World Poetry Proudly Presents Kalpna Singh Chitnis From California, USA!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café  Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed Kalpna Singh Chitnis, a talented poet, actress and filmmaker from California. Special welcoming music from her CD: Poetry In Paradox and background music from Empowered Musician, Rene Hugo Sanchez! LISTEN HERE for this special show!

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Kalpna Singh Chitnis is a poet, filmmaker and actor – born in India, living in the United States. Educated at Magadh University Bodhgaya (India) and New York Film Academy, she began her career as a writer and lecturer of Political Science. She also worked as an actress and a model, before turning to film directing.

Kalpna’s published works include three poetry books in Hindi, a poetry collection “Bare Soul” in English, poetry album “Touched by the Devil” and others. Kalpna has been featured in many magazines and journals in Indian sub-continent and in the United States, such as Hans, Kadambini, Saaptahik Hindustan, Dhramyug, Pahal, Aajkal, Navbharat Times, Telegraph, Times of India, Deccan Herald,  Millennium Post, Prairie Light Review, World Poetry, Femina, Care, OC Register, OC Weekly, Los Angeles Time, Daily Pilot and others for her film and literary works. She has also appeared in a number of radio and television shows such as ABC 7, Delhi Doordarshn, KPFK Radio, LA18, Care News, Aakashvani, Vancouver Co-op Radio, etc.

Her awards include the prestigious “Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award” (2014), “Bihar Rajbhasha Award” given by the government of Bihar, India for her first poetry collection “Chand Ka Paivand” and the title of “Bihar Shree” (The Jewel of Bihar). Kalpna’s short film “Girl With An Accent” won the SMTV Silver Award in 2006 and her debut feature “Goodbye My Friend” has been officially selected at many international film festivals. Kalpna who is also the founder and director of the “Silent River” Film Festival, is currently working on her short film “Dancing In The Rain” based on a true story, to bring awareness about the Honor Killing issue prevalent in Indian subcontinent, Mid-East and in many other parts of the world .

Websites – Personal –

Festival Website –


Let’s bare,
and bask in the beauty of the jungle.

Let’s throw away our covers.
We ‘ve had enough of them!

In the jungle, there is no need to pretend,
let’s just be, who we are.

Let’s be the lions, eagles, wolves, hyenas,
deers, doves, deities or serpents,

if that’s what we are…

Or let’s be the trees, hills, rocks, dunes
or fallen leaves on a winding trail.

Let’s search for a stream,
celebrating our thirst…

Let’s glow in our skin,
in the darkness and light,

let’s dazzle,
when the sun plays hide and seek,

let’s bare our soul,
and keep the sacredness of the jungle,

let’s discover now,
our wild inner beauty!*


“Bare Soul” is the fourth poetry collection by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis.

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Steel Pan Musician Anthony Blackman!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the wonderful steel pan player Anthony Blackman in a show full of  beautiful pan music. ClICK HERE for the show ( link not working yet)

Also at last, thanks to the great efforts of tech Gerry, we were able to broadcast the beautiful voice of Clara Hsu from San Francisco . She writes: ”Here is a mp3 file of my reading of Langston Hughes’ April Rain Song. The song was created by a fellow poet friend, Carlos Ramirez, who passed away last year. He used to set many Langston Hughes’ poems into songs. This one was my favorite. The instrument I used to accompany myself is a singing bowl.”  We featured a special e-poem by our wonderful supporter and poet Lini Richarda Grol called  His Exotic Trip.








   Anthony Blackman was born in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies/ Caribbean. The land of The Steel Pans ~ Calypso ~Soca and Carnival. His Love for music has been a passion since he was a young boy. He came to Canada and made it his home playing the Pans for all occasions.

anthony tom 006


His group  Soul Survivors will be playing April 25th:




Our radio show is  currently doing a fundraiser to keep us on the air: Please go to and become a member of our World Poetry Family. Please put in the name of the World Poetry Café so that your membership can be credited to our account. You will also get a tax receipt.


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World Poetry Proudly Presents Lisa Shatzky from Bowen Island, BC Canada!

