Festival Registration

Welcome to World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2013!

April 4-30th, 2013
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Lillooet room 301,
University of British Columbia,
1961 East Mall Vancouver, BC Canada.

Theme: Inspire Peace.

The World Poetry International Festival is bringing together international poet and local multicultural poets and groups. There will be a First Nations welcome, dignitaries, music, dance and films.

Each selected international poet and selected local groups will have 5-10 minutes to present their poetry, launch a book, lead a panel discussion, or present a paper.

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The World Poetry Committee will make the final decision. You will be notified if you are selected.

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We look forward to meeting you and will work together to bring the best Third World Poetry International Festival possible.

Ariadne Sawyer
Festival Organising Committee