World Poetry Celebrates Lucy Ortiz and Project Cultural South!


Ariadne’s Notes: It was with great joy that the World Poetry Café CFRO, 100.5 FM with host and producer Ariadne Sawyer and co-host Neall Ryon, sound engineer Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe,  on July 21, 2010. welcomed Lucy Ortiz, the talented poet and head of Project Cultural South along with Frieda Marzolina, another good poet who has written 200 poems.  Poetry was shared in English and Spanish with music by Rene Hugo Sanchez and Leon Bibbs. E poet:Mona Rampersaud-Jones from Canada.



Lucy Ortiz, multi-award winning poet and author of many books and anthologies, she is the Director of Project Cultural South and travels frequently. She is also a World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Ambassador to El Salvador.

Lucy Ortiz, BIOGRAFÍA Salvadoreña Canadiense. En el año 1986 llegó al Canadá, país donde radica desde esa fecha.

En 1986 creó el grupo cultural educacional “Los Pipiles”,con niños hispanoamericanos de Vancouver.En el año 2001 publicó su primer poemario “Debajo de la Tormenta” en la Antología2001 del mundo de la poesía, en Vancouver.

En 1992 creó la “Brigada Juvenil de Apoyo a El salvador” en Vancouver.Recibió placa de reconocimiento del mundo de la poesía,por el aporte al trabajo literario en la publicación de la obra literaria antología 2001.

En 2001-2002 creó las bases para el Proyecto Cultural Sur Vancouver.En el año 2002 publicó “Una Gota en el Desierto”, en la Antología voces latinoamericanas de Vancouver, con la Asociación de Poetas y Escritores Latinoamericanos de British Columbia, donde se desempeñaba como secretaria.

En el año 2003 publicó el poemario Amores del río en AntologíaVoces Del Sur con el Proyecto Cultural Sur Internacional, donde se desempeña como Vice presidenta.

En 2005 ganó el primer lugar en el certamen de poesía: 25 años, Monseñor Romero. Celebrado por las comunidadesde base canadiense de Vancouver, premio entregado por el Padre Jon Cortina.

Preparó las bases para la creación de la Sopa Sur. Fue delegada al congreso de las artes en México y mucho mas.


Proyecto Cultural Sur Vancouver Celebra el tercer aniversario del monumento sopa sur. Invita a la comunidad a participar y compartir nuestra receta hecha realidad. El día 30 de julio a la 1:00 PM el Padre Francisco Jovel, visitante de Italia y el Padre Richard Zanotti oficiaran una misa de gracia y bendiciónal monumento: En Our Lady Of Sorrows ubicada en el 555 Slocan Street Vancouver BC, después de la misa, saldrá la caravana encabezada por los sacerdotes hacia el Seaforth Peace Park para hacer la bendiciónal Monumento. compartir la exquisita Sopa Sur y el acto cultural.La serenata musical con Macarena Cataldo y en el corazón de las memorias,la poesía de los poetas latinoamericanos de Vancouver en Seaforth Peace Park 1620 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC.

Con mucho cariño recibiremos a la asociación cultural salvadoreñaque pondrá una placa en el monumento la memoria de nuestro hermano Remberto Cuellar Ruiz, que nos prestó sus manos,su fuerza y su fe para dejar este ente a las futuras generaciones.

También se pondrá una placa con la memoria de Elba Espinoza, compañera que siempre fue una fortaleza y su hijo una mano fuerte en la construcciónde este elemento trascendental “El Monumento

Special Announcement!

Vancouver South Cultural Project Celebrates the third anniversary of the monument dedicated to  the special recipe Soup of the  South. they want to invite the  community to participate and share the soup at the event July 30 at 1 pm with a mass of grace and blessing for the monument  by Father Francisco Jovel, visiting from Italy and Father Richard Zanotti at Our Lady Of Sorrows located at 555 Slocan Street in Vancouver BC

After the Mass, 2,2:30 pm, the caravan, headed by the  priests will go to the Seaforth Peace Park,1620 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC to  bless the Monument. Project Cultural South will share the delicious soup which will also include a cultural event featuring the music of Macarena Cataldo and in the “heart of the memories “ a special  presentation of the poetry of Latin American poets in Vancouver.

Lovingly, the Salvadoran cultural association  will put a plaque on the monument in the memory of our brother Remberto Cuellar Ruiz, who lent us his hands,strength and faith to leave this monument to future generations. Another  plaque in memory of Elba Espinoza will also honor our companion who was always was a great strength and had a strong part in building the transcendental element “Monument.” All are welcome!



 Ariadne and Neal hosting.



World Poetry Celebrates THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS, Yo-Yo MA!


A Must See Film Review by Ariadne Sawyer, MA

 Be sure to catch this film which is opening at the Park Theatre in Vancouver on July 22nd. for show times.

World Poetry is honored to be a Promotional Partner for the Music of Strangers.

