24 Hour Peaceathon Registration

World Poetry is initiating a 24 hour Peaceathon on September 21, thanks to the inspiration of our advisor Adisa AJA Andwele. He felt that 24 hour hours of powerful peace focus would make a difference in the world.

We have been promoting peace through peace gift poems, events by poets in different countries, a free Peace E-book, Four International Peace and Human Rights Festivals , peace poems to the John Lennon Tower and many other venues.

The 24 hour Peaceathon will include all ages and all countries.

Registration Form for 24 hour Peaceathon
Date: September 21, World Peace Day, 2015.

To register for the Peaceathon , please complete the short form below.

  • You will be notified both when received and also when accepted.
  • Please include your presentation, short film, music program, writing, dance video, photography, block party, family night and others in detail. It can include social media with peace tweets etc. Also include any partners you would like to have join you. Please check your partners to be sure that they are ethical and treat all fairly.
  • Your information will not be shared unless we have your written permission.

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  1. I/we will keep a record of the event, location, time and place that I/we are reading and send the information, photos, and videos to
    the 24 hour World Canada International Peaceathon astarte_sita@yahoo.com
  2. I understand that any readings for the World Poetry Canada International Peaceathon that I do or organize, will not involve money of any kind.
  3. I understand that this initiative does not promote any religious or political persuasion but all are welcome to join in creating and maintaining peace.

*** We are looking to create albums and a World Poetry Canada International Peaceathon video channel. If you can help, it will be greatly appreciated.

***There will be lots of volunteer opportunities also.

*** Contact us! Together we will create and maintain peace!