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Featured e-poets on the World Poetry Radio Show.

World Poetry Celebrates Sebastien Heins !



Ariadne’s Notes: Calling into the World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO, 100.5 FM at 1:25 PM PST, was Sebastien Heins  with Exciting news!

Young Jamaican , German actor Sebastien Heins stars in the Tempest opening across Canada on the big screen (Cineplex) on April 13th! He called into the World Poetry Café radio show on April 11 at 1:25 pm PST to talk about the film and the great opportunity to play the part of Ferdinand in The Tempest. He’s another up and coming Canadian actor who’s rehearsing for Wedding at Aulis at Soulpepper
The Tempest is the 12th film released by the Stratford Festival since 2014, when Executive Director Anita Gaffney embarked on an initiative to capture all of Shakespeare’s plays on film, allowing the Festival’s work to be seen internationally, while also creating an unparalleled educational resource.
Canadian distribution of The Tempest is through Cineplex, one of Canada’s
leading entertainment and media companies, which brings world class events and performances to the big


Sebastien Heins is a young Jamaican actor who got his first break several years ago as a child star playing ‘Simba’ in the Toronto production of the musical The Lion King, one of the most successful theatrical productions of all time. Several years ago, Heins in New York City night wowed a large audience on Broadway with a sizzling one-man show called Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera, written and performed by him and directed by Adam Lazarus.
Heins’ performance forms part of New York City’s third annual United Solo Festival, a six-week multicultural theatrical event that presents one-person performances in the heart of the city’s theatre district.
This festival describes itself as the largest of its kind in the world.
To top things off, Heins then went on to win an award for Best Emerging Artiste at the festival.
With non-stop, high-energy dancing, miming, rapping, and singing, Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera told a compelling story in rhyme about the unlikely journey of two brothers who were deeply immersed in hip hop and R&B music, about how they were torn from each other and the circumstances that brought them back together again.
The entire show is written in rhyme with cleverly crafted lyrics utilizing the genres of hip hop and R & B as well as elements of reggae and dancehall.
The one-hour production presents like a long music video spanning 60 years, taking the audience from the present to the 1970s, then fast forwarding 30 years into the future.
Heins, of course, plays several roles and is able to successfully pull this off by drawing on all the skills acquired at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal where he studied.
Immensely helpful, too, is his impeccable dexterity at changing voices.
Heins is the son of a Jamaican mother, Shella Roye Heins from Savanna-la-Mar, and a German father.
The play was inspired by Sebastien’s two cousins in Jamaica and, as the saga unfolds, it feels very much like a love letter to his Jamaican roots. Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera is seasoned with many warm-hearted references to Jamaica. The production is an uncompromisingly bold and supremely entertaining excursion into the often perilous realm of one-man shows.

Also here is his additional bio:
Stratford Festival
January 2016 – Present 3 years 4 months
Stratford, Ontario
2018 Season:
The Tempest
The Comedy of Errors
Napoli Millionaria!
2017 Season:
The School for Scandal
Timon of Athens
2016 Season:
Breath of Kings: Rebellion
Breath of Kings: Redemption

Source TARO PR.


World Poetry Celebrates Radio Host Diego Bastianutti







Ariadne’s Notes: On April 4, 1-2 PM PST, the World Poetry Café, 100.5 FM, CFRO had a great show with featured guest and WP Radio host, Diego Bastianutti. Diego had just come back from spending two weeks in Cuba and was able to share with us a fascinating glimpse of life in Cuba. The radio show was in Spanish, English and Italian with poems by Diego also in Spanish, Italian and English.

When I was working with Survivors of Torture, I arranged for a young man from Central America to get the medical treatment he needed in Cuba for free. We only had to raise the airfare. The treatment made a big difference in his life.

Here are some of the highlights about life in Cuba: from the show:

*Diego says that there are two Cuba’s , one wealthy by the tourist trade and one for the Cuban people.

*Due to the US Blockade, there is a rationing of food staples. Also due to the blockade , other countries are not allowed to trade with Cuba. Each person has a rationing card for basic foods.

*The markets mostly have Cuban soft drinks and very little else which has causes health problems. This is due to lots of sugar cane which is abundant. One person told Diego that he had not been able to get any butter for three months.

*Education from kindergarten through university is free as is a high standard of comprehensive medical care. Doctors trained in Cuba are in great demand all over the world.

*Everyone has housing and if you buy a home, your mortgage rate is 10 % of your income.

The Literacy rate in Cuba is 100 %. Books are plentiful and cheap. They are from all over the world without restrictions on topics.

*Recognized poets, artists, musicians, even ping pong players are considered to be professionals are paid a monthly stipend
to live on.

*While Diego was there, a new constitution was being written with input from all the communities. Every point was discussed and put down for review.

To know more, please listen to the show.

CLICK HERE!  *Please wait. for some reason, the link is not working again! 

