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Ariadne’s Notes will update readers and participants on the World Poetry Site, special events, help needed and our goals for the future.

World Poetry Celebrates Lisa Bird-Wilson!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Plus  Radio Show on August 18th, CFRO 100.5 FM was so honoured  to welcome the great poet, Lisa Bird-Wilson with her new book The Red Files published by Nightwood Editions “Inspired by family and archival sources, Lisa Bird – Wilson assembles scraps of a history torn about by colonial violence.” Quote: Nightwood Editions.










Lisa Bird-Wilson is a Saskatchewan Cree-Métis writer whose stories have been nominated for the Journey Prize, among others. Her work has appeared in periodicals such as Geist, Grain, Prairie Fire and in anthologies such as Best Canadian Essays and cîhcêwêsin. Lisa’s award-winning fiction Just Pretending (Coteau Books 2013) won numerous prizes including Saskatchewan Book of the Year, and was a finalist for the Danuta Gleed Award. He poetry book, The Red Files (Nightwood Editions), was released spring 2016.


Miss Atwater’s Class

hats askew and mitts bejeweled
with snow, coats open
to the weather, the girls play
in the shadow of the school, just inside
the invisible fence line
they make snowmen and snowwomen
while a huddle of trees holds watch

the girls’ class grows up in nine years
of sharp-edged photos, each time exposed
after play, exhausted—
in the front row an unwavering eye
catches the camera, an Indian
girl, number One-
Seven-Four on the school roll call
the girl with a narrow look, small
for her age, straight-faced,
never smiling, never
frowning, unreadable
as if she willed her young self long
ago to stop scenting the trap line, smoked
hide a vivid memory, pushed
aside: dense sage,
wild root, the open plain.

Lisa Bird-Wilson (C)

Nightwood Editions is committed to publishing and promoting the best new poetry and fiction by writers across Canada. Our goal is to give readers a chance to explore the high-quality work of emerging Canadian writers, and new writers an opportunity to publish their work in book form. Ultimately, Nightwood Editions strives to publish books that foster a community of writers and readers, providing a forum for thought, discussion and interaction while reflecting the diversity our country is known for.

Nightwood is also dedicated to producing excellent Canadian non-fiction that helps support its literary list. Whether publishing poetry, sports, fiction or crossword titles, Nightwood Editions maintains the highest standards in all it undertakes, building on its growing reputation.


World Poetry Celebrates Cheonhak Kwon (권천학).

The World Poetry Radio Show Plus welcomed  the lovely Poetess Cheonhak Kwon (권천학) on August 11, 1:00 PM  on CFRO, 100.5 FM along with her able translator Janny Kim  Cheaonhak’s new book is truly beautiful, full of outstanding illustrations and flowing words.   From the mailbox: Dark Secrets by Mahinour Tawflik and The Entitlement of the Soul , Poems by Palma Mingozzi and Music by Lefteris Kordis, Greek Jazz.

To hear the show CLICK HERE!

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Cheonhak Kwon (권천학) Korean Canadian poet, essayist, and writer, made her literary debut in the monthly literary journal Hyeondai Munhak (현대문학).

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.39.06 AM

Cheonhak has published numerous books, including Dictionary of Korean Proverbs and Quotations (속담명언사전), The Sky in Bronze Mirror (청동거울 속의 하늘) (poems about the ancient Korean kingdom of Baekje), I am Still in an Apple Seed (나는 아직 사과씨 속에 있다) (poems about trees), Urgent News Bulletin! Mrs. Gaia is Sick in Bed (긴급뉴스속보! 가이아 부인은 와병중) (poems about the environment), Loneliness Virus (고독바이러스), and The Sorrow of Grass-green Vitamin, or… (초록비타민의 서러움 혹은) (poems about the oceans), Living Outside (노숙), and The Famous Unknown Poet (유명한 무명시인)

She is the recipient of many literary awards, including the Modern Buddhism Literary Award (Grand Prize), the Si wa Euisik Literature Award (Main Prize) and the Kyung Hee University Overseas Korean Literary Award (Grand Prize), the Heukgu Literary Award (Special Prize) and WIN Distinguished Poet Award (2015)

Cheonhak has served as Editor-in-chief (2001-2006) of Blue Note, web magazine of the online Korean Literature Library.

English translations of her poems were published in a book entitled 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O, which went on to become the winner of the First Annual Min Chapbook Competition organized by Harvard University’s Korea Institute and Tamal Vista Publications (2008).  Japanese translations of her poems were published in Japan in 2014, in a collection entitled 空っぽの都市の胸に電話をかける (Making a Phone Call to the Heart of an Empty City).   Her poems and essays currently continue to be regularly featured in Korean-language newspapers in Canada.

Her latest poetry book, “Love is the Pain of Feverish Flowers” was published in January 2016.

Love is the Pain of Feverish Flowers

Love is
the pain of feverish flowers.

Somewhere in the heart
suffering from the colorful rainbow’s words.

A silver arrow
that flew into the wound festered by the sunlight.

The pain of the wound
is sometimes like a sadness

Love is
the pain of feverish flowers.

Cheonhak Kwon (C)
Translated by Hana Kim



World Poetry Celebrates Ruth Kozak from Canada!

 Ariadne’s Notes! The World Poetry Café Radio Show Plus once again presented the talented Ruth Kozak on August 11, CFRO, 100.5 PM . We heard about her travel plans and excerpts from volume two BLOOD ON THE MOON: THE FIELDS OF HADES will be produced in October 2016. We wish her a safe and wonderful trip with lovely adventures. To listen to the show: CLICK HERE!









Ruth Kozak is a Canadian travel journalist with a strong interest in history and archaeology. A frequent traveller, Ruth lived for several years in Greece and instructs classes in travel journalist and creative writing. A travel writer since 1982, her publications include the Vancouver Province, The Vancouver Sun, 50 Plus, Senior Living, and various other newspapers and magazines in Canada, US and the United Kingdom as well as on-line publications, and  Ruth also edits and publishes her own on-line travel zine at She has been published in the APA Insight Guides 1994, Writer’s Abroad anthology “Foreign Flavours” as well as two poetry anthologies and was writer for The Vancouver Guide for Planet Eye Traveler.  Last year she was invited to Egypt by Egyptian Tourism and you can read her blogs about this trip at   Her ATHENS AND BEYOND  e-book for Hunter Publishing, US was published in Nov 2015 on Kindle and she is currently working on one EXPLORING THE GREEK ISLANDS.

Ruth’s first historical fiction novel SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON (Volume One) was  published July 2014 by  UK.  This is her first published literary work.  Volume Two BLOOD ON THE MOON: THE FIELDS OF HADES will be produced in October 2016.  SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON is currently available on and in bookstores.

In Sept 2014. Ruth was on a successful book promo tour where she attended the Historical Novel Writer’s Conference in London, Eng. and was invited to three events in Greece including a reading at the Athens Centre, a presentation at the World Poetry Conference in Larissa and a reading for two grade nine classes at the Athens Community School.   On her last trip to Greece, Fall of 2015 Ruth read for the Canadian Archaeological Society, Athens. She has been invited for return readings in Fall 2016.

Ruth is a member of the Federation of BC Writers, The Canadian Author’s Association and is President of the BC Association of Travel Writers.  She instructs writing classes at WAVES in New Westminster, Brock House and in the past at Champlain Heights Community Centre and for the VSB. She has presented workshops and readings for Burnaby Writer’s Society, Grind Writers,  Lit Fest and the Royal City Literary Arts Society as well as readings and workshops for the Vancouver Public Library and Kitsilano Library.

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