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This segment focuses on poetic and writing news,special awards, book launches and other news from World Poetry members.

World Poetry Celebrates Icis C. Benjamin!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show on Thursday, Feb.23 had the honor to present Icis C. Benjamin with a special e-poem for Nelson Mandela at 1:30 PM , PST.

World Poetry Café team: Ariadne Sawyer , Producer and host , Ruth Kozak , guest host, Victor Schwartzman  and Sharon Rowe.

To Hear the Show: CLICK HERE!








Our E-Poetry of the Week features a tribute to Nelson Mandela for the last day of Black History Month.

Icis C. Benjamin hails from the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean. Lived in the U. S. Virgin Islands for twenty four years where she worked with the Department of Education as an English teacher.


He was a brave and valiant soldier
Who fought hard to rid apartheid
Though arrested and thrown in jail
With all he got vigorously he tried
Imprisoned but he kept a level head
Not knowing how long he would be there
For the people he stood firm without falter
Giving them hope so they’ll have no fear.
Committed no crime, yet he served time
Because he stood by his beliefs
Incarceration allow time to strategize
To his followers freedom brought relief.
When elected for the role of president
Many around the globe-that day-rejoiced
It was the moment they’ve been awaiting
A neutral, dedicated, and powerful voice.
He led his people in the way entitled
And his rule didn’t include greed
When the time devoted came to an end
He took his leave and bowed out indeed.
His retirement was of a quiet life style
Spending quality time with his family
On occasions his name circulated, but
Keeping a low profile made him happy.
Then his health started to deteriorate
Causing thousands to be concerned
Many took time from busy schedules
For any update in which to be learned.
December fifth two thousand thirteen
The sad news reached listening ears
Of the passing of a great world’s leader
Bringing to their faces streaming tears.
He fought for justice and gained respect
Differently–others now view South Africa
The time has come for his lengthy rest
So sleep on our brother, Nelson Mandela!

~icb~ is in Central Florida where writing poetry, cooking, traveling, and spending time with my grandchildren are dear to my heart!” (C) All rights reserved.


World Poetry Proudly Welcomes Bonnie Nish From Canada!








Ariadne’s note! World Poetry is so pleased to welcome Bonnie Nish and the birth of her new book! I would like to thank Pandora’s Collective for recently giving me a Citizens Award. It is for all our World Poetry Family and is greatly appreciated.

Book Launch for Love and Bones! Friday September 20th, 2013!
St. Marks Church, 1805 Larch St. Vancouver BC.  7pm. Canada.

Love and Bones has been lovingly edited by Sita Carboni, Mary Duffy, and Evelyn  Lau. The night will begin with a few words from Evelyn Lau and be MC’d by Dennis E. Bolen with musical entertainment from Sharon McIntee-Birrell and Michael Peacock.

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Love and Bones, by Bonnie Nish.

Love and Bones is aglow with every kind of love — love of parents, love of the romantic other, love of children, love of cultural inheritance, love of poetry, love of the implacable mysteries of life. On every page of this book you will see how poems can give passionate utterance to the depth, intricacy, and power of authentic human feeling. You will see also how the signature note in these pieces is one of praise. Out of regret, dark recesses of sadness, and mourning come elation, affirmation, and transformative creative joy as in a kind of miracle. This is an utterly moving, nuanced collection full of images and lyrical turns that match the orders of emotion it evokes — and mark it as an imaginative triumph.

~ Russell Thornton

Remembrance and wonder imbue this debut collection of poetry that delves deep to explore “all that is carried in marrow” –from a child’s memories of the family home to a grandparent’s experience of the Holocaust. In poems about family and intimate relationships that are replete with rich images that reveal the complex tapestry of human connection and disconnection, Nish offers us the “eternal pictures” left behind by those we love.

~ Fiona Tinwei Lam  Poet

Bonnie Nish is founder and Executive Director of Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society a charitable organization in the literary arts based in Vancouver British Columbia. She is also Executive Producer of the Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival an outdoor festival now in its tenth year. Published widely you may view some of her work (both poetry, prose and book reviews) in “The Toronto Quarterly”, “Quills,”  “WordWorks,” and on-line at Haunted Waters Press,, and Bonnie has a Masters in Arts Education from Simon Fraser University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School.

The World Poetry Cafe Proudly Presents Poet Laureate Candice James from Canada!

Ariadne’s note: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota plus tech Gerry welcomed Candice James , the Poet Laureate of The City of New Westminster New Westminster, Canada.  Also, music by Rio Samaya  and Tony Blackman, e-poem by Richard Doiron and news on the upcoming Poetathon plus the Creative Dreaming Workshop August 25th!

To hear the show, CLICK HERE!

Featured Poet









Poet Laureate (2010 – 2016)

City of New Westminster, BC


Candice James is Poet Laureate of The City of New Westminster, Director of The Royal City Literary Arts Society, a full member of The League of Canadian Poets, Past President of the Federation of British Columbia Writers, Past Director of SpoCan, Past President of Slam Central, creator of the long running events “Poetic Justice” and “Poetry in the Park”. She is the recipient of “Writers International Network’s Distinguished Poet Award 2013”.

She is the Author of poetry books, “A SPLIT IN THE WATER” – Fiddlehead Poetry Books 1979; “INNER HEART – A Journey” – Silver Bow Publishing 2010; “BRIDGES AND CLOUDS” – Silver Bow Publishing 2011; “MIDNIGHT EMBERS – A Book of Sonnets” – Libros Libertad Publishing 2012 , and “SHORELINES OF ETERNITY” – Silver Bow Publishing 2013

Candice has been a featured on radio shows “Wax Poetic”, “World Poetry Café”, and “Storytelling”.  She has also been featured poet, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, and panelist at many literary events including “Word on the Street”; “Black Dot Cultural Collective”; and “Lit Fest New West”.  Her poems have appeared in a variety of local and international magazines, newspapers, and e-zines.   She has led online forums for WRITERS ETC. based in Los Angeles, CA and has reviewed books and written prefaces for authors and poets internationally.   Candice organizes and hosts National Poetry month for the League of Canadian Poets annually.    Candice James Poet Laureate website  Candice James Poet website                   Candice James videopoems and music


© 2013 Candice James

Shakespeare said it with quill and ink
And inspiration’s golden link
And the words came tumbling down
In sonnets, verses, plays and prose
In theatres, and travelling minstrel shows
His passion still rages and spills from the page
Onto the glitter of sound sets and stages
Tumbling down….still tumbling down

Mozart said it with notes and keys
In compositions and symphonies
And the music came tumbling down
Illuminating the darkness undressing
Devils, angels and lovers confessing
The agonies and ecstasies
In serenades and rhapsodies
Tumbling down… still tumbling down

Michelangelo said it with paints and brush
Guided by an angel’s touch
And the colours came tumbling down
To halo the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling
With Saints, sinners, and angels kneeling
A masterpiece of holiness
Saving Grace and forgiveness
A vibrant display of man’s genius
Tumbling down….still tumbling down

Writers Musicians, Artists and Sages
Droplets of gold on history’s pages
Tumbling down throughout the ages
Their world of beauty surrounds us still
Created by colours, sounds, ink and quill
Their legacy is a living will
Tumbling down……
Forever tumbling down.