio at the imagaineNATIVE Film and Media festival 2011 and 2013

Ikkwenyes or Dare to Do is the name of the collective Mohawk poet Alex Jacobs and Janet created in 2011. Ikkwenyes won the Canada Council for the Arts Collaborative Exchange award 2012 and a Loft Literary Prize in 2013.  Janet joined  talents with Mohawk media artist Jackson Twobears in the Blood Collective, winners of a National Screen Institutes Aboriginal Documentary Residency for their media project NDNs on the Airwaves 2015.

Janet Rogers Web Links :
Soundcloud Poetry
Sky Woman Falling

Being Indian

3-Day Road

Something for the Tongue

Video Poetry

Forever – Peace In Duress Book Trailer – Janet Rogers, Jackson Twobears

It Stopped – Janet Rogers, Benjamin Goyet, Russell Wallace

Performance Poetry

75 Levels of Connecting to the Negative with dancer Justin Many Fingers

Idle No More Trio Poetry Performance – Jackson Twobears, Janet Rogers, Peter Morin

Hotel Reality

I can’t stand the grabbing hands
The way they drag me in
Against my will, unwelcomed
Uncivilized addiction
Visions of medicine
Dropping like acid on the skin
Tapping your foot off the beat
But it still feels good
Stuck in a sequence of movements
Stationary minutes passing to hours
This is how Thursday goes
Drugs don’t like independence
They are jealous lovers
Over bearing, they like you, bound
Little romance to bring you back
After the break up, but you do and again
You do
It isn’t smoke in your eyes
Its isn’t blood on your sleeve
This is the itch of psychic knowing
You’ve got to cop to it
We are all multidimensional
With invisible bridges connecting
Us together
I am aware of the pain I caused you
I can see it in the reflection of me
In your eyes looking back at you
And on and on

You beg for the songs to stop
For the drugs to wear off
But there is no one there
To hear you and no one who cares
Emotional safety nets, break
Dropping like wet cement
The artist is to the critic is to the reader
Is to the merchant is to the writer is to the muse
Is to the universe is to the _________________________
The junkie’s line is limited
And critical contributions stop short.
Our bones are not old hotels
Mysteriously supporting structures
Overdue for demolition
How do we all make a living?

“the most addicting drug of all is silence”
Sentences walking out of the room
Disappearing down fog-filled streets
Leaving questions on the tongue
Life is not complicated
It is not an acid trip
It is a dream
It is a story made of many
Complexity comes when we try
To cheat our way through it
We are still learning
We make the same efforts
To do the same things
They already did
Without success

It is useless to try and alter reality
History brings a well-worn shovel
And backhoe when we try
To bury our lies
Sleep, is the only true territory unseeded
It is precious and sacred
Please do not disturb
The funny-faced masks
Remind us there is something
Beyond ourselves, pay attention
Everything is energy everything is commodity
I got what you want
You need what I got
How much? Is the question
Love is a heavy negotiation
With sub-clauses and loop-holes
Waivers you never knew you signed
Pay attention

The dealer will call at all hours
Just to see if you’re in, hang up
And call again.
Performance is a language
We learn to use every day
This voice is for you
Trouble follows drugs
I want to be a dealer
Just for the money

Quick and dirty
Smoke hash on Christmas
Drop X on New Years
Brutal is the number
Of lost loved-ones
Breaking hearts taking faith
Shaking foundations
Pulling chords mess’n with justice
Losing balance
We hold hope when we believe in
Recycled souls
Better luck next time

I tell him of the many wet-faced
Women lining the back
Of the funeral home
When he goes, he says
The day Buddha decides to

Commit suicide is the day
I stop writing
Worthlessness is a drug
And it doesn’t even
Cost anything

Janet Rogers (C)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Mamta Agarwal From India!



Ariadne’s Notes: It is a great honour to present the wonderful, talented  author  Mamta Agarwal, one of World Poetry Canada International’s Advisors as we expand our quest for peace through a 24 hour World Poetry Peace Poetathon  ( the brainchild of AJA) and the participation of empowered youth peace directors creating invaluable projects in the Peace for Prosperity Project ( Musa Masavi) the peace documentaries by youth filmmakers, and the new organizations for disadvantage youth that need support and nurturing. Mamta’s wisdom and help is invaluable and we think her for her help and service.

