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Ariadne’s note: I was not able to get a poem  from him for posting but you can listen to him in person on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show! Click here to hear Lucia Gorea and Israel Mota welcoming Ibrahim to the radio show!

Ibrahim Honjo was born on April 16, 1948 in the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Since January 1995 he has lived in Canada.*

Honjo is a poet-writer, sculptor, painter, photographer who writing in his native language and in English. He was introduced in many magazines, newspapers, and radio stations in Yugoslavia where he worked as an economist and journalist, also books and newspapers editor, and marketing director. He organized many poetry events and festivals. Honjo received several prizes for his poetry.*

He is the author 13 published books and represented in seven anthologies. His poetry was translated in: Korean, Slovenian and German language. *


“Taste of Bitter Herbs” 1971

“Stone to Stone” 1976

“All my Green Town Squares” 1990

“Roots in the Stone” 1990

“Stone Talk” 1991

“Do not Write this Down” 1991

“Sketches for Unborn” 1993. (Slovenia)


(in English and Serbo-Croatian language)

“Do not Write this down” 2006

“Roots in the Stone” 2008

“Enigma from the Stone” 2009

“Poems I didn’t want to write, some other dreams” 2011


“Enigma from the Stone” 2010

“Threads of my Essence” (Autobiography) 2012


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