IMG_10376398526285Ariadne’s note:
The World Poetry Café Radio Show  with host Ariadne Sawyer proudly welcomed the talented poet Lisa Shatzky in a fascinating interview with her poems, writing tips and life on a boat with a dog who thinks who is a cat. The welcome music by Clara Hsu
unfortunately did not work, but will try next week. Also sorely missed was host Israel Mota. Music by Bach, played by Yo Yo Mah and Victoria Musician Swan Walker. To hear this interesting show CLICK HERE!The World Poetry Café is asking for new members! Please go to and become a member of our show.

Lisa Shatzky’s poetry has been published in The Vancouver Review, Room Magazine,  Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, The Nashwaak Review, The Antigonish Review, The Dalhousie Review, Canadian Literature, Canadian Woman’s Studies, The Prairie Journal, Jones Ave., The New Quarterly, Monday’s Poem, and six chapbooks by Leaf Press (edited by Patrick Lane)  along with anthologies across Canada.








Her most recent poetry book “Blame it on the Moon” was published by Black Moss Press in November 2013.

Her poetry book “Do Not Call Me By My Name” was published by Black Moss Press in August 2011 and was shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Poetry Award in Canada in 2012.
Shatzky has also had prose published in a book called “Living Artfully:  Reflections from the Far West Coast published by The Key Publishing Group in September 2012, as well as poetry published in a Bowen Island anthology published by the Bowen Island Arts Council in 2013 called “This Island We Celebrate”.
When not writing she works as a psychotherapist on Bowen Island, B.C. where she lives on a boat with her partner Don and her children and various cats and a dog who thinks he is cat.


Suppose on a Monday afternoon
brewing traffic and deadlines, the elevator

gets stuck between the fourth and fifth floors and you stand with strangers in a space

smaller than any room in your house.
the man in front of you shifts back

and forth looking at his watch and the boy beside you wears only purple and a Mohawk haircut with a guitar on his back.

Next to him a woman stands on duty in a stiff blue dress buttoned high
carrying a bag of oranges imported from Spain.

Suppose this was all there was for the next two hours.

Suppose the shifting man now faces you, his eyes far away oceans you might have seen somewhere.

Suppose the Mohawk boy spits on the ground and can’t stop saying fuck.

Suppose the woman on duty unbuttons her collar and few oranges spill out gushing the room bright and bold.

Suppose you find an unfinished poem
in your backpack, the one you would never share

except for now, a poem about someone you thought you loved and never told and now it’s too late.

And the man with the ocean eyes says it makes him sad and pulls out a harmonica to offer his heart

and the boy stops saying fuck and tunes the guitar and everyone watches his fingers coaxing the strings

Their glory, a glory so tender the woman takes off her jacket and says it’s hot in here and you stumble

Through the unfinished poem telling them everything you meant to tell someone else
And the harmonica undresses the words
And the boy melts the guitar and the woman

Hums and murmurs something about yes, yes, I know that song and the elevator reveals

Itself for what it really is; an abandoned hermitage found again or a snatched up moment in paradise

Or the one small thing we felt
Brave enough to do that day
And no one wants to be rescued,

Not yet, not yet…

Lisa Shatshy (c)


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World Poetry Proudly Presents New Westminster Artists from Canada!





Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota, along with poetry reviewer Victor Schwartzman welcome two New Westminster Artists and Partners for Asian Heritage Month, Marney-Rose Edge and Richard Armstrong in a fascinating interview about creating! Music by Rene Hugo Sanchez, Terrance Warbey and Valerie Cardill. Victor’s new review was on the work of theAmerican poet Lyn Lifshin.  To hear the this wonderful, flowing show: CLICK HERE:






“Artist’s statement: Light and colour are energetic components of my paintings that stimulate the senses. The excitement comes when the layers of paint build strong contrasts and the viewer can feel the warmth of sunlight and sense the mood of the moment captured. Transparent watercolor gives my work a light from within. Its fluidity and ability to mix on the paper creates fascinating surprises. On my palette are nine colours, to which I will add “guest” hues, to strengthen my message.









This painting by Marney-Rose Edge was based on a poem written By Ariadne Sawyer for Chief Rhonda Larrabee during the 150 celebration of the City of New Westminster and later displayed in a  successful joint celebration of painting and poetry.

