New Westminster Poet Laureates! Radio link & Celebration!

Ariadne’s Notes: A wonderful show all about New Westminster’s Poet Laureates: Edna Anderson (In Loving Memory) Don Benson and Candice James Tuesday April 21 9-10 pm on the World Poetry Café Radio Show  with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda Kehewin.

To hear this fascinating show: CLICK HERE

The show began with a tribute to Edna Anderson  with one of her poems read. The current Poet Laureate Candice James spoke about her experiences as a Poet Laureate and her plans for the future. She also read several poems from her new upcoming book.

Next Evelyn Benson read poetry from  Don Benson and talked about their  strong team connections. She even sang a song! !

Ariadne Sawyer's photo.

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World Poetry Welcomes Poet and Musician Enrico Renz from Canada!



Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show  with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryan were honoured to welcome the amazing song creator and poet, Enrico Renz. To hear his music and poems: CLICK HERE!

A Good Joke

So a plumber an electrician and a tax consultant walk into a bar
The bar tender says what’ll you have
The plumber says I’ll have inner peace please
The electrician says mmm that sounds good I’ll have what she’s having
And the tax consultant says it’s been a tough day
I’ll have a martini

The plumber and the electrician both wear work boots
But the tax consultant has stilettos
My shoes are killing me she tells the bartender
Well, says the bartender that’s why I wear flats
No one ever sees my feet behind this bar

All the while an armed drone is approaching

The electrician turns to the plumber and says
I’m not sure I like this inner peace
I know says the plumber
it takes some getting used to

The tax consultant downs her martini and says I wish I could wear flats
The bartender says well why don’t you
You know how it is says the tax consultant
yea says the bartender

All the while a truck full of misogynists is approaching*

Inner peace says the plumber sympathetically can feel a bit like ignorance
Like you’ve lost touch with how much everything really sucks emotes the electrician

Hit me again says the tax consultant

All the while a bill to privatize water is approaching

The bar tender opens a new jar of olives and thinks about stilettos
No one ever sees my feet behind this bar

Inner peace begins to take hold
It’s not like ignorance at all says the electrician
Does any one know a good joke says the tax consultant
The plumber knows it isn’t anything like ignorance
That was just her way to empathize

The death of democracy is approaching

The tax consultant is on her third martini

The bar tender is thinking I wouldn’t even mind if my feet were killing me
The plumber and the electrician hold all that approaches between them
Cat’s cradle*

The plumber visualizes pipes
The electrician visualizes wires
The tax consultant is almost shouting
Doesn’t anybody know a good joke

I’m getting those stilettos the bartender decides

Enrico Renz © April 8, 2015

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A Very Special Radio Show Program, Music and Poetry!


Far left: Neall Ryan, Ariadne Sawyer, Victor Swartsman and Enrico Renz!

Ariadne’s Notes:

A wonderful World Poetry Café Radio Show with co-host Neall Ryan and amazing guests, musician and poet, Enrico Renz and soon to be co-host Victor Schwartzman, who was with co-op radio 40 years ago and even met his wife at an early co-op meeting. Coop is doing a Spring Fundraiser so all the guests helped in suggestion that all listeners go to, go to the donation section and put in the name of the World Poetry Café as their suggested program. We need to meet our quota of $600 for the year since we already have around $400 in memberships. For those of you are in the long wait list for the show and the site, please become a member. We will give you three features per year as long as you let me know two months notice if possible.




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World Poetry Proudly Presents Obaidur Rahman from Dhaka, Bangladesh!


Image of artist Obaid

Ariadne’s Notes: We are proud to feature Obaidur Rahman  as a featured poet and singer  from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am sorry it took so long to feature him but we have such a long waitlist. Welcome!

Obaidur Rahman is a Dhaka, Bangladesh based writer and in 2011 he penned his debut book of poetry titled “The Mystic Inferno”. The book mostly centered around the mysticism and spirituality. And some key characteristics of the poems are that they are very confessional, absolutely sincere and very serious. In other words basically the very perspective of the poet himself, on life, world and the Universe in general. The book is considered one of the best works of contemporary Bangladeshi English literature scene.

He has also authored two more books, one is called “The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life in the Universe” which is somewhat a semi-scientific attempt to understand whether there is life beyond Earth, and the other is a collection of his non-fiction writings and articles that he penned down over the last 15 years, that appeared in numerous national and international publications, both print and online.

Obaidur Rahman is also a singer/songwriter and an all-around musician, who in 2014, released his debut double albums, titled “Prahelika-1″ & “Prahelika-2″, which contain entirely acoustic guitar based indie-alt-pop-rock songs. He is the first solo artist in the history of Bangladesh music to release debut double albums with all original songs, sang, tuned, composed, played and produced by the artist Obaid himself.”

Prahelika has two meanings, 1-Enigma 2-Progress
Here is the YouTube link to his songs:

You Tube: Obaid The Artist-Official


Book Cover of The Mystic Inferno-By Obaidur Rahman

Here are few links concerning his book:

1-     The Review in the Dhaka Courier Magazine: Book Review-Dhaka Courier Magazine<>

2-     The Review in The Daily Star’s Star Literature Page: Book Review-The Mystic Inferno @ Star Literature<>

3-     The Review in The Weekend Independent Magazine: Book Review-The Mystic Inferno<>

4-     The Review in The New Age Xtra Magazine: Book Review-The Mystic Inferno<>

5-     The review in Daily Sun-Book Review-The Mystic Inferno<>

6-     The Review in the Sri Lankan News Paper THE SUNDAY LEADER<

Please checkout “The Mystic Inferno” @ the following sites. As usual, your feedback is always appreciated.



3) 4)


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World Poetry Proudly Presents Singer-Songwriter Rhayne from Canada!

RHAYNE singer

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and the hostess with the mostess, Jaz Gill welcomed Rhayne, the lovely singer and musician to the radio show, April 7th on CFRO 105.FM 9 PM. To hear this amazing show: CLICK HERE!
Rhayne is a dynamic singer-songwriter and music producer residing in Greater
Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She is currently teaching her dynamic vocal techniques
to large and small groups, producing, and promoting her Rhayne remastered CD.
Her Rhayne CD has 14 amazing tracks of remarkable songs with a great array of styles
from, adult contemporary, house, chill pop, trance, drum & bass, to urban R&B.
Her vocals have a rich, unique, unmistakable quality and sound. Her voice has been
compared to Madonna and Sade. These well-produced and broadcast quality tracks
have captured the ears of many radio programmers, fans and DJ’s internationally.
Her Rhayne CD has had FM and Satellite radio airplay, with club spin in several
countries, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK.
Rhayne, gifted with a beautiful voice, sang in choirs as well as trained and performed
extensively in musical theatre throughout her childhood. She then studied in pop and
classical, and trained under the late great Ralph Cole, and was discovered for her amazing
vocal talent and songwriting ability by notable music industry professionals. Rhayne’s
songs invite and evoke emotion, are timeless, yet contemporary. Enjoy!

Rhayne will be giving a free class on April 8th 2-4 pm and also is starting a new series of singing classes using her special method of teaching at Surrey Arts Centre, Bear Creek Park, 13750-88th Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada. She works with singers, broadcasters, schools and choirs on preventive measures to avoid voice damage. To contact her:

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