World Poetry Presents the Award Winning Filmmaker Sharif Saedi !

Ariadne’s notes: Due to the tremendous workload during the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace , Film and Human Rights Festival during October 2014, we were not able to acknowledge the wonderful films and contributions of award winners.  Therefore we will  begin to do so now and  add updated statements and photos.


Award winning filmmaker and director Sharif Saedi is also a World Poetry Canada International Director who is working on creating an theatre and cinema organization for girls and boys in Herat, Afghanistan.  He is helping to create a empowered world for youth who need our support and caring.

I am Sharif Ahmad Saedi, an Afghan journalist and documentary film maker. I spent my childhood and adolescence in a village in the west of Herat; western province of Afghanistan. My childhood and teenage years passed under Mujahidin and the Taliban and during the Afghan civil war.

Along with learning English and computer, I finished sixth and seventh grade at Salahuddin Saljooqi High School in Herat province. I finally graduated from Enqelab High School in Herat province in 2006.  


Since the beginning of my teenage years, I have been interested in art and literature. After passing the public universities’ entrance test (Kankor), i got admitted into Herat University Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications. I graduated from Herat University in 2011. Parallel to my university years, I worked for some local media including. This made me interested in photography and documentary film making.


(Month long display at Irving Barber Learning Centre, UBC Library. Vancouver, BC. Poster of film  award winning film Life in Thirst far left. 24 hour video film screen on right)

I have made few documentaries and short films that have been warmly welcomed by the local film critics. “City Rhythm, Silence, Mechanical Eye, For My City, Silk, Life in Thirst” are some of my works that brought me some remarkable local and international awards.


As a young documentary-film maker, I am a fanatic of film making and have ambitious long-term career goals. Along with being a journalist, I wish to portray my people’s hardship and difficulties through my documentaries. I believe I have a long way ahead of me in my career as a photographer and documentary maker, and I am strongly committed to advancing in my professional career.”

Director’s Statement:
“The first step of my career started with a piece of chalk, a blackboard, and a bunch of students whose passion for learning motivated me to build more on my math proficiency. Later, I continued my life journey with a microphone and a sound recorder that were my friends when I was reporting from the most fatal blast scenes in Afghanistan. University education set the stage for me to walk into the world of journalism and mass media, which opened my eyes to the world significantly. These experiences taught me one important thing. People can be the product of what they choose to be, not necessarily the average outcome of what society imposes on them.

Like many other Afghan kids, my school years passed under the Taliban and with many educational and security obstacles; however, my family helped me turn my school years to the most fruitful years of my education. I started my education with a turban on my head. I still remember how long it was. Exactly 3.5 meters! It was black as the sign of oppression by Taliban. I also worked part time in my Father’s shop to afford my English course tuition.

My admission in the Journalism and Mass Communications Faculty of Herat University was a new chapter in my educational background. I spent four years in this Faculty, where I learned fundamentals of journalism and news reporting that later enabled me to find my interest in photography and documentary film making. Parallel to that, I worked for three local radio stations as a young journalist. In the course of my career as a journalist, I prepared many news reports from bomb blast and crime scenes and press conferences.  Doing news reporting, I learned how to conquer my personal prejudices and reflect the realities as they were. When my voice went on air for thousands of listeners, I felt psychological pressure and stressful moments. I earned a stronger self-confidence out of all those hectic moments.

Higher education is the key to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, where students face countless number of difficulties to get an education. Through the course of my education, I have also confronted many serious obstacles including financial and security issues, but I never lost my persistence and hard work. After decades of civil war that caused Afghanistan’s infrastructures to demolish extensively, the country is now in desperate need for human capital and effective leadership.

After I graduated from Herat University Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications, I felt a social responsibility that was directed toward me. That was playing the role of an honest eye and ear of the society where I lived. I saw, heard and felt the everyday realities of the Afghan society with an open mind. I was not only witnessed the realities of the society, I also recorded them and later portrayed them in the form of documentary films. As a young documentary-film maker, i am a fanatic of film making and have ambitious long-term career goals. Along with being a journalist, I wish to portray my people’s hardship and difficulties through my documentaries. I believe I have a long way ahead of me in my career as a photographer and documentary maker, and I am strongly committed to advancing in my professional career.