Diego Bastianutti is in the process of editing three books being published which are being published at the same time.
Originally  from Fiume, Italy,  he has crossed many borders separating States as well as “states of being.” Diego is at ease with various languages and cultures. A retired Professor of Spanish and Italian literature, and former Honorary Vice Consul of Italy.

He has received wide recognition here and abroad for his work as a writer, poet and translator. Among his works he counts five volumes of poetry and his awarded book A Major Selection of the Poetry of Giuseppe Ungaretti. Currently he is a Canadian correspondent for an Italian literary magazine in San José, Costa Rica, and a member of various writers’ associations. His writings have become material of study in a graduate course offered at the University of Toronto. A forthcoming book published by the University of Toronto Press will feature an entire chapter on Bastianutti the poet and writer.

Here is a poem in English and Spanish by Diego:

Stop stop
in god’s name
don’t break the final seal
my face already wears the years
I’ll never have
I don’t want to see
I don’t want to know
I’ve seen enough
to last me a lifetime
seal the book under seven locks
throw the keys in the deepest sea
now turn off the lamp
and let me sleep


Tu dulce sonrisa
capaz de desvelar
la pepita de dolor que se esconde
debajo de nuestra risa
la bondad de tu mirada
que pesca el pez de la vergüenza
en nuestro mar de gloria
tus finas palabras que pelan
en lenta espiral la cáscara de presunción
que los hombres vestimos

 By Diego Bastinutti, (C)  all rights reserved.

World Poetry Celebrates Christopher Jentz!é-36





Ariadne’s Notes: Christopher Jentsch ‘s new CD was previewed on the WP Café Radio Show last week. Topics in America History CD traces historical points focusing on seven points in American History, ranging from European entry in 1491 and the weariness and hope from the statue of liberty as the huddled and weary masses make their way in Tempest –Tost  among others. He is a Brooklyn –based composer, bandleader and guitarist whose main ensemble is Jentsch Group. 
Topics in American History by Christopher Jentsch and Jentsch Group No Net has been made possible with support from Chamber Music America’s 2015 New Jazz Works Program funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Foundation.



Fight the Fray – by Chris Jentsch

What is which, and why is who?
Take the names. Submit to you.

Where is when? Yet why is now
before there’s after anyhow.

Take the hit, not fit to quit.
Held together with dirt and spit.

How’s this feeling in my bones –
no escaping from this jones.

Why is what, so fight the fray,
which is where I had to say.

My poem for the day:

Done ran the dharma down.
I’ve neither lost nor won.
Don’t even want nothing.
A peanut weighs a ton.

Christopher Jentsch (C) All rights reserved by the author.

 Christopher Jentsch has fellowships from American Composers Forum (3), New Music USA, Meet the Composer, New York State Council on the Arts (3), Ucross Foundation (2), and most recently, Chamber Music America. Doris Duke New Jazz Works, which commissioned his new work Topics in American History. The work had its world premiere on Friday, December 2 at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY, and was also performed on Sunday, January 8 at IBeam, 168 7th St., Brooklyn. It was performed by Jentsch.
Group No Net, a nine-piece chamber jazz ensemble conducted by JC Sanford with Jentsch on guitar, Michel Gentile on flute, Mike McGinnis on clarinet, Jason Rigby on saxophone, David Smith on trumpet, Brian Drye on trombone, Jacob Sacks on piano, Jim Whitney on bass, and Eric Halvorson on percussion.
As a bandleader and sideman Jentsch has performed in clubs and concert halls throughout the East Coast, and has worked with such diverse musical personalities as George Russell, John Cage, Maria Schneider, and Chris Wood. He appears as a guitarist on the CD John Cage, Volume 11 (Mode Records 41). He is also featured in Scott Yanow’s book The Great Jazz Guitarists (2013 Hal Leonard). Jentsch has released five CDs as a leader.
Jentsch attended Berklee College of Music and has liberal arts and jazz guitar degrees from Gettysburg College, New England Conservatory, and the Eastman School of Music. He earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Jazz Composition from the University of Miami in 1999 and is published by the University of Northern Colorado Press, Advance Music, and Fleur de Son Records.
2017 Chris Jentsch Events
April 7, 2017 – Fractured Pop CD/DVD release on the Fleur de Son label.
June 9, 2017 – Jentsch Group Quartet at IBeam, Brooklyn NY (8:00 PM) – CD/DVD Release Concert (Jentsch, Matt Renzi, Jim Whitney, John Mettam).
Ongoing – Last fall was the debut of Jentsch’s YouTube channel
Six hours of content including an entire 2012 set from Jentsch Group No Net (HQ),selections from a 2015 trio date, two jazz orchestra records, live modified aleatoric music for two mixed chamber quartets, and more.
Go to for more information and to buy CD’s.

Source: Braitwaite and Katz and Christopher Jentsch.

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