World Poetry Proudly Presents Bernice Lever From Canada!

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill with techs, Israel Mota and Rob welcomed Bernice Lever to the show. Due to an address mix up, Mahe Jabeen Baig, was not able to join us  but will be with us  on the radio show on October 28th with Sherry Duggal. Both  Bernice Lever and Mahe Jabeen Baig, will be speaking at The Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival Gala, October 19th.

We have around 100 people waiting to go on the radio show and will now begin having two guests per show. Please be patient with us. To hear the incomparable Bernice:


Bernice red jacket 500px

Bernice Lever ,born in Smithers, BC, was a founder of WAVES, literary magazine from 1972-1987 and has published thirteen books of poetry, (Red Letter Day, Black Moss, 2014),  a teaching CD: The Colour of Words, and much short prose. Her patience with committees has involved her in the Canadian Authors Association, League of Canadian Poets, Federation of BC Writers and other local writer groups. She has read poems, (some were prize winners), across Canada, USA  and on 4 other continents. She has won four Lifetime Achievement awards, including CAA’s Sangster Award and the World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award.

As Writer-in-Residence for Canadian Authors Association – Vancouver, she continues in editing and marketing manuscripts for others which she began doing at Dundurn Press, Toronto. 1980’s.

Retired from Seneca College’s English Department, Toronto, she now gives writing workshops across Canada, when she is not writing poetry or watching the deer walk by the seashore on Bowen Island, BC.   Bernice Lever gets ‘high’ on words.

New Book:
 RED LETTER DAY – poetry, Black Moss Press,  Check.
Editor & co-publisher of WAVES, Fine Canadian Writing, from 1972-1987
She has published over 200 prose pieces: mainly non-fiction reviews, articles, interviews and columns as well as a few fiction pieces in many anthologies, magazines, journals and newspapers.

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World Poetry Award Winner Carla Shafer from USA!


Carla Shafer - poet

World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival is proud to announce that the poet Carla Shafer will be  receiving a World Poetry Empowered Poet Award on October 19th at 1:30 pm at room 7000, SFU downtown. *Reservations only. For more information: 604-526-4729 or

Carla Shafer is the author of several chapbooks: Rain Song, Lessons in Beekeeping, Voice Lessons, and Spice Market. Poems have appeared in various publications, such as, Labyrinth, Whatcom Places II and Crosscurrents. She is the founder of Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater and an originating collaborator with the Bellingham Repertory Dance Company of Phrasings: In Word and Dance, which is an annual event combining poetry and modern dance. She lives in Bellingham, WA. Find her on Facebook, chucknutsandstone. and e-mail:
Cover Remembering the Path


Two ways to be a Pacifist  

If you lie down at the tideline
let the surf fall over you
pull you with debris and sand
into the sea – then push and
roll your limp body back onto
the beach—you will be picked at
by seagulls and sand fleas – while
the moon pulls and pushes earth’s
water in continual motion
of fullness and withering.

Or imagine yourself as a leaf to ride passage
in a river. Idly you watch as it grinds away
at the bank carving a bend. At the right
moment you push your legs out
against the moss and stone border
reduce the hazard of coming to harm.
You turn with the current into deeper waters
where a pool widens and traveling slows—
while you think your way downstream,
plan how to stay afloat, resist being pulled
under a log or high-ended on a sandbar—
you have taken the river—made it your own.

Carla Shafer

Bellingham, WA (C)

Celebrate The 4th World Poetry Festival Facebook

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World Poetry Award Winner Janet Kvammen from Canada!



World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival is proud to announce that  poet, artist and host Janet Kvammen will be  receiving a World Poetry Empowered Poet Award on October 19th at 1:30 pm at room 7000, SFU downtown. *Reservations only. For more information: 604-526-4729 or

Also Janet’s work is featured in two World Poetry Displays, one at the Britannia Public Library and at Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC.

Janet Kvammen is a photographer, artist and book cover designer among other things; she is a poet of many passions who writes about her love of nature and the nature of love. Thinking she would never be published she has somehow ended up in multiple anthologies and hopes to get her own book out someday. The recipient of a Writer’s International Network 2012 Distinguished Poet and Artist Award, Janet has been a featured poet and host at various literary events including “Poetic Justice”, “Poetry in the Park”, “World Poetry” and more.  A Director of the Royal City Literary Arts Society, she is also the editor/designer of their E-zine, Wordplay at work.

