World Poetry Proudly Presents Esmie Gayo McLaren and Generation One Artists!

Ariadne wrote: Here is a message from my fellow director at Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society.  She also read in our  World Poetry Li Bai signature poem, Let’s Drink!
Good luck Esmie and fellow artists.

brushwithstrangersposter sf


Esmie writes:
“It would be an honor if you could come and see the art exhibition of two Gen. One artists, Danvic Briones and Esmie Gayo McLaren (me), on Sept. 5th in Vancouver, BC  for the reception.  If it’s not a convenient day, the show runs thru Sept. 15th. See poster.

Also attached is a photo of me painting in front of the Fedn. of Canadian Artists Gallery to promote my work and the show. Esmie.”



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