World Poetry Proudly Presents Elaine Woo from Canada!

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Ariadne’s note: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with host Israel Mota and guest host Wanda John- Kehewin  welcomed the talented and thought provoking Elaine Woo to the this special show. Music by Rene Hugo Sanchez and Mary Youngblood. To listen to this amazing show, CLICK HERE!

“Elaine Woo is a poet, librettist, non-fiction writer, and children’s writer.  She frequently writes about being small in a world of big forces in her work on breaking racial and gender stereotypes, political philosophy, and the environment.  Her work appears in Arc Poetry Magazine, Shy:  An Anthology, V6A:  Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (this anthology was a finalist for the City of Vancouver Book Award, 2012), The Enpipe Line, Earthwalk,   Ricepaper’s Double Issue on Aboriginal and Asian-Canadian Writers, West Coast Line, Ascent Aspirations, one cool word, All Rights Reserved Literary Association, Asian Cha, Poetry Pacific, Megaphone Magazine, and Room Plus Board.  She has collaborated with composers Daniel Marshall, Adam Hill, and Rylan Leo Helmuth.  Her collaboration Night-time Symphony with music by Daniel Marshall won a Boston Metro Opera Festival Prize in 2013.

My website is at:

My blog :

My poem:

Difference United

by Elaine Woo

lying before me    waterfall froth        dark ripples

a white sailboat          and navy blue fishing boat

marina     mass of toothpick  masts

`                                               cottages    concrete box houses nestled

on elbow of shore     

                                         cat’s eyes of lights

                                           on the pier    

                  blinking into the settling dusk on the hem

                                 of the deciduous-skirted mountain

steady drizzle toe-tapping on my porch

a display of the distinct and differing

heritage of nature and human-kind

       by the rocky shore     an exhale of awe

mist rising to meet goddess clouds

the sky dappled in smoky hues


a motorboat’s wake follows

its owner’s path to the pier

rain dancing on 

 Elaine Woo (C)


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World Poetry Proudly Presents Mutiu Olawuyi from The Gambia!

Ariadne’s Notes:

CLICK HERE  for the show! The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota proudly welcomed the award winning poet and author Mutiu Olawuyi  for an exciting show of poetry, news on the World Poetry Peace Poetathon as it had a wonderful venue in Gambia promoting peace for the world. Thanks to Mutiu and all the participants for making the program such a success!

As Israel said, Mutui is a world treasure. Also, featured was the incomparable Corazon Wong Canda, author of  her lovely e-poem Peace is.

Music by our friends, Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze , Amankke Dionti.  Background music by Yo -Yo Mah on the cello playing Bach’s unaccompanied Cello Suites.


Mutiu Olawuyi, Head of Department of English – West African International School Gambia, is a Gambian-based Nigerian poet, critic and literary activist. He is an international award-winning poet – 2012 International Who’s Who in Poetry Awardee, USA; 2013 World Poetry Empowered Poet Awardee,Canada, Honorary Professor – International Art Academy, Volos, Greece, and 2014 Marqui’s Who’s Who in the World Listee, USA. He has authored four books of poetry (i.e. American Literary Legends and Other Poems [2010], Thoughts from the Jungle [2012], 9/11 Poetry [2012], and The Journey to the Archangels [2013]) and has edited numerous international anthologies, journals and magazines. He invented a new form of poetry in 2012 called 9eleven – a poem of 9 lines written with 11 syllables. Mutiu also has some of his poems, short stories and research papers published  in online and offline journals and magazines in India, Ireland, England, Canada, Greece, Nigeria and USA. Some of Mutiu’s works have been translated to Yoruba, Arabic, French, Esperantos, Malayalam, Telugu and Hungarian. Go to for more information about him.

A short lyrical poem:


Under the tree, Iroko……

There we display our games. We are happy; We are healthy…

Under the tree, Iroko….



I’ve toured the orb; Glanced through the top;
Throated the mixed drop
Smelt downs and ups –

I’ve turned the wit;
Crossed the coarse bridge
With no food lived
Trees fanned no breeze…

I toiled for days
To get my hay
Low gains high pains
Dry warred my rains…

All these for peace
All these for ease
All these for kiss
Though these I miss…

The earth we breeze
Has wished for this…

Mutiu Olawuyi ©



World Poetry Certificates at the World Poetry Poetathon in The Gambia. Photo courtesy of Mutiu Olawuyi

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Steve Duncan From Canada!

The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts  Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota proudly welcomed S.R. Duncan, poet, community arts builder, publisher and organizer.

World Poetry Canada International, World Poetry New Westminster and World Poetry Vancouver would like to thank Steve for his ongoing mentorship and support started so many years ago. He is truly a hero! Also, great thanks to Israel who translates into Spanish a poem by the featured poet each week.

