World Poetry Featured Poet Katherine L. Gordon from Canada

World Poetry Featured Poet Katherine Gordon

World Poetry Featured Poet Katherine Gordon


Katherine L. Gordon lives to write in a secluded river valley where the cycles of nature inform her work. She is an author, editor, publisher, anthologist, literary critic and reviewer.  She enjoys collaborations with fellow poets, works to promote the value of Canadian poetry.  She has several books, chapbooks and anthologies, some translated into other languages.

Ariadne’s note: Katherine has been my mentor and dream supporter with the Dream Poem project. Thanks to her help and guidance, I now have 48 dream poems for the upcoming book: Love Poems to the World.

After the Rains

The rains have melted the sun

wrapped all the trees and grasses

in a mist of mystery

land and waters no longer separated

as in ancient decree,

no rigid order present to affirm

that we are singular in creation.

a cedar-wind scents

the circle of stone and moss

hinting preservation,

the morning swallows me

and I am a rusk of leaf,

hungering winter bird,

knowing there is no certainty

except the shift of season.

Katherine L. Gordon (C)  2010

Eclipsing All Light

Solstice eve

and those who prayed

for warmth and light

hope for heat of life

shivered in the full moon’s promise.

A dark shadow grew

in angry heavens

the bright night blackened–

a cry of fear and panic

swept the ragged huddle,

what did the gods reply

to the waiting bonfires,

fearful celebrants of the gift of light?

The moon was swallowed

stars flared fiercely

all sank to their knees on cold ground.

It was ominous hours

before the moon orbed more brightly,

but those who had once felt

the certainty of benign light

returned home wordless,

orphaned by the omens

sensing only insecurity

and the sickle of loneliness

on a light- deserted Earth.

Katherine L. Gordon
(C)  Lunar Eclipse 2010, coinciding with Solstice.

“Last night (early morning really)  I watched the lunar eclipse from my bed!  The moon positioned herself directly above me in the sky light and I saw her swallowed, turned pulsating orange and extinguished by our shadow.  By 3 A.M. the phenomena was over.  What queen could have a better observatory!  Could this rare event have anything to do with the torrential tides and weather in the Maritimes?   This morning the returning sun gilded in a rosy halo, the trees and stones of the cliff. Happy return of the light and a magic solstice to you…the Newgrange dead are awakened again.


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  1. segrid geiler

    Katherine- as ever enjoy words of wisdom in poems

    I have a card to send you that I got today
    but lost your address
    Canada 411 does not have it


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