World Poetry Celebrates Bam Dev Sharma From Nepal!

The World Poetry Café Radio Show  with host and producer Ariadne Sawyer, MA and  co-host Neal Ryon celebrated the poet Ban Dev Sharma from Nepal in a fascinating look at his poetry on CFRO 100.5 FM , Thursday,  1-2 pm PST. March 24th, 2016. To hear his fascinating poems CLICK HERE!





Born in 1967 in Nepal, Mr. Bam Dev Sharma  is university teacher  who has been teaching English language and literature  for the last twenty  years in different capacities  as Department Head and University Teacher’s Association  President. He started writing poems  since 1993  and his poems have been published in several national and international journals. He has had residency writing programs  in South Korea  and has taken part in several international forums and has  recited his poems.  He has produced two volumes of poem jointly  with fellow poets. His “The Bunyan And Alder ”  was published in 2007  and his ” Duet of Rivers” is slated to be published in Japan  within months. His poems have appeared on several journals like AMA HASHH, Snow Jewel, Jelly Fish Whispers, Tintota, and  others.   

 Mystical Notes

During freezing January 

Green foliage is numb

Basked by the weltering rays

And flowers Look at the amorphous sky

When plumes fly As sprightly as golden birds

Heckling pensive clouds

Poised with mystery

Beyond the poetic languages.

In the foggy evening

The sky is overcast

And the dry wind asks the leaves:

“Are you up for any fun with me ?”

The leaves make emaciated countenance

and speak in masticated sound

” We are no more for fun.”

In the chilly night

The foliage is clasped by the frozen cold.

And wailing flowers and leaves

Lie crumpled on the ground Under a big block of ice.

There is a subtle hum

And songs resound

Passing through the valley to the hills

Whispering Mystical notes Relished in ecstasy!

Ban Dev Sharm (C)

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