Music by featured musician Anthony Blackman, Steel Pan player, Terry Warbey and Rene Hugo Sanchez. More photos later as soon as I can figure out how to upload them.




S.R. Duncan is a producer, publicist, free-lance writer, and poet.  He was long-time owner of Pink Flamingo Works, a graphic design and small press publishing house in operation for 12 years and specializing in literary chapbooks and promotional material for limited budgets. 

Duncan’s broadcast career began In 1980. While still in high school, he wrote, directed and performed sketch comedy routines for “Community Fries” a Friday night event on Shaw TV’s Community Access station in the City of Duncan on Vancouver Island.

His broadcasting credits include CKNW, CITR, Rogers Cable 4, CJSF and CO-OP radio, where he produced a weekly half hour radio show called “WAX POETIC” for 12 years.

On top of numerous publishing credits, he has performed live on stages as far-flung and diverse as Squamish, Victoria, Seattle, Auburn and Portland. 

He has sat on the boards of Vancouver Poetry House, and East Vancouver’s Notorious Theatre in the Raw.  He was the president of  the Celtic Fest Vancouver Society and the Edgewise Electrolit Centre – a non-profit society with a mandate was to exploit communications technology in order to widen the audience of Canadian poetry.

His executive production credentials include the Downtown Eastside Fearless Festival, The Poets Corner at Word on the Street and Spoken Word Coordinator for CelticFest Vancouver.

In 2003, via the internet, Duncan collaborated with musician Massimo Mariani, from Milan Italy, to produce a CD and launch the work as part of the Vancouver New Music Festival – with Mariani in attendance. Drawing from both his extensive work experience as a healthcare administrator and his formal training in Arts and Entertainment Management from Capilano University, then combining these with his innate love for all things creative, positive and progressive, Duncan has blazed a unique trail for himself as a Vancouver Arts community builder and a mentor to dozens of artists and small non-profits, specializing in literary-based entertainers, theatre companies and festivals. Recently he helped develop a half-hour TV talk show for Shaw Cable called “Via Mia”. 

Science fiction icon, Ray Bradbury calls his work, “fine poetry.

Sometimes There Is a Wind

a very old breath of wind
pushes its way across the water
from the East,
slips through windows I believed safe to leave open;
through the front door
I leave regularly unlocked.

It is a chilling wind
that takes me by an icy hand
like a good friend with bad news
or a beautiful dream with dark edges..

This wind is heavy
with the smell of burning candle
and printer’s ink.

It is the mouldering breath of
old book and ancient traditions
the smell of gas
and decay
and brimstone
and boot leather,
and fear.

I’d figured its sound was that of leaves
and nothing more.
But i wasn’t listening.

The leaves are only borrowed tongues
from all the kindled spirits
of the children and the old and young men and women,
of all my relations…

This wind carries music -
endlessly sad,
straining against time itself
the pluck and scrape of heartstrings
bent and plied into minor chords

It has blown through the cord-wood stacks of bodies;
through fluted rib of cage
and castanet of teeth.

And there once was an old woman
who tried to take up a chorus with this wind
a lament for everything she had lost?

A petition to remember all the songs and those who sang them?
Or maybe just a fleeting, careless moment
a rare stretch of thought unshackled from hurt
when the words and notes return unexpectedly.

But her old husband stopped her,
and forbade her to sing them,
Was he afraid of this wind
and the empty houses it wound through?

Afraid that dark time might heave up again
brought on by her lilting incantations,

his time
Destiny not missing him with its sickle.
Or was he still trying to wash the blood off his own hands.
God gave her a song
that men dared not let her sing.

This wind enters my bedroom,
crawls slowly over me,
gently tugs at my lashes
and softy scratches at my eyelids,
tickles my sleeping ear,

washes through memory and dream
until both are muddy.
It settles between my lover and I
like a hard lump growing in a tender place
inside us.

and we wish we could just forget”
and that that would be enough to make it disappear.
But the wind carries rumours
of knowledge and beauty being transmuted
into ash and greasy black smoke.

And i know that I rewrite history every day
with my brush and pen.
And that the permanence of canvas and paper
is the biggest lie I’ve lead myself on with.

I know that all the bold colour
and bright sound I can make
will eventually lie impotent
and this wind will fill
the empty spaces again.

© 2010 Steven R. Duncan

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Benjamin Tetteh Oku from Ghana !

Ariadne’s notes: World Poetry Canada International is proud to present a talented poet who has been waiting for a long time to go on the www.worldpoetry site. We are glad to feature him here!

photo (2)








From a humble begining of a little boy who was both forced and encouraged to read, write and recite childhood poems and rhymes; Benjamin Tetteh Oku has grown into a compelling author poet and business
executive, who comes to the table with must-read books, analysis, summaries, poems and profit-worthy ideas

Benjamin went to high school education at Swedru
Secondary School and St.John’s Grammar school respectively. He then proceeded to the premiere Laboratory Technicians Institute. He has also trained at the Ghana School of Marketing where he cut his marketing and business teeth.