      She thrives on creativity! It is good for the soul!


some kind of eden_Janet_Kvammen_Poetograph

Contact Janet

Visit her PlanetJanet Creations Facebook page

Celebrate The 4th World Poetry Festival Facebook

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World Poetry Award Winner Elaine Woo from Canada!


Elaine Woo 004

World Poetry is proud to announce that  poet and host Elaine Woo will be  receiving a World Poetry Empowered Poet Award on October 19th at 1:40 pm at room 7000, SFU downtown. Reservations only. For more information: 604-526-4729 or

Elaine Woo is the author of the poetry collection Cycling with the Dragon (Nightwood Editions).  She is the proud recipient of a 2014 World Poetry Empowered Poet award.  Elaine contributed to Shy: An Anthology which won an IPPY (Independent Book Publisher’s) silver medal in 2014.  Her art song collaboration, “Night-time Symphony”, with Daniel Marshall won a Boston Metro Opera festival prize in 2013.  She contributed to V6A: Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside which was a finalist for the City of Vancouver’s Book Award in 2012.  Her work is in carte blanche, Arc Poetry Magazine, The Enpipe Line, Megaphone Magazine, Ricepaper, West Coast Line, and many international publications.


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World Poetry Proudly Presents Ms. Mahe Jabeen Baig From India!

Ariadne’s Notes! We had the honour and the privilege to meet Mahe Jabeen Baig today. She has just come in from India to help with and attend the Fourth World Poetry Peace Festival, October 1-27th!  Mahe will be speaking at the Opening Gala, October 19th.


Ms. Mahe Jabeen Baig
Poet From Hyderabad City
South India

Feminist Sociologist, Human Rights Advocate and Telugu poet. Trained Attorney in Law. Prolife and peace activist, believe in Cultural pluralism and Gandhi’s Ahimsa the non-violence. Associated with National Women’s movements; working for deepening democracy and Minority rights in India. Voicing for gender justice, domestic violence, water and environment issues. Providing legal support to women in distress, NRI marriages harassment cases, Trauma care and outreach services. Received RAJIV GANDHI NATIONAL AWARD and STREE SHAKTI PURASKAR from the Government of India, and awards from Telugu University, AP State Language Commission, Department of Culture. Received DAAD International fellowship to study at Hanover, Germany. Visited USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. Participated in United Nations Women’s conference. Promoting peace and communal harmony. Published poetry anthology ‘aaku raalu kaalam’ (autumn), now working on other books. Poetry included in various anthologies published by the Oxford University Press, Wisconsin University Press and Indian Literature.

Peace poetry  “oka amavasya ratri ”
 A dark night.

My terrorist friend!
I need speak to your bomb fixing hands
speak to your thoughts of destructive designs

have you ever been to Lumbini Park
it would have been good
you once roamed all over the park
before placing the explosives

there suddenly the flower bushes quiver
look close, one can see lovers lost in embrace
you know how nice love will be?
Have you ever heard the Hatch Album?
‘You and I in this beautiful world’

I just go there to see lovebirds
relaxing in each other’s laps
dreaming and conversing in low tones
A common sight in the park…

My terrorist friend!
have you ever loved?
slept like that in any girl’s lap?
have you seen the children playing around?

you know how beautiful the children are?
have you ever taken a child into your arms?
Any idea how warm would be that touch?

You fool!
will any one destroy the park?
plant bombs in children’s playgrounds?

It would have been better
if you had a mother, a unmarried sister
a daughter entering her teens!
you would have realized the value of life

My terrorist friend!
violence is not beautiful
make it non violence
go to places with it
the borders of countries open up for you

My terrorist friend!
I feel sorry to call you again and again a terrorist
It would have been better
If this word never existed
I am looking forward for a day
When this word would wither away

(During the bomb blast incident at Hyderabad. To condemn violence and promote peace)

 Mahe  Jabeen Baig poet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hyderabad ,   India                                                                                                                                                                          


WORD, Vancouver Poetry Bus.

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