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 Copy of a Russian famous Sculpture, drawn in 1978 by Malik Ahmed. 

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry CafĂ© Radio Show on February 8, on CFRO 100.5 PM at 1:PM, PST welcomed a number of guests, including an e-peace poem from e- features: Malik Ahmed and the multilingual poet Alfonso Martinez Pretel from Spain.  Other guests included the amazing poet Barry Plamondon reading from his new book, a  surprise special birthday party for the renowned pianist and touring composer, Satoko Fujii  with her solo 60th birthday CD with special welcoming guests Yurie Hoyoyon and  Soramaru Takayama  in Japanese and English. Each Honoured Guest will have their own feature on this site.

Due to many submissions, I have been putting in several guests per show but hope to give them more time in the future. Thanks also to Braitwaite and Katz for their support.

Word Poetry Team : Ariadne Sawyer, MA, CC, producer and host, Sound engineer, Victor Swartzman and special volunteer (Big Bessie stories) some which may be made into a cartoon.










Malik Ahmed:

I used to  work in a Mineral lab. named “ALS” in North Van. as  a Lab. Analyst. Being laid off in 2009 due to global economic recession, I started working in Save on Foods. 

I am a BCIT grad with a Diploma in Chemical Science.

“In 1987-’88, I studied in Bergen University, Norway (completed half of a Masters program, 30 credit) and got a Post graduate diploma in Fisheries Biology.

1978-85, I studied in Bangladesh Agricultural University for my Bachelors degree (with honors) in Fisheries Science & Masters in Aquaculture and Management.

I started writing poems in 2013. In my early life, I used to like music, used to play guitar, mouth organ. I have  a weakness towards pencil sketches. 



Pencil sketch of Suzi Quatro, American Rock Singer, drawn in 1982 by Malik Ahmed.

I know life is not easy

but it’s very short!”



Talk about Justice

Not the Power,

Address the complicated world politics,

Destroy missiles, nuclear weapons,


Be a mature leader,

Avoid the danger of another world war! 


Stop fighting, stop genocide,

Killing, raping and stealing here and there,


Don’t be greedy,

Don’t destroy any tribe or country,

Don’t let humanity cry!


Don’t cross your limit,

Don’t, yourself, be a problem,


Be a problem solver!

Honour other people,

Their faith, feelings and colours,


Try bringing peace on earth!

By Malik Ahmed (C) All rights reserved.

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