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24 Hour Peaceathon A Great Success!


World Poetry Canada International  24 Hour Peaceathon!
September 21- 24th! A our best event series ever -a great success!
Thank you, Peace thanks you!
I will be posting some of your events soon.

From Canada to Africa, the Middle East, the Americas to China  and Mongolia, Peaceathon connecters are celebrating Peace in a focused 24 hour push for Peace!

The 24 hour Peaceathon features 53 countries with many group and individual’s celebrating Peace

Register: www.worldpoetry.ca , astarte_sita@yahoo.com, ariadnes@uniserve.com
info 1-604-526-4729

Registration form: 
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World Poetry Celebrates The Wonderful Ana Nedelcu From Romania!

 Ariadne’s Notes: We are honoured to present the talented poet and writer, Ana Nedelcu from Romania. We thank her for her patience in waiting to be on site and look forward to more of her work. Welcome Ana!






Ana writes: “I am a 30 years old Romanian philologist, writer, expert in European studies and self-taught artist in sustainable design, stage performance and contemporary psychology/human behavior.

I am an upholder of comparative knowledge/multidisciplinary studies. Therefore, my life has been combining national and international self-formations and work activities from different kinds of domains – from eco-design to language interpretations, from stage performances to creative and social writing, from management to part of national and international youth networks, from youth events and conferences to educational and cultural voluntary work.

I have been writing poetry, essay, article and script for 10 years now and I have published online, in magazines, in several national literary anthologies but also in two international anthologies from Poetry Society of India.

Related to my literary insights, I find myself in poetry the most prolific creature of all, as verses are continuously flowing through my mind`s and heart`s eye. I get inspired by everything that surrounds me, from landscapes to people, from laughter to tears, from sound to touch, from the concrete to abstract.”

Poem for the World Poetry 2015:


Her diary collapsed

At the fire of dawn

While writing its blast

Near the glass

Of a whispering cast.

No doubt about

This gentle bridge,

Volumes of winds

In the midst of the rich

Where her word

Is her sword

But just a figurative print

In his eyes cold…

‘’You can`t define its size

Of importance to me

Wondering if for thee…’’

Over the bridge

Is a full glittering yard

Where her verse lies

At the bottom of his dice.

He loves her from distance

‘’Fair is that?’’, she asks

Not to hold your darling

Wrap her around your arms.

She melted her eyes

In tears of morning dew

What`s left for the last?

Who`s in love with you?

Love from your distance

And you`ll suffer in silence

Along with the beloved

Who`s feelings

Are a compliance

But heart imprisoned.

Writer/Author – Ana – Lucretia Nedelcu (C)

Web address – https://ananedelcu.wordpress.com/


World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Musician Laura Kelsey from Canada!


Last night time radio show 003

Ariadne’s Notes!  Our last evening World Poetry Café Radio Show on October 6th featured the music and exciting news of the lovely Laura Kelsey , operator in training Victor Schwartzman and mentor  Elwin Xie completed the program along with a ten minute interview of  Ernest  Nkosi, Director of  Thina Sobabili: The Two of Us, (South Africa) Thina Sobabili: The Two of Us at the Internet Movie Database.

An Academy Award nominated film  which is also nominated for a Golden Globe.  Join the action at:https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/thina-sobabili-the-two-of-us-road-2-oscars/x/11985143#/story

Music by  World Poetry 24 hour Peaceathon participant, Director  Abdoul Aziz KONE from    Mali,   Agoratoire “Arts and Culture”,Mali international festival of Slam poetry and Humor/ All artists’ poets record a peace song for the world, Africa and Mali.

Abdoul  records a peace song with the children for his country and the world! SI LA PAIX VIENT JAZZ PRE AZIZ SITEN’K DOGFONOS

Laura brought cheesecake treats to celebrate our last nighttime show! Above: Victor, Ariadne and Laura. Photo by Elwin. To hear the show: CLICK HERE!

Exciting upcoming show:







Laura is one of the performers in an amazing new production:  Modern Banshee and The Limbic Landwalkers: the moon, the pool & the string . http://modernbanshee.com/ Date: Oct 15, 7 pm-8:15 pm. Place: HR McMillan Space Centre. A Vancouver collective of musicians and visual artists are performing an independent and interactive event at the Planetarium Oct. 15: an all-original rock musical with coinciding visuals on the dome screen, surprises and gifts for those attending! : 1100 Chestnut St Vancouver BC.  Ticket link: http://brownpapertickets.com/event/2298684 Admission: $20 Sliding scale to free (limited 230 seat capacity.


Sharon and radio photos 006


Laura Kelsey writes, sings and performs sexy power blues, country noir ballads, suicidal acoustic songs and biorhythmic beat music. In 2014, an album that Laura did lead vocals was nominated for a Western Canadian music award. Songs written by and featuring Laura have played on Canadian, American and British radio stations. “Earth,” a folk/rock song co-written with guitarist Murray Howes, was a finalist in a nation-wide contest; in 2007, Laura organized and produced an album of death/black metal after fronting bands in Vancouver, BC and currently sings with Dispell, a rock funk band. Songs can be downloaded here: http://www.reverbnation.com/laurakelsey


World Poetry Celebrates Candice James Poet Laureate From Canada!

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Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon welcomed the amazing poet Candice James, Poet Laureate of New Westminster to the show on CFRO 100.5 FM , on Tuesday September 29, 9-10 pm. Also presented were  gifts of appreciation to Sarah Jo, to thank her for her great help as an operator and mentor to the show. Also, featured was  a Peace Song from Mali for the 24 Hour Peaceathon. CLICK HERE for the show.


Featured Poet

Candice James is New Westminster’s Poet Laureate, serving her second 3 year term of office. Her first publication, “A Split in the Water” (Fiddlehead: 1979) was the start of nine collections of poetry and the most recent is“Merging Dimensions” (Ekstasis Editions 2015). She is Founder, Director and Past President of Royal City Literary Arts Society; Past President of the Federation of BC Writers; Founder of Poetry In the Park, and co-founder of Poetic Justice. Candice enjoys life as a visual artist as well as a singer/songwriter/musician. Further detailed info can be found under Candice James at Wikipedia.org: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candice_James

The Afterglow

Words come together

In unisons and forms.

Some create tsunamis,

Others summers storms.

Words can hold a world of wisdom

In a tender tear;

Or wipe away deep seated scars

The wounds of yesteryear.



Poetry is a horse

Of another colour;

A mare that’s thrown its shoe;

A dog that’s slipped its collar;

An independent wildcat

Born of another ilk

Purring satin stanzas,

Weaving them with silk.


When words are linked in meter

Or wrapped inside a form

They weave a magic world

Of heartbeat and mind-storm.

The universe and cosmos

Fill our imagination

And poetry’s the afterglow

Of souls’ inspiration.

The sweet,

The bittersweet

and poetry…


Create the afterglow.

© 2015 Candice James, Poet Laureate,

New Westminster, BC CANADA