World Poetry Celebrates Doraine Poretz from the USA!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café with hosts, Ariadne Sawyer, Neall Ryon and operator Victor Schwartzman, welcomed the well known and acclaimed poetess Doraine Poretz to the show on November 26th, CFRO, 100.5 FM  in a fascinating interview about the poetic state of being  and the art of poetry.  To hear this show: CLICK HERE!


Doraine Poretz is an influential voice, both as poet and teacher in the Los Angeles writing community. Six books of her poetry have been published: Re: Visions, This Woman In America, Scattered Light, Arrival, (all from Bombshelter Press), Last Exquisite Tear (Golden Frog Press), and her recent volume of new and selected poems, This Alchemy (Olandar Press). Her short stories have appeared in both Doubleday and Dutton editions, and her poems have appeared in such magazines as ONTHEBUS, Harbinger: Fiction and Poetry of Los Angeles Writers, CQ, Grand Passion: The Poets of Los Angeles and Beyond and others. She has read her work as part of the “Writers in Focus” series at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and at various bookstores, galleries and libraries in and around Los Angeles.  As a playwright, her plays have been performed on stages in Los Angeles and New York. Learn more at 

Her new book is : An Occasion for Being, available on Amazon and in most bookstores.


Video of Poem Eternal:


Answer the angel. The one who hovers, assuring you.

If only you would merely nod,

Even just that.

You might, perhaps, Finally live through your longing

To become another face:

The one rubbed down To ancient stone—smooth, cool, With only faint markings. 

You might, then, be a mystery that would suffice.

Attention paid you would fly along the crow’s black sheen  Whisk the air alongside his dark beauty, And exultant in your natural body,  Catch in polished steel, pane of glass, 



Doraine Poretz  (C)

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