World Poetry Proudly Presents Veronica Valeanu from Romania!

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Featured poet






Ariadne’s note : This talented poet comes to us thanks to the well known Indian poet
K K Srivastava from India.

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Veronica Valeanu is a poet, writer and thinker from Romania. She teaches English at the M. Eminescu National College in Buzău, Romania. She was a member of the editorial board of, an interactive poetry website. She says: “I think my identity in writing is about being a survivivore. A poem is nothing but a frequency of the consciousness, shifting from radiating to gravitational patterns, along with the feedback of the spaces that get imprinted with this energy.” A very quiet person by temperament, her poems have featured in literary magazines in U.S.A and other countries. Critical appraisal of her poems are published in Indian literary magazines.


nimby  by Veronica Valeanu (C)

freebies & complementaries round-ups!
the squeeze size is the wrong way round.
all people want to do is
make place inside other people,
but it’s like heading straight to being eaten alive by a hungry behemoth
and then wonder why they’re half the men they used to be.

don’t eat anything out there, girl.
if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.


don’t let them sip your words, either. let’em draw a blank from you.
don’t you stand now staring at nothing.
I ain’t nowhere. I’m that bubble that won’t burst. you’re not puffed,
‘cause you won’t get to speak up with a lump in your throat.

*quote from paul mc cartney


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