As a committed Christian of the Anglo Catholic faith, he loves to sing with the choir.

He loves to read and analyse works of other people, as well as write his own.


Benjamin has had countless opportunities to perform on different platforms including the National Center For Arts and Culture,Alliance Français, the British Council and many others.All in Ghana.His works and exploits have also attracted like minded talents to collaborate and perform with him beyond the borders of his homeland GHANA.

He is a member of World Poetry Canada International and the Philippines respectively and has won an Inspiration Poet Award in the year 2013 in

He is the chief executive officer of Albaleen Enterprise, a fast growing business statement in GHANA And He is single…


May my coming generation
be told
True lights
Are better than shadows
when offences made me sad,

tempered with justice made
me glad

O may they be told
War falls with their morning

And peace reside on their lips
as morning psalm

O may they be told
grievance ne’er attuned my

O’er all,

My best part
O may they be told
In my home


Even in my perfect praise
O may they be told

In absolution from past days

With purity and inward peace
in haste

O may they be told
Their generations to raise
Honour this word ‘peace’

For the shades of the night
has fallen

Fallen in the fiery beams of
the burning flames

Fallen down the suns
declining rays.

So walk ye all

In the morning light and

Even in unity of primal might
With a peace song

while I’m gone
May they be told

believed in peace
And to them

So I

Benjamin Oku (C)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Author Ruth Kozak from Canada!







The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota were honoured to host an exceptional, facinating show with empowered Ruth Kozak the author of the up coming historical novel Shadow of the Lion.

Also in this fascinating program was an e-poem be World Poetry Director Saleh Mazumder,  “Martyr’s Night” in honour of Mother Language Day, beautiful ancient Greek music and Bach background music by YoYo Mah on the cello. To check it out, LISTEN HERE!

A SHADOW OF THE LION – W. Ruth Kozak’s forthcoming debut historical novel, SHADOW OF THE LION, is due out this SUMMER 2014 and MEDIAARIA CDM are very pleased to announce that this epic work will be released in two parts. To read the Press Release and learn more, visit:

A message from Ruth’s publisher:


With the fan base of Alexander the Great themed historical book, SHADOW OF THE LION, counting among its numbers the Consul General of Greece in Vancouver, Ilias Kremmydas, best selling author Steven Pressfield (‘The Legend of Bagger Vance’ and ‘Gates of Fire’) and fellow historical novelists, Scott Oden (‘Men of Bronze’) and John Dempsey (‘Ariadne’s Brother’), all eager to read the work by W. Ruth Kozak, MEDIAARIA CDM are pleased to announced that SHADOW OF THE LION is timetabled to be published in two parts.

Extensively researched in Greece with the support of Classical scholars, the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Society of Macedonian Studies (Thessaloniki), the Finnish Institute in Athens, the Norwegian Institute of Athens and with research undertaken in the Gennadius Library and the British Library, SHADOW OF THE LION will comprise of Book I, titled ‘Blood on the Moon’ and Book II, titled ‘The Fields of Hades’. Mutually agreed by both the author and publisher, it was felt that both these titles possess the quality of conveying (in the words of W. Ruth Kozak) “strong foreshadowing that will draw people into the story.”

Set in the aftermath of the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, and against the backdrop of political intrigue, ruthless ambition, racial prejudice, child abuse and exploitation, SHADOW OF THE LION follows the journey of the newly appointed joint-kings, Alexander’s half-brother Philip Arridaios and his infant son, Iskander (Alexander IV) through Asia Minor to Macedon, until the year 310 BC when tragedy marks the end of Alexander’s dynasty.

To be a part of this literary event and join the ‘Shadow of the Lion’ open social network group on Facebook, click here.

To keep updated with posts from W. Ruth Kozak via the dedicated ‘Shadow of the Lion’ blog, click here.

To read more about the creation of this thrilling novel in a recent interview with the author given to FTP Magazine (the free online magazine from MEDIAARIA CDM) click here.

SHADOW OF THE LION is the first historical novel by W. Ruth Kozak to be published by MediaAria CDM. Book I ‘Blood on the Moon’ is due for release Summer 2014 and Book II ‘Fields of Hades’ in 2016.

Bio :RUTH KOZAK is a historical fiction writer, sometimes poet and travel journalist with a strong interest in history and archaeology. A frequent traveler she has lived several years in Greece and visits there regularly. She edits and publishes a travel e-zine TRAVEL THRU HISTORY  Her historical fiction novel, “Shadow of the Lion” about the fall of Alexander the Great’s dynasty, will be published in UK in 2014 by Media Aria- CDM Publishers. .  Read here author’s profile here:   and on the blog site for SHADOW OF THE LION:


Blogs:  (writer’s blog)

        (travel blog)

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