World Poetry Celebrates Ramon Flores!

 Ariadne’s Notes:  Join Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon  hosts of World Poetry Café, are pleased to celebrate the Heart of the City Festival with poetry, interviews, creative tips and music. Tonight Ariadne welcomes the multi-talented and fascinating Ramon Flores….. He will be playing a special gig at the newly renovated Russian Hall on Saturday , 7 pm , October 29th, 600 Campbell. FREE!  Go to for a complete program guide.

Listen to Ramon sing: CLICK HERE!


Born in Nicaragua – Ramon is a musician, troubadour, songwriter, journalist, director and producer of a morning radio show on Vancouver Co-op Radio called “El Bus de las 7” or “The 7 o’clock Bus”.  Ramon obtained his musical education at the National School of Music in Managua, Nicaragua.  He also studied under the direction of many Cuban including several music award winners. 

He is the founder of a Vancouver-based movement of troubadours called “La Trova Nuestra”.  At present, Ramon is a de master.  As a musician, R

Ramon has travelled through Europe, the Americas and Caribbean – representing the culture of his country.  In Canada, he has performed for more than 25 years with various artists, dedicated singer/song writer – and continues to guide a new generation of artists fighting for social justice through arts and culture.


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