On a personal note, her book , “An Untold Story of a Pebble ” has given me hope, during good times and bad. I would like to thank her for her calmness and support which gives the strength to keep on.


A Short Biographical Profile of Mamta Agarwal:

Mamta Agarwal studied English Literature for Masters Program at Punjab University, Chandigarh.She is a free lance writer and poet. She has published three volumes of poetry- Rhythms of life, Voices of Autumn and other short poems, An Untold Story of a Pebble. Her work has been published in several print, e journals and anthologies in India and abroad. She has travelled within the country and abroad to participate in poetry festivals.

She has been awarded World Poetry Empowered Poet Award in October, 2014 by World Poetry, Canada.
She writes in English and Hindi.Some of her work has been translated in Urdu, Telegu and Romanian Language.
She is settled in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Simply grass…

Grass is very appealing,
But you can’t dismiss
It just as simply grass,
Or just stuff of lawns.

If you go up and close,
You see a world
Of flowers, waiting
To be discovered.

Grass flowers keep a low profile;
Their colour, height not loud
To scream from far off!
But as I sit on grass
On a humid eve, As Sun goes down
West in May,
Or at mid-noon in December
On an icy cold day;
Somehow they remind me
Of a six month old,
Who first learns to crawl,
And raises her neck and turns
To make eye contact
With her mother.

The innocence writ large
On their face
Is their unique scent!
Although not effervescent;
Yet, they aren’t timid by any means.
What if they grow under trees,
Or wherever they get
To assert themselves!
They deserve applause for
Holding their own
On frail green stems!

Until yesterday,
I believed butterflies
Don’t visit them, but today
To my surprise and delight
I saw a pale yellow tiny butterfly alight
And whisper something in
The ears of a tiny mauve flower.

Grass flowers
Always arrest my gaze,
And I feel more than certain
God is in small details!
Then I pray let me be simple, witty,
And enduring like grass.

घांस की सादगी 
घांस मन मोह लेती है !
पर वोह सिर्फ घांस ही नहीं
ना ही सिर्फ लान की शोभा
अगर तुम नज़दीक जाओ
तो तुम्हे फूलों की दुनिया
दिखाई देगी , तुम्हारी इंतज़ार में
सरलता से
अपनी पहचान जताते हुए!
घांस के फूल अपनी और जोर
से पुकार कर आकर्षित नहीं करते,
उनका रंग हल्का और कद
छोटा ही सही -
पर मई में सूर्यास्त के समय
जब अच्छी गर्मी होती है
या दोपहर से पहले
दिसम्बर में सर्दी में,
जब भी में घांस पर बैठती हूँ
तो ऐसा लगता है,
एक मासूम बच्ची करीब छे महीने
जिसने घुटनों के बल अभी
चलना सीखा है
अपनी माँ का ध्यान आकर्षित करने
की कोशिश कर रही है!
घांस के फूलों की सादगी
में ही उनकी महक है
उनका स्वभाव ही चंचल नहीं है
पर वोह आँख मिलाने से झेंपते नहीं!
क्या हुआ अगर वोह पेड़ों की छाया
में जन्मे और पल के बड़े हुए
या जहाँ पर भी उन्हें अपना अस्तित्व
या पहचान बनाने का अवसर मिला
अपनी कोमल हरी टहनी पर
बने रहने के लिए
मेरा मन उन्हें देख सरहा उठता है !
कल तक मैं मायूस महसूस करती थी
तितलियाँ क्यों नहीं आती उन पर ,
लेकिन आज मैं मुस्कराएँ बिना ना रह सकी
जब मैंने एक नन्ही पीले रंग की तितली को एक जामुनी
फूल के कान में कुछ कहते देखा !
मैं जब भी घांस पर बैठती हूँ
बस टकटकी से देखती रहती हूँ ,
तब मुझे यकीन हो जाता है
वों महान चित्रकार कण कण में है !
तब मैं प्रार्थना करती हूँ, मुझे भी  घांस जैसे सरल
खुशमिज़ाज और शांति प्रिये  स्वाभाव का
है ईश्वर!

