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Featured e-poets on the World Poetry Radio Show.

World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Seann Traviller !

 Ariadne’s Notes: The  World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed Seann Traviller to the show, March 2, 1-2 pm PST. A fascinating show of short stories, harmonica playing and a poem! Seann brings a unique voice to his work. Below is a short example of his creative voice.


Also on the show  at 1:40 pm, was the wonderful pianist and composer Frank Kimbrough presenting his new trio CD Solstice- a beautiful CD available through Amazon. Courtesy of  Braitwaite and Katz.

World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Neall Ryon co-host, Victor Schwartzman , super engineer and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer.

A great show!











Well you might ask, “Who is… Seann Traviller?”  “Whats’ his measure?”  “Is he… a man, that is happy with his life… especially now that he is… 65?       You bet… I am!  As I am experiencing the best time of my life.  The freedom of retirement, sparked my forgotten passion for writing.  Coaxing out, my languishing creativity… with a flourish of stories.  That creative process, started an ongoing series of interior renovations… affecting all areas of my life.  Bursts of creativity are my source, of joy and help guide me in developing the latent talents emerging from within me.      One new avenue of excitement in my life, is my love of improvising along with the music I listen to on the internet.  Offering me a chance to burst free from my day, via my harmonicas accompanying, an assortment of eclectic music.  I especially enjoy listening to, and playing with the tributaries of the blues, and jazz.   Varying rhythmic lessons… tracing the emotional rhythms of the human heart.  Rhythms that are set into motion by responding hearts’ that translate those emotions into music.  Creating intertwining varying tonal patterns, impregnated with momentary slices of silence.  The essences of the magic… that we call, “music.”  The joy, happiness, and excitement contained in there is its’ own reward, for that joy I feel wondrously comes from inside of me.      To the skeptic’s… please know, I have physical proof as to this creativity’s existence.  In the form of my written stories, and fleshed out ideas… all have been transposed into this reality.  One of those transposed realities is a collection of five short stories.  These, I have shepherded together under the title… “On the Verge, of a Dream.”  The collection includes…’The Ebbing Tide,’ ‘Confessions’ of a Vegetarian Wolf,’  ‘The Living Forest,’ ‘Man or Angel’ and, ‘Sojourning Dreams.’      Here late in my life I have discovered that one of the zesty side effects of creativity and is that… I feel like I am a twenty year-old.  Standing there, gazing ahead at the next thirty years… thinking what a wonderful adventure, they are going to be.  Where I am going?  That’s the mystery, and the surprise of this life, when you let go and let life, come to you!      My desire is to continue exploring new ways to communicate through stories, and film of self-awareness, that examine self-worth, and looking at the formation of our personal perceptions, of the world.  Exploring how I perceive… myself on a personal level, how I taint those perceptions with emotional and mental concepts that are then personalized into beliefs.  Those beliefs can expand… or nullify, our creativity through misaligned self-expectations, entrapped within barriers of self-created fears.     Thru using the of creative expressions of writing and music, I have found ways to empower the personal changes I realized were necessary to free-up myself.  Maintaining the expansion of personal creativity… by continuing to explore the depths of my expression.  We are all story tellers… with our lives becoming the reflections of the stories that we tell ourselves, and start to believe.      Today it is a thrill, when creativity breaks free… splashing across the page, birthing a new poem… a new story… a new harvest of music.  It’s like a waterfall of love, cascading from my heart… in a rush of freedom… transcending itself across my life’s journey.                     Follow the Love… Seann Traviller.



Solidified by repetitive






                  making the


invent-able flexible truth solid…






            staggering structures

                                  of lies,




                        false dramas,

perceived needs,

                   desired wants,





into a

stilted copy

                                of a human


etched lines

                                  of distinction


                           race, customs,


                                     ideology, and

                                                misplaced faith,







                false borders!


                                    For do we,

                      not share…

the same,


the same,


       and, the same



       We are

                      all leaves,




                   human  tree…



                                                                        Seann Traviller (C) All rights reserved .





World Poetry Celebrates Icis C. Benjamin!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show on Thursday, Feb.23 had the honor to present Icis C. Benjamin with a special e-poem for Nelson Mandela at 1:30 PM , PST.

World Poetry Café team: Ariadne Sawyer , Producer and host , Ruth Kozak , guest host, Victor Schwartzman  and Sharon Rowe.

To Hear the Show: CLICK HERE!








Our E-Poetry of the Week features a tribute to Nelson Mandela for the last day of Black History Month.

