World Poetry Celebrates Randall Stephen Hall !

Ariadne’s Notes: Another wonderful interview with the talented Randall Stephen Hall  from Ireland on the World Poetry Café, CFRO 100.5 FM, Jan, 17 1-1:30 PM, PST.   It is wonderful to hear his stories, songs and philosophy which helps the world become a better place. Be sure to check out his creativity on his site at   and YouTube at:

He is also available for shows, tours and events.


Randall Stephen Hall : A  biography in his own words:

“I grew up in North Belfast at the height of the Troubles. Born 1957.

I grew up beyond many people’s context there and neither of my parents were from Belfast.
These two experiences collided and reverberated with more for all my years since then, shaping much of my art and outlook.

I met my wife Ann at The College of Art and Design in Belfast. She did Fine Art and Teaching while I did a degree in Graphic Design. At the time I was playing in a few local groups and later writing songs with two friends. Here’s an example from 1983. “The Bread Song”.

I left college in 1980 and got a job in a small add agency. That winter John Lennon was shot.
I remember the news on the radio. It seemed to link with shift, change and conflict in northern Ireland.

Ann and I got married in 1983. We had two girls in 1985 and 1987. We now have two grandchildren of six and two. Both girls.

I worked in local advertising for six years until 1988 when I became a freelance illustrator. My work, for a time came from Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow. This carried on until 1998 then my work began to change again.

In 1996 I self published a book called THE GIANT’S CAUSEWAY. The advertising work began to diminish and I began to receive invites to visit schools to tell this story. A steep learning curve ensued from then until now. (I’ll keep this brief).

During this time I began to create new stories, illustrated for projection and began to shape way of doing story telling that involved, hand drum, voice, interactive singing, song, poetry and a main story, lasting about an hour.

All this has evolved slowly in a very natural way over a period of about 20 years.

Around 2009 I began to write and record songs a bit more seriously again. Luckily a local DJ
called Gerry Anderson (now sadly passed) found some of my funnier songs interesting and began to play them on the radio. So, in a period of about 9 months I created my first CD of poems and songs, using local themes, of identity, peace, conflict etc but doing it in an accessible way, with the addition of humour.

Here’s one of the interviews from 2010/2011.

This development threw me back into playing live again after a long
hiatus of some years . . .”

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