Biography: Marney-Rose Edge  was born in Napier, New Zealand and started to travel in her early twenties upon completing an apprenticeship. After living in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide Australia, London England and Chicago USA, Vancouver Canada felt like “home”; it was time to put down roots.  She has lived in this beautiful city since 1992. The next chapter unfolded when she met and married her soul mate, Gary. A career spanning almost 30 years in the Graphic Arts/Printing industry has led to an opportunity for Marney-Rose to paint full time. She teaches workshops and demonstrates her techniques to local art clubs. Marney-Rose has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2007, earning Senior signature status (SFCA) in 2013.  Also she is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor and the International Guild of Realism located in Scottsdale, Az.  Her paintings have won many awards locally and internationally and she has been invited to write an article for the International Artist magazine. For more detailed information please visit






Many of her flower paintings seem so real that viewers can almost smell the natural perfume.







Richard Armstrong is a New West resident who has been painting and drawing for 25 years. Attended The Victoria College of Art to learn how to draw “properly”and The Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound to learn how to manipulate images in the digital world.

A long time member of The Heritage Life Drawing Society, Richard is quite interested in portraying the human form, broken down into its constituent bits of course and merged together to form not quite what you might expect from a life drawing session.

As President of The New West Artists for the past two years, he has watched the local art scene explode with shows taking place around the clock within New Westminster. 

The Third Annual Art Squared Exhibit will take place in early May at The River Market so do not miss seeing several hundred 12 by 12 inch pictures along with a Best Of Collection.

Radio gang!

Sharon and radio 021

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Oswald George Okaitei from Ghana!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café with hosts Ariadne Sawyer, MA and Israel Mota welcomed Oswald George Okaitei or Oswald d’Atl Entertainer (on Facebook) to the show. calling by phone from Ghana, it was an interesting show of poetry and song by this  empowered award winner and talented young man who supported peace with an impressive World Poetry Peace Poetathon event. Debut of the World Poetry Theme song by Empowered Musician Yoshifuma Sakura from Japan  and entered into the computer by Tao Kimball was played for the first time. welcome music by Canadian musician Swan Walker, background music for cello by Yo Yo Mah. To listen to this show: Link not working.







Oswald George Okaitei, Oswald d’Atl Entertainer (on Facebook), is a native of Osu Kinkawe from a town situated in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

He is a graduate of the University of Cape Coast and had his junior and senior
high education at Seven Great Princes Academy and Presbyterian Boys Secondary
School respectively. As a child, Oswald showed great interest in theatre arts
and his exceptional commitment and skills saw him featured in a lot of stage
and screen plays.

In his teens, he featured in Ghana Television’s Children Drama Series, BY THE
FIRESIDE, performed at the National Theatre of Ghana’s Fun World and KIDDAFEST
among others. He then played ‘Boy’ in ‘ANOWA’ in honour Prof. Ama Atta Aidoo
during the National Theatre of Ghana’s LIVING LEGENDS SERIES 2003. After
University education, he featured in ‘Me Da Dwene’ (My Life), a Tv playlet of
TV Africa and then took to serious writing and staging of plays and poetry
performances at the National Theatre of Ghana, National Centre for Culture, and
other many prestigious venues.

His literary works include ‘NKRUMAH MIGHT BE RIGHT!’, ‘WHO STOLE THE CASKET?’,
MY KINS’, and ‘LIGHT TO THE VULNERABLES’ NIGHT’ (Poetry). All were published by

Honours received by Oswald include:

2003 – Best Senior Secondary Schools Poet (Ga East)

2012  – Nominee (Ghana Achievers Awards- Arts Category)

2013 – World Poetry Empowered Poet from Ghana

2013 – Pentasi B. Inspirational Poet


Lost voices!
Wondering in the desert
And squeezing
Stones for water to calm their thirsts

Lost voices!
Screaming in the streets with tears
Raining down
their eyes to the mercy of none!

Today’s life
Slams them into the hive
Subjecting them
To the sting of the buzzing bees!

Lost voices!
The future of today lost to the dreams
Of their fate
And struggling for breath…

I see
Across the roaring constellations of the sea
From the clouds’ skies, their refuge

Sparkles of greed invaded souls
The reach of touch to their quest!

Lost voices
they lay vulnerable
With today’s future in their arms
Craving for refuge!

Lost voices!
Absent in the presence of their presence
and wandering
In the streets of Mogadishu for survival


Published by THE INK FIRM (C) 2014

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