Happy Canada Day and Happy Republic Day in Ghana from Henry Ocansey!



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Here is a poem I made towards our 1st July Celebration. 1st July marks the Republic Day in Ghana and coincidentally it is also Canada Day marking the peaceful unity between the three colonies. I want to use World Poetry as a platform to dedicate this poem to all Ghanaians and Canadians around the world during this peaceful celebration. Thank you, Henry Ocansey hocansey.wordpress.com

Henry Ocansey is a Ghanaian and resides in Ghana. He is a Computer Systems Administrator and a Writer.

He is a Microsoft certified professional, a member of international association of computer science and information technology – Singapore, National Society of Black Engineers – USA, World Peace Prayer Society – USA, Edmonton Poetry Festival Society- Canada.

Henry is a Principal IT Specialist at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and holds a first degree in Computer Science, certificate in information security & Network Assurance – Texas A&M University system in cooperation with the Department of homeland security and Federal Emergency management agency-USA.

He has enrolled in Master in Information Technology and he’s expected to complete in August 2013.

He has participated in various volunteer programs to promote Peace, ICT & Healthy Living in Ghana – West Africa especially in the rural areas.

Equally he engages himself in poetry and writing articles as extra-curricular activities. He has participated in various seminars, using poetry in promoting peace and establishing a loving atmosphere to surmount the opponent.

You can contact Henry at hocansey@yahoo.com and blog on hocansey.wordpress.co

STATEMENT (1st July Celebration)

Republic Day being celebrated with great enthusiasm in Ghana is not in remembrance of the long and bloody history behind Ghana’s independence but to rejoice and reflect on the fight for Ghana’s political sovereignty.

“Ayekoo”!! to all Ghanaians around the world for all contributions towards the economic growth, sustenance and peace of our nation.

Congratulations also to all Canadians for efforts towards the peaceful unity between the three colonies making a mighty Canada.

Here is his poem:


The colors of the rainbow mingled awhile

And the white of snow fell a time

The breeze of the sea refreshed a moment

And the silence calmed down flowing waters

The whistles of the grand old trees ignited a feeling

Whilst the stars in the skies twinkled a display

Those paired birds that flew at night

Chanted melodies and songs after a day

Coz there was absence of rage, for tempers stood still

The quack! Cheep-cheep! Honk! Along the shores

Prompted a scene so serene and sunlight reflect

The reefs looked green and sip of nectar still sweet

Welcoming dove of ancient Greece unto fields

And unfolding its feathers with head right up North

Of natures blessedness and uniqueness poured forth

For it was an atmosphere not oppressed by shadow?

Nor of hearts strings twisted but perfectly styled and formed

What a spot! What a sight of tranquil reflections

From the South appeared the white of a horse with dangling chains

 And the soothing breeze cleared the dares of souls hurting

Within this array of bliss, I heard voices echoing

Trumpets aloud and sighs so deep disappearing

The shades had sheltered grief and wailing till

And an angle of peace splendor and fill

For it was an hour of Gods purposeful reflections   

Reminding all thoughts and beings of an Eden in the morning

And a heaven on its own, of the beauty and gift of life on earth

If we embrace and paint just a piece of peace

©2013 Henry Ocansey



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8 Responses to Happy Canada Day and Happy Republic Day in Ghana from Henry Ocansey!

  1. lytiafuah says:

    well, dats a gud piece.

  2. Rose says:

    i am really inspired by this message.
    Thumbs up

  3. Ohene says:

    Happy Republic Day…i like your statement and your bio is inspiring…Keep the good work moving…

  4. Rose says:

    Splendid !!!! very Inspiring…Thumbs up

  5. Cindel Diaz says:

    I like this poem, keep preaching peace coz we need it. Your bio really enthuses me, hoping to read more from you…Thanks to world peotry for making these “innovative brains” known to the world.

  6. Ransford Caut-Pinto says:

    Great and inspiring piece, keep it up and lets read more from you.

  7. desmond says:

    very inspiring!! keep it up

  8. Kutiame & Kutiame says:

    Keep it up man!
    A journey from Computer Science to Poetry!

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