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World Poetry Vancouver and New Westminster, BC ongoing events.

World Poetry Celebrates the Authors of One Great Year, Tamara Veitch & Rene DeFazio!

OGY_authorsimgAriadne’s Notes! Our first World Poetry Café Radio show on Thursday, October 15th 1-2 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM was celebrated with the amazing and talented award winning authors, Tamara Veitch and Rene DeFazio of the novel One Great Year! Great thanks to Victor Schwartzman  and Kerry for operating the show and keeping us on the air. Please CLICK HERE for a show you do not want to miss!

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What happens when two passionate writer-artists fall in love and decide to make an uncommon life together? The award-winning novel One Great Year and its forthcoming sequels are just a few of the awesome possibilities! Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Rene DeFazio is an actor, screenwriter and producer with numerous film and television roles to his credit, as well as countless commercials and print ads. After spending many years backpacking and filming, Rene drew upon an abundance of unusual and exciting experiences to create One Great Year. His tireless research and firsthand knowledge of exotic locations, customs, sights and smells helped to bring this epic story to life. Rene was awarded an “Empowered Writers Award” at the 2014 World International Peace festival in Vancouver. Tamara Veitch was also awarded an “Empowered Writers Award” at the 2014 World International Peace festival in Vancouver.


 Since an early age Tamara knew that she was a writer. She studied English and General Arts at Simon Fraser University and has had articles published in Guided Synergy Magazine, Awareness Magazine (Southern California), and Mosaic Magazine. Tamara’s first published novel One Great Year was written in collaboration with her husband Rene DeFazio, and received excellent reviews. They are currently writing and researching the next instalment in The Great Year Series. Tamara is an experienced mural artist, teacher and public speaker and currently teaches creative writing to children ages 8-14 in her local community as well as touring and presenting the groundbreaking research and discoveries behind her novels.

One Great Year took three painstaking years to complete. Within months of its independent release, One Great Year was optioned to become a Hollywood blockbuster film trilogy. One Great year is distributed by NewLeaf Distributing US and Dempsey Distributing Canada.

The authors are currently writing the second and third books in the One Great Year series and hope for the sequel to be released early 2016.

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World Poetry Celebrates the Multi-talented Kagan Goh from Canada!

Ariadne’s notes:   The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill, operator Sarah Jo,  celebrated the talent of Kagan Goh  in a special radio show last night, September 15th. I was honoured to read the Wedding Poem that I wrote for Kagan and Julia, based on my parent’s tradition of having a Weekaversary.  They put aside the day to celebrate and renew their everlasting  love. My parents would be so honoured to know that Kagan and Julia are continuing  the tradition. As a young child, I could join in and share my poems and drawings and even hold a candle. Added to the show, wonderful poems by Jaz and Kagan plus a very moving short story.  Click HERE For the show!


Kagan Goh was born in Singapore in 1969.  After years of traveling, he emigrated with his family to Canada in 1986 and now resides in Vancouver. He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, a spoken word poet, novelist, journalist and mental health activist. Kagan is an author who has been published in anthologies such as “Strike the Wok”: an Asian Canadian anthology of short fiction (TSAR Publications); “Henry Chow and Other Stories from the Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop” (Tradewinds Books), SARE 50 (South East Asian Review of English, Issue 50),  “Alive At the Center: an anthology of poems from the Pacific Northwest ” (Ooligan Press) and the Writer’s Studio 2010 and 2012 emerge (Simon Fraser University).  In 2012, Select Books, Singapore, published his first book “Who Let In the Sky?”


(for Kio Kee, Johnny and Xian
I was born a rotten egg.
Why me out of a carton of four?
I’m spoiled.
But my parents didn’t toss me out.
Even when I’m no use.
You can’t eat me,
so why keep me?
They held me in their palms
incubating my ailing heart.
I want to be born all over again.
Maybe God will give me a fresh start.
Then my shell cracked one day
and I fell open
naked, sticky and wet.
to discover I am a black chicken.
I’ve been miscast all along.
They say chickens can’t fly
but just watch me try.
I believe in miracles.
Name one?
I was born.

Kagan Goh (C)

World Poetry Celebrates the Irrepressible Victor Schwartzman from Canada!

Ariadne’s notes: In the first of a series presenting  World Poetry Café Radio Show co-hosts on Tuesday,  August 4, 9:00 PM on CFRO, 100 FM, hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras welcomed Victor Schwartzman to the show. To hear his column and mention of Donald Trump, CLICK HERE!





Victor Schwartzman has written a weekly column on disability issues for over two years, and is very disappointed that nothing has improved.  The column is on the AODA Alliance website and Accessibility News.  He is also polishing a satiric novel, King of the Planet, about a dimension ruled by people who believe in Fox News.  He helps out occasionally with World Poetry Café.  He will be seventy on August 19, and expects you to send him presents. He is also the World Poetry Peace and Human Rights film Festival Director, a radio show operator  in training and host.

Here’s a funny story about Godzilla

Godzilla, that cheesy monster movie

was Americanized from Gojira.

The original’s director, Ishiro Honda

traveled through Hiroshima

as a Japanese soldier

saw the devastation of nuclear war

and decided to make a film

about the horror of atomic bombing.


The A-Bomb’s fire storm

became Godzilla’s fiery radioactive breath

the look of Tokyo after Godzilla stomped it

was based on Hiroshima after the bomb

the first boat Godzilla destroys

was based on the Lucky Seven

tuna boat too close to the first H Bomb test

(Americans in the area were warned

but Japanese were not so…lucky)

The boat’s radio operator got sick

Americans denied treatment information

his agonizing death took a year

he was the first victim of the H Bomb


Japanese audiences watching Gojira

saw a nuclear allegory about America

Americans watching Godzilla

were entertained by Japs killed by a monster

isn’t that funny

well, the Americans are laughing

Victor Schwartzman  (C)

This poem was published about two years ago, in the St. Vitus Prose and Poetry Review: