World Poetry Proudly Presents the Life Celebration of Marie Joseph!

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 World Poetry is excited to present the Life Celebration of Marie Joseph, beloved mother of Chief Rhonda Larrabee and her brother Robbie Bandura. A journey into the history of the Qayqayt Nation and her own personal experience, this will be an event to remember forever.

Marie and Rhonda - 1947








Marie Joseph and Rhonda Larrabee. Photo courtesy of Chief Rhonda Larrabee.

World Poetry Night Out and  Chief Rhonda Larrabee is honoured to invite you to this special and meaningful event. A special Invitation  to the Life Celebration of Marie Joseph, beloved mother of Chief Rhonda Larrabee.

June 25, 6:30-8:30 pm. Our Honoured Partner: New Westminster Public Library, 716 6th Avenue, New Westminster.

Hosts: Chief Rhonda Larrabee and  Robbie Bandura. Feature: New Westminster Poet Laureate Candice James Tony Antonias. Honour song. Music, stories and more! Open mike, poems to or about Marie Joseph or her family. Raffle, refreshments. Free All welcome.

Ariadne Sawyer: 604-526-4729…2778-4a3b-a044-f1d2dc0e8

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World Poetry Presents Dr. Samay Hamed From Afghanistan!

 Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry is honoured to welcome Dr. Samay Hamed who will be receiving a World Poetry Empowered Poet Award at the Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival in October and will be launching a collection of his poems.

Dr. Hamed

“Dr.Samay Hamed Date of birth: 11-06-1969 Education: Medial doctor (Balkh medical college) Books: 31 published books (poetry, political, social and cultural analysis, literary interviews) Current job: General advisor of TOLO TV, Lemar TV and Radio Arman FM( Kabura production) , owner of SH Media group . Music composer and writer of 3 music albums for children ( Alocha, a fresh tale, Morwari ), composer and lyricist of Sesame Street songs for TOLO TV. Composer and lyricist of Tererari, Lover is Awake music albums and plenty of Afghan songs for afghan singers. Awards: International free press award 2003, CPJ, New York Tocholsky prize 2010 Swedan, Sedish PEN Ferdawsi poetry first prize Naserkhosraw poetry first prize”

Love is hot

Love is coming without permission
Like the silken bubble of a fresh idea
That turns into the butterfly of a new poem

I know it, my friend, I know it

Look! Hurry up
Someone is drowning in blood

The weather is nice
For a walk and a talk in the felicitous forest of dreams
Or for sitting on a wooden bench under an umbrella of singing birds
Watching a snail cross the cycle track

I know it, my friend, I know

Doesn’t this snail resemble a woman running under a bombed bridge
with her house on her back?
Watch! Hurry up!

News is as hot as love these days.

 Dr. Samay Hamed  (C)

 Director Alaha Ahrar writes:

“In order to truly appreciate the value and talent that people from other countries possess, it is important to understand where they have gone and what they have lived through.

Today, I want to introduce Dr. Samay Hamed from Afghanistan to World Poetry, Canada International .

Dr. Samay Hamed was born in 11-06-1969. He grew up in Balkh, Afghanistan. Since a child, Dr. Hamed strongly believed in social reform and helping other human beings; therefore, he chose to become a medical doctor. However, he has been guided by his heart, mind and soul to be an activist, poet and writer.

The emotions, urges and cries of his heart emerged and did not allow him to keep silent any longer.  He did not silence them but, instead, welcomed them.

When his mind, heart and soul spoke to him; he listened, wrote them down and shared them with all. As a result, Dr. Hamad is now one of the most influential and famous contemporary poets and writers of Afghanistan. He has written 31 books on different topics such as poetry, politics, literary reviews and social and cultural analysis.

With respect to Afghans values and customary norms, he is making crucial contributions in making Afghanistan more liberal.  Therefore, he is well-known throughout the country as an advocate for peace.

Currently, he works as a General Advisor for TOLO TV, Lemar TV and Radio Arman FM (Kabura Producation). Furthermore, he is the owner of SH Media group Music, composer and writer of three music albums for children called Alocha, a fresh tale and morwari. Dr. Hamed is also the composer and lyricist of Sesame Street songs for TOLO TV, the composer of lyricist of Tererari, Lover is Awake music albums and plenty of Afghan songs for Afghan singers.

Dr. Hamed is a recognized and well-known award winning poet and writer. He has won many awards such as, the International Free Press Award 2003, CPJ, New York Tocholsky prize 2010, Swedan Sedish PEN Ferdawsi poetry first prize, Naser khosraw poetry first prize.

His efforts strongly supporting Afghan women of all ages in Afghanistan resonates with me. Therefore, I call Dr. Hamed a Social Media Reformist and Peace Builder.  Dr. Samay Hamed truly is a human rights activist, poet and role model for all!

By Alaha Ahrar , World Poetry Director and Youth Ambassador. ©

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Brandee Bublé From Canada!


Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota were honoured to welcome the children’s author and educator Brandee Bublé to the studio. A fascinating show about the need for family and community support and love for special needs children and others who need to focus on their strengths and cope with challenges. Brandee spoke about her brother Michael Bublé and how much his support and caring meant to her in her life. She also answered a question from a big brother in Nigeria who wanted to know how to help his little brother. Also  on the show, a poem Dreamers  by Francisco X Alarcon read in English and Spanish from the new book dedicated to the World Poetry Poetathon, The  Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Unisersal Peace created by Managing Editor Mutiu Olawuyi  and music by Susan Lucas and Duane Prosk.  To hear this fascinating show, CLICK HERE!

World Poetry would like to thank the wonderful  publist Sarah Miniaci from / SMITH Publicity, Inc. for her help and the following source material.







World Poetry is so pleased   to promote the release of Brandee Bublé’s debut children’s book – O’Shae The Octopus – which features a foreword from her superstar brother Michael and will be hitting bookstores across Canada on June 1st via critically acclaimed B.C. based children’s book publisher, Simply Read Books.

“Born and raised by “the most supportive, loving parents ever” alongside her big brother Michael and little sister Crystal in Burnaby, B.C., Brandee has always been passionate  about two things above all else: the ocean and family.


Having spent countless childhood summers aboard her father’s boat, Brandee’s imagination would run wild about the creatures of the Pacific. In spring 2014, her passions culminate with the release of O’Shae The Octopus – her debut children’s book that puts the spotlight on the enduring lessons and power of inclusivity, acceptance and love in a vibrant underwater setting.

Brandee Bublé grew up in Burnaby, BC, with her big brother Michael and little sister Crystal. The daughter of a fisherman, as a child Brandee spent many summers aboard her father’s boat, where she had plenty of time to let her imagination run wild about all the creatures that surrounded her. Brandee taught children with special needs for eight great years, where she discovered that she loved writing fun stories to keep her students engaged, often communicating with them through rhyme. Married to her high school sweetheart, Brandee is a stay-at-home mom to her two awesome kids, O’Shae and Jayde. She is crazy about her family, absolutely loves the ocean, and can be found most sunny days on her boat with her family and friends. O’Shae The Octopus is the first book in her One Of A Kind Books series.

A former special needs educator (who taught herself how to read and write braille!), today Brandee is a proud Vancouverite, stay-at-home mom of two and happy wife of her high school sweetheart. While her life has largely been charmed, it’s not been without struggles: diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, last year she saw her 9-year-old daughter diagnosed with the same. Her resolve to help others “stand tall and never be ashamed of the things that make them different” – and joy for storytelling as a way to communicate with kids – has only grown stronger.

“Whether it’s special needs or a learning disability, the color of our hair or the way we talk, we are all self-conscious about something and there will always be bullies,” says Brandee. “But that doesn’t mean you don’t belong. I wrote O’Shae The Octopus as a reminder to believe in yourself, embrace your differences, see how they can make you shine, and as proof to my children and myself that a ‘label’ shouldn’t stop you from reaching for the stars!”

Vivacious, thoughtful and infectiously warm-hearted, Brandee has select availability for feature interviews around the June 2014 release of O’Shae The Octopus to talk about:

What she’s learned from her big brother – pop music superstar Michael Bublé (who wrote the introduction to O’Shae!) – about ignoring the “haters,” doing your own thing, and taking pride in whatever it is you’re passionate about

The incredible lessons she’s learned from working with special needs students and being a stay-at-home mom: why empowering children to embrace their differences can produce extraordinary results

Her experience as a young woman diagnosed with – and now a parent dealing with – dyslexia, and how to not let whatever it is you’re insecure about define you or your dreams

Finding the silver lining: how our differences are gifts in disguise

Using her platform as a children’s book author to help parents and educators better understand the impact of bullying, and to foster strong support systems

O’Shae The Octopus is available for pre-order via Amazon, and will hit bookstore shelves around the world in June 2014.

Find Brandee on TwitterInstagram and at

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Anviksha Srivastava from India/USA!

photo 2Ariadne’s notes: World Poetry hosts welcomed the talented young poetess Anviksha Srivastava to the radio show. Despite technical difficulties on the radio show, she was able to share some of her poems and showed great presence of mind during the problems. We are looking forward to having her again when the technical issues are cleared up.  A portion of the show worked and here is the link:

Anviksha Srivastava 
12 years old. India/USA
Award: Bal pratibha samman (India) , prize in Rakshak foundation patriotic poetry competition   (USA)  Poems published:    Creative Writing, American Poetry magazines, Ardmore library  magazine(Oklahoma )world poetry reading Series,and some magazines in India.
Hobbies :  Reading , Dancing , Designing dresses and Singing.      

photo 1







Oh Fraser River

Oh Fraser River

you grow

from a

simple source

carrying the

flow of life,

your banks

are the


of joy,

near your


happiness takes


in your

long hair

of blue

you give

shelter to


you are

the mirror

to every

towns success

and after

you give

so much

oh Fraser River

you disappear

into the arms

of the

Pacific Ocean

Anviksha Srivastava (C)

* This poem has been chosen to be included in an upcoming display and book on the Fraser River in the fall. Aniviksha was not able to read on the radio last night due to technical issues. She will be back for another interview soon and then we can hear it!








Poor Provincial Town

In this poor provincial town

Where the sun’s never down

In this poor provincial town

where the sky is always blue

and very lovely too

In this poor provincial town

the grass is so very green

along with being serene

in this poor provincial town

where you’ll always get you’re way

and the weather never sways

in this poor provincial town

under all the beauty

lay the beast

lay the beast

his heart was broken in two

carrying all the pain hiding from the rain

in this poor provincial town

where dreams come true

why was the beast’s dream

broken in two? broken in two?

Anviksha Srivastava (C)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Melanie Simms, Pennsylvania Poet Laureate!


Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the lovely poet Melanie Simms to our first show in the new radio station. An exciting show full of poetic gems, fun and laughter. She was reading from her new  hardcover book: Remember the Sun which will be available in the fall of 2014. Sadly, the archive link is not available at this time.

Melanie Simms, former Perry County Poet Laureate is an award winning Commonwealth poet with over 200 publications of poetry to her credit in magazines, newspapers, magazines and literary journals. Many of her poems are poems of place reflecting the life and people of her home state of Pennsylvania. She has been a featured radio and television guest on multiple shows nationally and internationally. Ms. Simms is the recipient of such awards as a Sophie Award, a Pushchart Prize nomination. a Vermont Writers Studio Scholarship and a Richard Savage Award nomination from Bloomsburg University. Her most recent book release, slated for Fall 2014 release by Sunbury Press in Mechanicsburg is titled Remember the Sun: Poems of Nature and Inspiration. For more information and links to Melanie’s publications, awards, and radio/tv appearances visit her website at


:my book cover

Poem from her upcoming book:

“Ever newer waters flow on those who step into the same waters”


Love needs no language,

Not here,

Along the Susquehanna, watching as she twists and bends

Returning to mouths,

Where sunlight and lovers meet.

Not here,

Where the silver maple and black cherry sway patiently,

Amidst the romantic odes of the meadowlark,

Or the ecstasy of the osprey,

As they dive and reemerge,

Fed by the river.

Not here,

Where the haunting tales of lush mountains

record through the ages,

Those first seedlings of love.

Here, along the river, she reveals us to one another,

As we confess our love, baptized between her gentle waves.

How has she found us?

Here along the Susquehanna, reflecting in our gaze,

the memories of our ancient love’s return.

Melanie Simms (C)

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