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World Poetry Celebrates Talented Filmmaker Shaison P. Ouseph!








World Poetry Peace and Human Rights Festival gift poems for UBC.1,000 were given away.

Ariadne’s Notes: We are honoured to welcome the talented film maker, documentarian, humanitarian Shaison P. Ouseph to our World Poetry Canada International Family. His work is thought provoking and has involved a certain amount of personal risk. Shaison’s commitment in the face of adversity is commendable and a gift to the world.

Here is an a link from an Indian Newspaper:






Shaison P. Ouseph is an internationally acclaimed documentary film maker, cameraman and photographer. His many credits range from director of photography to art direction on a myriad of documentaries and independent feature projects.

His public service campaigns promote literacy, empowerment of women and action against child exploitation. They have won him many national and international accolades. Among the esteemed organizations that have bestowed awards and certificates on him for his work on social issues are the United Nations, the US Embassy, International Labour Organization and International Independent Film Awards. 

Based in Mumbai, India, Shaison’s desire to work for the rights of the domestic workers and their issues has taken the form of documentary films. His videos on saving children in prostitution have been applauded by many. His commitment to making meaningful film was clearly seen with his video on the earthquake in Nepal.

He searches the world to find meaningful subjects, and his films have been appreciated by many. Films on the side effects of cancer treatment in Denmark, local classical music of Sweden, migrant issues in Australia, the Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia and the work of a gifted healer in the United States are some of the subjects that Shaison has recently documented.








His latest films, ‘Baano’, the story of violence on women in India, and “Rescue” a heart touching story of women in Kenya, let people feel who Shaison really is. His upcoming feature film, “Sister Rani Maria,” is a true story of a Catholic nun who was murdered for empowering the tribal women and children in the remotest villages in India. 

Recently, the International Independent Film Awards acknowledged his co-directed film “Playa Azul I Love You,” made with Dr. Serena Anderlini

In February 2018, Shaison had the privilege of presenting at the successful International Youth Summit in Nepal. In March, he went to Nigeria where World Institute for Peace (WIP) recognized him as the World Icon of Media for Peace 2017.

Shaison is a teacher and professor at XIC, St. Xavier’s college in Mumbai, India. He teaches film making at various places around the world. He is one of the directors at ‘Matrix of Learning’ in United States and has been featured in many national and international magazine, radio and video programs. 

His association with International organizations, such as 100 Humanitarians, and the Life Story Library Foundation in the USA, is another milestone in his life. His work as a director for various commercial and non-commercial audio-visual projects has also been well recognized.

Shaison’s goal is to inspire young people and use films to share powerful human stories for the greater purpose. 

An article Shaison P. Ouseph is an internationally acclaimed documentary film maker, cameraman and photographer. His many credits range from director of photography to art direction on a myriad of documentaries and independent feature projects.

Here are some samples of his work, please take a look.


World Poetry Celebrates the Wonderful MJSRaven !

  Ariadne’s Notes:

Flowers by Sharon.

The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM  was honoured to welcome the amazing performer, MJSRaven  at 1:30 PM PST Thursday, May 10th at 1:30 PM PST. She is a well known female Michael Jackson Impersonator who has and continues to entertain for over 25 years.

Also thanks to the Mother’s Day poets from all over the world  whose poems were read  from 1-1:25 PM PST 







MJSRAVEN  (Crystal J. Pullen) January 1993 – Present . Available for all events and venues She has  entertained from East Coast’s Off Broadway to The West Coast’s Las Vegas Casino’s. Featured in Critically Acclaimed Photography Book ” The Michael Jackson’s”. Acknowledged and Confirmed By Michael Jackson’s Main Choreographer to be ” THE ONLY FEMALE MICHAEL JACKSON IMPERSONATOR IN THE USA AND INTERNATIONALLY.

I was so impressed with Crystal’s interview on the World Poetry Café Radio Show, her attention to detail in movement and dance , bringing the best of Michael Jackson to life in a  historical  presentation   She shares with  the audiences those experiences and brings love and empowerment to them both in her teaching of women and children and her performances.

Adding to her performances is her background in Ballet and Modern Dance and her love for her work.

 Crystal is also a humanitarian  who reaches out to others and is an Ambassador of Peace for People in Nepal, focusing on children and the building of schools. 

in addition to all her work, she also is the proud mother of a 14 year old.

Her message  to all is to believe, believe, believe  in one’s self and nothing can stop you.

It was a real honor to do this interview with this exceptional woman who helps to make the world a better place.

Source: Osiris Muir and

*Another great guest thanks to Osiris Muir of 15 Minutes.*

World Poetry Celebrates Mother’s Day From Around the World!


A rose for all the wonderful mother’s of the world! Photo by Ariadne Sawyer.

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM on May 10 1-2 pm began with Mother Day poems from a number of countries and other poems that we could not read before. Also at 1:30 PM PST the talented humanitarian, Peace Ambassador to Nepal  and female Michael Jackson impersonator MJ Raven. She will be featured next.

I was hosting from home and Victor from the radio station.  A big  thank you for Victor Swartzman  for his beautiful reading.


Special thanks to all the wonderful poets of the world who joined in this Mother’s Day celebration.

A Mother’s Love by Roberta Monokroussos,  Cyprus.

A Mother’s Love Is Devine by Preethi Saravana, India

MOTHER by Passang Sherpa, Bhutan.

THAT SINGLE MOMENT by S.L.Peeran, Bengaluru, Sufi Poet.

To My Mother  on her Birthday by Ariadne Sawyer, Canada.

Other poems:

AFTERWARDS by Ashby McGowan, Scotland ( Human rights)

Tripod and Tripod of the Soul by Hongri Yuan, China.

Abused Mothers, Wounded Fathers by Vera Manuel, First Nations, Canada.

Where Bloom the Wild Things? By Madge Kimball, Canada.

 Fusion Celebration by Hudson Kimball, Canada.





World Poetry Display at the Vancouver Public Library.