Mamta Agarwal (C)



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World Poetry Presents Nasreen Pejvack from Canada!



Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed the multitalented poet, author and singer  to the show on February 18th on CFRO 100.5 FM. Music by : Valerie Cardill, Ablaye and Volker. Background music by Rene Hugo Sanchez.

To hear this informative and lovely show: Click Here!

Nasreen Pejvack was born in Tehran, Iran.  Today she resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.  At a young age, Nasreen left Iran for Greece due to the brutal aftermath of the 1979 revolution in Iran.  After 19 months living in Athens, she left for Canada to begin a new life in a more peaceful environment.  As her credentials were not recognized in Canada, she started anew by studying computer programming at Algonquin college in Ontario.

She lived and worked in Ottawa for 8 years.  Soon, her adventurous spirit brought her to Vancouver, British Columbia where she continued work in the computer field, and at the same time discovered the magnificent beauty of the West Coast.

She then moved to California to work as a Systems Analyst for CNet Networks during the tech boom of the 1990s.  After several years she returned to her new homeland of Canada and her beloved BC.  After over 11 years in the IT field, she decided to start a new chapter in her life and made a conscious decision to work with people instead of codes and projects.  While working as a counselor and educator, she also developed and presented Workshops  tailored to the needs and requirements of her clients; she pursued and completed a degree in psychology, and is now studying Sociology aiming for her PhD. 

As she travels and enjoys nature, she has learned more and more about the human psyche and people’s behaviours, and tries to understand humanity in all its complexity.   She is concerned about why have we come such a long way in this epoch in gaining such profound intellectual capital and developing such marvelous technology, and yet wars, pain, conflict, hunger and strife have followed us throughout this history?  She asks the world why, despite all that we have accomplished, self-interest and intolerance threatens to overcome all our achievements.  She continues her research and anxiously watches human nature and behaviour to see if we can step back from the brink of destroying everything.

By 2012, she decided to take early retirement and has since renewed her battle with the world’s wars, hunger and greed.  To start, she wrote a historical novel called “Amity” which is being published by York University Press, Inanna.  “Amity” is a window through which one can see the wreckage caused by wars and conflict, which leave behind destruction, displacements, struggles and pain resulting in life-long psychological disorders that are irreparable.  It is a story about the lives of various people who live within these wreckages and must deal with their devastations, here specifically within the contexts of Yugoslavia’s dissolution and Iran’s revolution.   The book questions the motivations of those inflicting these injuries upon peoples and ecosystems, and pursues discussions about solutions or paths that we all might take to repair our dysfunctional societies and know peace.

Nasreen Pejvack also writes poetry, short stories and articles in her website: and Inanna Publication Blog:their link is here: http:// media/blog



I am the daughter of mother earth I am the tears of the mountains, joining the rivers;

together we join the oceans I am the lover of earth’s forests, oceans and mountains I have climbed the hard mountains, seeking freedom,

hearing of freedom I have traveled across the world, seeking liberty,

talking of freedom I have followed our thinkers; listened to their speeches,

seeking a liberated world I long for peace on mother earth; and still I am waiting I dream of a united world, with no war and no slaughter;

yet hopelessly only wishing it, not tasting it
I still climb mountains, roam forests,

enjoy the birds, and talk of love. Yet the ones around me are oblivious to the real me;

the real me is bleeding, watching the apathetic people around me…

You are the power behind me, next to me You are the one who shares this world with me You are who is making it grow and develop You are who can contribute to its happiness You are who can ignore the tyrant’s bully,

You are who can make a difference or be indifferent

Have I given up hope? Not yet Have I waited too long? Undeniably Have I lost my trust?  Not yet Have I waited for us to make it right? Indeed

Nasreen Pejvack (c)



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World Poetry Presents the Award Winning Filmmaker Sharif Saedi !

Ariadne’s notes: Due to the tremendous workload during the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace , Film and Human Rights Festival during October 2014, we were not able to acknowledge the wonderful films and contributions of award winners.  Therefore we will  begin to do so now and  add updated statements and photos.