 Afghanistan is in a situation of transition. Everything is happening rapidly. I, as a young journalist and documentary film maker, was determined to share the facts and realities of life in Afghanistan with the rest of the world. This will help me do my patriotic responsibility because I would be able to help keep Afghanistan at the center of attention. This will help Afghanistan stay as a peaceful member of the international community.”





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World Poetry Presents naQsh a Great Canadian South Asian Rock Band !

radio show band 004

Ariadne’s Notes: A warm welcome to naQsh, a Canadian South Asian Rock band on the World Poetry  Café Radio Show, February 10th , 9 pm at 100.5 FM ! The band members are Indian, Pakistani and Canadian – and together they fuse a very unique sound and spread the message of love and peace.

It’s important for us to help promote the local artists, and give them as much support as we can. You may remember them from VIBC’s City of Bhangra 2014 EKTA Concert featuring Saieen Zahoor or downtown performance with Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch. Talented band members: Daksh Kubba, Imran Habib and Irfan Lawrence provided a fascinating combination of music and interviews. Don’t miss listening to the show!

Radio show hosts, Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill. 

World Poetry was honoured to hear a first time preview of their upcoming new album in May! To listen to this exciting show: CLICK HERE!

Check out their videos and releases:
• Saajna (first official release)•
• Armaan (second official release):
Festival Performances:


radio show band 002

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World Poetry Presents Photo Artist Musa Musavi from Afghanistan!


World Poetry Canada International is proud to feature a new youth director Musa Musavi who will joining other youth directors from Afghanistan and  different countries around the world in our new expansion for WPCI.  They will be working hard on special projects and the World Poetry Peace Poetathon  as well as creating new projects for our two month exhibition in 2016 at UBC.  World Poetry would like to thank UBC and the Irving Barber Learning Centre for helping to create such a difference in the world.


Musa was featured in two photographic exhibitions at the Irving Barber Learning Centre, a library at University of British Columbia in Vancouver BC, where 100,000 visitors and students were clocked in during the month of October at our World Poetry Canada International Film Festival, October 2014 .


His work and message below received a lot of favorable comments.  Musa is one of a group of amazing youth who want to help create a better world.

Thanks to another youth director and award winning  filmmaker , Sharif Saedi, whose film , Dying of Thirst which was shown at the World poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Film Festival the awards were able to de delivered to Afghanistan recently.

Aja 003

Adisa  AJA  Andwele, WPCI Advisor  reading  the message next to the display.

Musa’s message to the exhibition:

“When I take my camera to create a new picture, each time that my camera flashes, a new journey starts… Every time, when I realize that I have taken a picture, I find myself feeling so weak among others.

I had never thought that I would be documenting so many lives through my camera. They need help because they deserve to be happy like the others; they deserve to have light not darkness.

Each flash of my camera tries to be a light to remove the darkness. I might not have enough ability but I have the ability to share my life with them, to find peace for them.

I am Musa Musavi, a small photographer from the world of war in Afghanistan. I am ready to sacrifice my life for those people who seek peace and to be happy around the world.

Are you ready to sacrifice yours?

With love, Musa.”


Aja 005

Coming soon! More youth directors and advisors!


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World Poetry Proudly Presents Myna Wallin from Canada!

photo 1


Ariadne’s Notes, The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Una Bruhn  proudly presented the talented poet Myna Wallin in a special radio program Tuesday night , February 3rd. Also featured was a phone in  by tech Israel Mota, Creativity Rocks by Ariadne Sawyer and music by Rene Hugo Sánchez, Swan Walker and Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze. To hear this “magical” show CLICK HERE!

