World Poetry Celebrates The Talented Sophia Xinyuan Zhang!

Ariadne’s Notes: A special  World Poetry Café Show , August 30 , 1-2 pm on CFRO, 100.5 FM. We welcomed two wonderful guests, Sophia Xinyuan Zhang with poems in Mandarin  and information on a great new Contest listed below.  Also on the program, we were honoured to welcome  talented Jazz Musician  Christopher Jentsch with his new CD, Fractured Pop and a poem.




Poet and World Poetry  Canada International Director, Sophia Xinyuan Zhang,  a long-time supporter of community programs and city services. As an administrator, facilitator, communication coordinator, writer, poet, teacher, auxiliary city employee, and a passionate volunteer, Sophia has planned, organized and hosted many community events at the RPL, VPL, as well as many other community places. Sophia has extensive experience working with immigrants to facilitate multicultural education and is an effective advocate in supporting people to achieve their life goals.

Celebrate Canada 150-great contest for all!

Canada and Me – From Far and Wide

2017 Multicultural Creative Writing Contest & Festival

For celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday and Culture Days, for encouraging multicultural creative writing and lightening up community spirit, WS Immigrant and Multicultral Services Society will host ‘Canada and Me – From Far and Wide: 2017 Multicultural Creative Writing Contest and Festival’, sponsored by Culture Days, BC Culture Days, City of Richmond, Richmond Art Centre and Richmond Public Library.

Time: August 16, 2017 – September 15, 2017

Who can submit: everyone has a special connection with Canada include Canadian citizens, permanent residents, international students, refugees, any visitors are in Canada or have been to Canada, or have any family or friend in Canada.

What to write: anything related with Canada, any story between you and Canada, your close family or friend’s story in Canada, or write about a Canadian place, movie, food, sport, etc. Poems, essays, short stories, drama, songs, plays, etc. are all encouraged. Must be original writing. Each submission shall be no more than 500 words; if written in other languages rather than English, please provide English translation at least a brief English translation. If you prefer, you can provide a brief writer’s introduction and a photo to be published in the book. Submissions are very welcome.

Prize: 150 writings will be selected by WSIMS Contest Committee as ‘Most Inspirational Writings 2017″ for a publication; among the 150 writings, 15 will be awarded as “Touching Canada 2017” and shared on the 2017 Multicultural Creative Writing Festival on September 29.

Please note: WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society reserves the right to use the submitted works for publication purpose.

How to submit: please submit email to


Ancestral Home

In a dream last night, I came back to my ancestral home

As usual, Grandma was talking with me, kind and gentle, all smiles

It was a Spring, flowers were blooming, the toon trees were sprouting

The dogs Pirate and Black Bear had gone hunting

With my cousin for three days

In a dream last night, I came back to my ancestral home

Grandpa bathed in sun setting, bare footed, with kiddos

Busy catching fish and shrimps in a creek

A fat fish bumped over me, causing beautiful splashes

In a dream last night, I came back to my ancestral home

Happened to be Dragon Boat Festival, Grandpa made cakes with new rice

Under the bright moon and stars, neighbors joined us in high spirits

We chit-chatted sitting on a huge natural stone ground

In a dream last night, I came back to my ancestral home

Under the HuangJue tree of a hundred years stood Grandma, who  waved and waved

The car drove by several mountains and hills, I still saw Grandma’s waving

And the top of the huge white fig, Grandma’s lasting elegance

*Pirate and Black Bear: two dogs names.

**Grandma’s grandson,my cousin.

***HuangJue tree: a kind of ficus virens, big and tall, beautiful shaped, often can grow hundreds years old.

English Translator: Mingfu Liu.

Sophia Xinyuan Zhang (c)   ( All rights reserved)



Snow, falling again

Dawn to Dusk

Without a gentle word, or a passionate whisper

But I’ve seen, I’ve seen, the love letter

The sky is writing to the earth

Fallen leaves feed nutrition to the root

Dancing snow rewards the ground a warmer blanket

What could I share with you

Nothing, nothing, but,

If you are expecting, next Spring

The lush green

would grow

where now

covered by the white snow.


Sophia Xinyuan Zhang (c)   ( All rights reserved)

  • Poems in Mandarin hopefully will be put on site .


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