Icis C. Benjamin hails from the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean. Lived in the U. S. Virgin Islands for twenty four years where she worked with the Department of Education as an English teacher.


He was a brave and valiant soldier
Who fought hard to rid apartheid
Though arrested and thrown in jail
With all he got vigorously he tried
Imprisoned but he kept a level head
Not knowing how long he would be there
For the people he stood firm without falter
Giving them hope so they’ll have no fear.
Committed no crime, yet he served time
Because he stood by his beliefs
Incarceration allow time to strategize
To his followers freedom brought relief.
When elected for the role of president
Many around the globe-that day-rejoiced
It was the moment they’ve been awaiting
A neutral, dedicated, and powerful voice.
He led his people in the way entitled
And his rule didn’t include greed
When the time devoted came to an end
He took his leave and bowed out indeed.
His retirement was of a quiet life style
Spending quality time with his family
On occasions his name circulated, but
Keeping a low profile made him happy.
Then his health started to deteriorate
Causing thousands to be concerned
Many took time from busy schedules
For any update in which to be learned.
December fifth two thousand thirteen
The sad news reached listening ears
Of the passing of a great world’s leader
Bringing to their faces streaming tears.
He fought for justice and gained respect
Differently–others now view South Africa
The time has come for his lengthy rest
So sleep on our brother, Nelson Mandela!

~icb~ is in Central Florida where writing poetry, cooking, traveling, and spending time with my grandchildren are dear to my heart!” (C) All rights reserved.


World Poetry Celebrates the talented Satoko Fujii!


logo-small-262x300Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show on Feb. 23, 2017, at 1:40 pm PST , CFRO, 100.5 FM,welcomed the amazing  pianist and composer Satoko Fujii  who phoned in from Japan  featuring her unique new album promoting peace.

The World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer producer and host, guest host, Ruth Kozak and super engineer Victor Schwartzman and special volunteer Sharon Rowe . Also, presented were Fauzia Rafique and Icis Benjamin with her e-poem.




New Album  Peace!

With each new orchestra album, pianist-composer Satoko Fujii deepens and refines one of the most startling and singular concepts in large ensemble free jazz today. Peace (January 27, 2017, Libra Records), the fifth album with her 15-member Orchestra Tokyo, is no exception. A tribute to the late guitarist Kelly Churko, the recording features special guests drummer Peter Orins and trumpeter Christian Pruvost with whom Fujii and her husband Natsuki Tamura perform in the collective quartet KAZE. Together these friends and colleagues create one of the most personal of Fujii’s 18 (!) big band albums.

Peace, a tribute to the late guitarist Kelly Churko, who played on Fujii’s Zakoplane and also her First Meeting set, Cut the Rope (Libra Records, 2009), starts with noise music—something Churko loved. The tune “2014” (the year Churko died) opens the album with what sounds like ghost breezes blowing through a spooky house. Then the chattering begins—the guess here it Natsuki Tamura working his trumpet magic, unaccompanied, then in duo with one of the set’s two drummers five minutes into the thirty-three minute tune. Then the orchestra enters, in a loose, surging, melancholy segment that cuts off sharply, giving way a stuttering, squawking trombone interjected with low-in-the-mix vocal proclamations leading into a spirited trombone/tenor sax conversation. There is also a section that sounds like a stroll through a working construction site: jack hammers pounding, power saws singing.

Peace features a pair of guests from one of Fujii’s wilder ensembles, Kaze: drummer Peter Orins and trumpeter Christian Pruvost. Provost combines his powerhouse percussive propulsion with that of the regular Orchestra Tokyo drummer Akira Horikoshi’s. It results in some explosive moments. And Orins, combined with Tamura, leads the orchestra’s brass sound into levels of density and strangeness not often heard.

The Natsuki Tamura-penned “Jasper” is a different sound, washes of horns pulsing over a drone, building to a crescendo then tapering down to relative peace. And the tune “Peace” is anything but peaceful. It opens as a riot, then moves into a segment that sounds as though they put a microphone up against a jar full of hornets, after somebody shook the jar. And the closer, “Beguine Nummer Eins,” sounds almost mainstream, in a boldly pastoral way.

The pre-Peace spin-through of Fujii’s previous orchestral outing says that the composer took more than her usual risks in putting this sound together. It has an audacity and powerful joy of creation that rises, ever so slightly, above her best orchestral work.

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 Albums are available on

Sources : Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo: Peace – and Braithwaite and Katz.