Myna Wallin is a Toronto author and editor. She has had two books published, a collection of poetry, Thousand Profane Pieces (Tightrope Books, 2006), and a novel, Confessions of A Reluctant Cougar, (Tightrope Books, 2010). “Confessions” was long listed for the ReLit Award in 2010. Her poetry has won her two honourable mentions: in 2009 she received an Honourable Mention in the CV2 2-Day Best Poem Prize, and in 2010 she received an Honourable Mention in the Winston Collins/Descant Prize for Best Canadian Poem. Last winter a poem of hers hung at the Art Gallery of Ontario, along with two paintings of her, in an exhibit entitled, “Why Not Paintings of Poets?” This fall she had the honour of reading her poem about Gordon Lightfoot to Gordon Lightfoot. A piece of hers will appear among luminaries such as Leonard Cohen in a new collection, Where the Nights Are Twice as Long: Love Letters by Canadian Poets  (Goose Lane Editions, 2015). 

Her  books for sale can be found at or or on or  She has 2 paperbacks (one is a collection of poems and one is a novel. The novel (Confessions of a Reluctant cougar, will soon be available as an eBook!! She can also be found by just typing her name into the google search engine. 


They’re all the rage-

            blondes are out; thinkers are in

proclaimed in a Toronto Life cover story:

            spotted at important cocktail parties

a copy of Carson’s Men in the Off Hours

            poking out of knapsacks, talking Griffin & Trillium,


 vigorously debating the merits of sound

            poetry. Doctors, lawyers, take their trophy poets

to the South of France or cottages on Lake Rosseau. Seen

            getting out of SUV’s looking self-conscious, morally                               

conflicted. Fake boobs are out; they want a woman with big

            opinions, with Bohemian flair. Holt Renfrew ladies


are threatened, commenting poisonously on the “Sally Anne girls,”

            during a glycolic peel or paraffin treatment. These men

in suits, appetites wander. This is the new urban pairing.

            The men need some culture, some social relevance, a connection

to the arts beyond symphony tickets. For their part, the poets

            admire men who can escort them to Scaramouche or Canoe


withdrawing 50’s and 100’s, manicured hands dipping into Gucci

            leather. Yet, the new women feel strangely

objectified. A professional was overheard whispering, “My little

            poet laureate,” to his girlfriend, just published in Grain

Some of these bankers have poetic aspirations: when they bring        

a sonnet or haiku to the table the romance is dead.


Trophy poets are coming, there’s no stopping them. Cartier

            watches (they didn’t buy with royalties) peek out

from under their black Gap turtlenecks. They are so clever,

            these girls, if you stare into their pupils long enough

            it’s foreplay.

             Myna Wallin (C)

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World Poetry Presents Mahinour Tawfik from Eygpt!



Ariadne’s Notes: We are honoured to present a 22 year old medical student from Egypt whose powerful and moving poetry reaches out to the world. Another talented and empowered youth poet who will make a positive difference in the world!

She writes:
“My name is Mahinour Tawfik
 A 22-year old medical student in Egypt studying to become a psychiatrist.
 Was educated in British school, Grew to be fond of English Literature especially poetry.
Went through very hard times, had almost given in to pain until poetry healed me
As a medical student I believe, as medicine heals bodies, poetry cures souls
I had several chances to participate in poetry anthologies
I dream to become a world known poetess, a very successful psychiatrist and to travel around the world.”

The day that never comes

Will this day ever come?
When I regain back my plundered freedom
Be treated as the gracious human I was created
Not  merchandise in an auction debated

Will this day ever come?
When the Devil’s power ain’t worshipped anymore but God’s
Virtues & righteousness are the undefeatable power
Not tyranny, injustice & oppression that devour
Innocent Souls, in massacres creating oceans of bloods

Will this day ever come?
When corruption is stood up to, to villainy we shout   (no)
Without being the last time to breathe and say so
Right path is being followed without being afraid
To be blamed and pay for sins others made

Will this day ever come?
Guilty are not the winners
Honorable are not the sinners

Will this day ever come?
When not another innocent soul dies
No more mothers ‘weeps, fathers’ cries
Grieving their murdered– kidnapped child on his way
To school or to the churches and mosque as they go to pray

Too much corruption has undertaken
Will conscience ever be awaken
Will this day ever come?
When I break free from hell and its demons

Open my eyes,
Watch for the first time the dead sun rise
Upon a world of righteousness, goodness and morality
Where evilness fades away as well as tyranny
Or will I be cursed by my own child?
Blamed from bringing him into this cannibal wild

Mahinour Tawfik (C)

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