The film is directed by Morgan Neville, director of the Academy Award-Winning 20 Feet From Stardom. The film follows an extraordinary group of musicians who have come together to celebrate the universal power of music. The Silk Road Ensemble, an international collective created by acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma, exemplifies music’s ability to blur geographical boundaries, blend disparate cultures and inspire hope for both artists and audiences. Sources: The Archive and the Orchard  plus  PR by the Taro PR Group.

I absolutely loved this warm, life affirming film which also reflected the human suffering of mankind through wars and the  loss of country.  It   showed the enthusiasm and persistence of the great cellist Yo-Yo Ma and his vision of bringing world musicians together to create a new sound and even a way of being.  The idea of being  “Cultural Citizens” may show us the way to celebrate our connectedness and free us from rigid boundaries.

Throughout the film, the wonderful joyfulness   of Yo-Yo Ma infuses the film and brings the message of creation and hope.

Here are some memorable quotes from the film:  “The power of art crosses out limitations.”  “Tradition needs evolution or it gets smaller.” “Art is opening up to possibility.”

The guests I brought to the preview had some inspiring comments:

“The film will interest those wanting to learn more not only about music but about different cultures; instruments and their historical meanings from various regions; architecture around the world; and the harmony between sound and visual art.” Laura Kelsey.

Music, the universal language of all, we learn, is a core facilitator, encouraging world citizens to realize mankind’s common purpose while seeking identity. Thereby, from the heart, we can, and need to work together, with shared hope and renewed energy, naturally transforming and harmonizing world cultures toward lasting peace. “Carla Evans.

“The film touches on real world issues and its effect on the creative culture of its peoples.  One spoken line in the movie that stands out for me is that, “a culture must continue to grow or it will die.”  This film reinforces the idea that music can contribute to the meeting of people of different cultures and continue to grow by contributing to each other.  The film touched my heart and brought to my mind   how we are all molded from the same clay.”  Neall Ryon.

Invite your friends and family to see this wonderful film!

Thanks to Lauren Colt at TARO PR for source material.


World Poetry Celebrates The Wonderful Lozan, Iraq and Canada!


Ariadne’s notes: On July 11, 1-2 pm, the World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed Lozan, the lovely poetess originally from Iraq reading her poems in English and Arabic, Also, Host and Producer Ariadne Sawyer with co-host Neall Ryon welcome guest host Yamen Saleh. Talented sound engineer, Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe added greatly to the program. E-poem by Olajuwon Timileyin. Music by the Tibetan Children’s Ensemble and  Delaleh,a Kurdish song by Shivan Perwer,











Lozan was born & raised in Baghdad 1972; She’s the 5th of 10 children (8 girls / 2 boys) today there are 47 of them

She is Kurdish from northern Iraq. Left Iraq 1994 lived in Ankara Turkey illegally as asylum seekers until migrated to Canada May 3, 1995

She wrote poetry as early as preteen years but fear of being judged/ ridiculed by peers & siblings she stopped writing or would throw poems away.

Her uncle, Serwan Yamulky (poet, musician, singer & songwriter) inspired her and asked her to please never to stop writing poetry after found her one day folded up and crying. He listened to her read one poem she was about to throw away & he was so pleased and begged her to never ever destroy her poems anymore. He offered his house for a safe place to hide her poems so no one would steal them. 

Her first poetry book, which is about to be done through Silver Bow Publishing; will be dedicated to her uncle. If all goes well, this fall, her first poem book will be out.

Through tremendous encouragements and being in the company of other amazing poets, she started sharing, reciting and writing new poetry in fall of 2013 through the Holy Wow Poets of Canada in Maple Ridge,   Poetic Justice and World Poetry in New Westminster ask well as social media poetry pages. 

Lozan is a mother of two preteen boys from her first marriage & soon she’s getting married on top of Grouse Mountain where her & Harry met again by accident 19 years after they dated and life moved them apart. It’s a love story like no other; yes you bet that love is the reason behind a handful of love poems that she will share one with you today.

Oh you gentle soul.

She is small and frail

but there’s a spark in her eyes.

She is young and oh, so shy,

but there’s a determination in her gaze.

She is short and thin,

but you get the sense

you are in the presence

of a memorable girl.


She is unable to speak,

but she can hear.  

She understands,

but not your spoken words.

She understands

your tone,

your gesture,

and the movement of your eyes.


Don’t underestimate her.

Don’t dismiss her.

Don’t you dare think less of her because she is small and cannot speak or walk well.


She cannot speak but,

but boy, she knows. 

You can feel it in your gut,

she knows.

So, tread lightly,

speak gently,

be genuine,

and if you can’t,

then just keep moving.


She stood up.

You could hear a pin drop.

Everybody held their breath

fearing she would fall.

She is still standing up

slowly… gracefully… cautiously.

Oh my, she’s moving in slow motion.


As gentle as a butterfly

walking on your finger,

she walked on that hardwood floor.

One small step after another

then suddenly, a ray of sunlight

penetrated the sunroof

and exposing the dusty

hardwood floor she walked on.


It takes the breath away; 

as we realized

that there are people out there

living among us on this earth

simply existing; 

while she in her pain walks

without harming anyone

or –anything, 

not even disturbing

the dust beneath her feet.

Lozan (C)