World Poetry Celebarates the talented Brandee Bublé from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes:  It was a great pleasure to welcome the exceptional children’s author Brandee Bublé   with new book Jayde  the Jaybird again to our World Poetry Café Radio Show, November 12, 1:40 pm. Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon, along with operator Victor Schwartzman were on hand to welcome her.

The book was read to a specially abled person who had been bullied that day and gave her the courage to deal with it. It shows the power of books. Jayde the Jaybird is  beautifully illustrade by Eliska Liska, published by Simply Read Books and is available at most bookstores and would be a great gift.

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Brandee Bublé grew up in Burnaby, BC, one of three children (Crystal and Michael) born to Amber and Lewis Bublé.  Lewis was a salmon fisherman and as a child Brandee spent many a summer on the boat and playing on the commercial fishing docks.  It was a unique childhood.  At a young age Brandee was diagnosed with dyslexia, making reading and math challenging.  She struggled to give correct change at a part time job and more than just a few customers paid less for what they bought or worse, paid more!  It was this experience (amongst others) that led her to get a degree and work as an Educational Assistant for almost a decade.  After marrying and having two children of her own, Brandee left her profession and began to write, a passion that finally culminated in her first book, O’Shae The Octopus, being published in June of 2014.  Brandee, her husband and two children live in Coquitlam, BC, enjoy the company of their close extended family and when they can, spend their time boating in the inlets of British Columbia.

World Poetry Celebrates Ed Woods from Canada!

Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon  were honoured to welcome the poet and pilot Ed Woods to the radio show on CRFO 100.5 FM, Tuesday, November 12th at 1:10 PM. A delightful interview with poems and stories. It was so great to have him on the show again!  CLICK HERE to hear the show.

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Ed Woods was born in Toronto and now lives in Dundas, Ontario, and through attending workshops established writers gave encouragement to expand upon life experiences through poetry. Since then my topics range from the serious to comedic twist and a wide range of observations or insight written from the heart. The most creative times seem to open channels to a wide variety of thoughts that flow onto pages. He is the author of seven books.

Ed writes:” The great actor Rod Steiger once stated “First you must entertain ‘then’ get your point across” and I try to entertain within the lines and then draw the reader into my topic. A favorite topic is about aviation from the pilot’s point of view through the limitless panorama of a wrap-around windshield Thank you to all who read my poems. I recently had poems accepted for the Pan Am Games project and even became listed with Leonard Cohen as representing Canada. The contest is still open under the  title York University Poet Tree.”

Model 2

Native Winds

galloping forward
across badlands
stallion bareback
mane whipped face
whispered snaps
slip past my ears
hooves thunder below
trails of dust

sunlight tans my skin
and fills my eyes
for night time memories
of this playful day

I feel the earth below
and fly like the wind
to catch our horizon

Ed Woods (C)


World Poetry Celebrates Gerardo Avilia from Mexico and Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show  (CFRO, 100.5 FM on October 5, 1-2 PM)  with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and plus certified operator,Victor Schwartzman welcomed the multitalented and amazing storyteller, poet, clown and magician Gerardo Avila to the show for a fascinating hour of poetry and music.Also featured was the  striking voice of Pablo Neruda reading one of his poems, music by  Marimba Nandayapa and the incomparable Pancho and Sal. A letter from  Jennifer Chieh Ho sharing her experiences in taking 2015 Welfare Challenge.

To listen to this great show: CLICK HERE!  To donate and become a member of our show: www. and put in the name of the World Poetry Café so we can stay on the air!

Gerardo dpi 300 bGerardo Avila has been performing professionally since 1974 as a solo clown, mime, magician, and poet. He has a master’s degree in Hispanic and Italian Studies at UBC. Gerardo studied clown and mime in Poland, Mexico and
Canada. He has been Co-director, writer and performer for Snake in the Grass Moving Theatre (recipients of the United Nations Global 500 award) and solo and group performer with the Cirque du Soleil (1984-1987). Gerardo has recently performed in several productions of Karen Flamenco as a comedian and actor. He has participated in major Festivals of the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver and has performed in Mexico and in Europe. He wrote poems for several productions including Uzume Taiko, Snake in the Grass Moving Theatre, Heart of the City Festival, and Flamenco shows with Maria Avila. If you want him to perform or direct an event:




Esperanza, jardín radiante

De arrogantes flores,

Camino hacia una gloria de alegría,

Nido de estrellas luz de la conciencia.

Ni los rayos imitan tu potencia

Ni ciclones, ni truenos, ni centellas, podrán sentirse dueños de la vida.

Viniste con el hombre, viviste y conviviste,

Te amaron, te rezaron, te otorgaron su fe

Mas otros te olvidaron,

Hoy la tierra con temblores te saluda

Y el cielo con la lluvia te renueva.

Esperanza, luz de ciegos, luz de hombres,

No me dejes desfallecer ante la vida y

Canta, canta al aire

Porque tú habitas.

Y al tratar de conducir toda existencia,

Luz para los ciegos, ¡Déjame vivir!