Award winning filmmaker and director Sharif Saedi is also a World Poetry Canada International Director who is working on creating an theatre and cinema organization for girls and boys in Herat, Afghanistan.  He is helping to create a empowered world for youth who need our support and caring.

I am Sharif Ahmad Saedi, an Afghan journalist and documentary film maker. I spent my childhood and adolescence in a village in the west of Herat; western province of Afghanistan. My childhood and teenage years passed under Mujahidin and the Taliban and during the Afghan civil war.

Along with learning English and computer, I finished sixth and seventh grade at Salahuddin Saljooqi High School in Herat province. I finally graduated from Enqelab High School in Herat province in 2006.  


Since the beginning of my teenage years, I have been interested in art and literature. After passing the public universities’ entrance test (Kankor), i got admitted into Herat University Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications. I graduated from Herat University in 2011. Parallel to my university years, I worked for some local media including. This made me interested in photography and documentary film making.


(Month long display at Irving Barber Learning Centre, UBC Library. Vancouver, BC. Poster of film  award winning film Life in Thirst far left. 24 hour video film screen on right)

I have made few documentaries and short films that have been warmly welcomed by the local film critics. “City Rhythm, Silence, Mechanical Eye, For My City, Silk, Life in Thirst” are some of my works that brought me some remarkable local and international awards.


As a young documentary-film maker, I am a fanatic of film making and have ambitious long-term career goals. Along with being a journalist, I wish to portray my people’s hardship and difficulties through my documentaries. I believe I have a long way ahead of me in my career as a photographer and documentary maker, and I am strongly committed to advancing in my professional career.”

Director’s Statement:
“The first step of my career started with a piece of chalk, a blackboard, and a bunch of students whose passion for learning motivated me to build more on my math proficiency. Later, I continued my life journey with a microphone and a sound recorder that were my friends when I was reporting from the most fatal blast scenes in Afghanistan. University education set the stage for me to walk into the world of journalism and mass media, which opened my eyes to the world significantly. These experiences taught me one important thing. People can be the product of what they choose to be, not necessarily the average outcome of what society imposes on them.

Like many other Afghan kids, my school years passed under the Taliban and with many educational and security obstacles; however, my family helped me turn my school years to the most fruitful years of my education. I started my education with a turban on my head. I still remember how long it was. Exactly 3.5 meters! It was black as the sign of oppression by Taliban. I also worked part time in my Father’s shop to afford my English course tuition.

My admission in the Journalism and Mass Communications Faculty of Herat University was a new chapter in my educational background. I spent four years in this Faculty, where I learned fundamentals of journalism and news reporting that later enabled me to find my interest in photography and documentary film making. Parallel to that, I worked for three local radio stations as a young journalist. In the course of my career as a journalist, I prepared many news reports from bomb blast and crime scenes and press conferences.  Doing news reporting, I learned how to conquer my personal prejudices and reflect the realities as they were. When my voice went on air for thousands of listeners, I felt psychological pressure and stressful moments. I earned a stronger self-confidence out of all those hectic moments.

Higher education is the key to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, where students face countless number of difficulties to get an education. Through the course of my education, I have also confronted many serious obstacles including financial and security issues, but I never lost my persistence and hard work. After decades of civil war that caused Afghanistan’s infrastructures to demolish extensively, the country is now in desperate need for human capital and effective leadership.

After I graduated from Herat University Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications, I felt a social responsibility that was directed toward me. That was playing the role of an honest eye and ear of the society where I lived. I saw, heard and felt the everyday realities of the Afghan society with an open mind. I was not only witnessed the realities of the society, I also recorded them and later portrayed them in the form of documentary films. As a young documentary-film maker, i am a fanatic of film making and have ambitious long-term career goals. Along with being a journalist, I wish to portray my people’s hardship and difficulties through my documentaries. I believe I have a long way ahead of me in my career as a photographer and documentary maker, and I am strongly committed to advancing in my professional career.

 Afghanistan is in a situation of transition. Everything is happening rapidly. I, as a young journalist and documentary film maker, was determined to share the facts and realities of life in Afghanistan with the rest of the world. This will help me do my patriotic responsibility because I would be able to help keep Afghanistan at the center of attention. This will help Afghanistan stay as a peaceful member of the international community.”





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