World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Gordon Mckee from Canada!

Neruda Plant and Hadaa

 Ariadne’s Note: World Poetry Café Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota along with tech Kelly welcomed Gordon McKee to the World Poetry Café. Israel began with a poem of Chilean Nobel Prize Winner, Pablo Neruda. It reminded me of our Neruda plant which was brought up from Neruda’s home in Chile. For years, we transported it to World Poetry Life Celebrations of Neruda until it grew too big. Above is the photo of the Neruda plant along with the Mongolian Poet Dr. Hadaa Sendoo.

Gordon read poems from the Greek Poet C P Cavafy who lived in Egypt. For more information on this interesting poet:

Constantine P. Cavafy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rounding out the program, was music by Anthony Prosk, Stan Rogers and e- poems by Yoshifumi Sakura  from Japan and Richard Doiron from Canada. To listen to the show, Click here!

Gordon Mckee has been enjoying books and reading since finding ” Harold and the Purple Crayon “at the age of 4. A degree in English literature led to years in the book business and further immersion in the world of writing. The work of C P Cavafy has been a favorite. for years and he is so pleased to share it with you this week.

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