World Poetry Celebrates Canto America with Michael Spiro!

Ariadne’s Notes: An exciting and wonderful show on April 7th, 2016 ,welcomed Michael Spiro talking about their new CD Canto America  with a perfect mix of Latin American Jazz, Afro-Cuban music and North American jazz with as host and producer Ariadne Sawyer, Jazz co-host Neall Ryon and sound engineer Victor Schwartzman  on CFRO 100.5 FM  Featured e-poem by Monsif Beroual

To hear this special show:

Michael_Spiro_(l)_Wayne_Wallace_photo_by_Rafael Porto

Michael Spiro has performed on each of those nominated albums – a mere fraction of the literally hundreds of wide-ranging albums on which he has worked, which include GRAMMY-nominated albums by John Santos, pianist Mark Levine, and vocalist Karrin Allyson. (He has also performed with Ella Fitzgerald, Carlos Santana, and McCoy Tyner.) Internationally recognized for his expertise and his exploration of African and Latin rhythms, he has authored three books on Afro-Caribbean percussion. The first album under his own name, BataKetu (with Mark Lamson), released in 1996, was named by DRUM! Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Drum Records” of all time.

Wallace and Spiro met more than 30 years ago in San Francisco, forging a personal and professional relationship tempered by their shared interest in the music of Cuba. In 2008, Spiro joined the faculty of the Jacobs School of Music at IU, and under his direction the percussion department grew from its emphasis on orchestral work to include the world’s rhythms. He soon began leading a Latin Jazz big band at the school, which used many of Wallace’s acclaimed arrangements, which led to a guest appearance with the band — and eventually to the school hiring Wallace as a professor in 2013.Wayne Wallace:In his four-decade career, San Francisco native Wayne Wallace has collaborated with artists ranging from Count Basie to Stevie Wonder, Sonny Rollins to Carlos Santana, Tito Puente to Lena Horne and Aretha Franklin – as sideman, composer, arranger, and producer. His debut album as a leader, 2000’s Three In One (Spirit Nectar), showcased his writing skills and his encyclopedic knowledge of Afro-Cuban rhythms, the result of years of music-making in the close-knit Bay Area jazz community, where Wallace has played an oversized role. He has earned particular notice for his approach to Latin Jazz, a vision shaped by his work with Latin Jazz percussion giants Pete Escovedo and John Santos, in whose Machete Ensemble he served as music director for more than 20 years. As leader of the Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet, he has received seven GRAMMY nominations to date, most recently for 2015’s Intercambio.

World Poetry Celebrates Jade White, a Rising Star!

Ariadne’s Notes: On March 31st, 2016 the World Poetry Café with host and producer Ariadne Sawyer , co-host Neall Ryon and sound engineer Victor Schwartzman welcome an amazing rising star from LA, 18 year old Jade White in her first radio interview, brought to us by  Osiris Munir and Ankh Entertainment 

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Jade White:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, 18-year-old indie-pop artist, Jade White has grown up with a deep love for music. Always “singing and writing in her head, “White turned to music to overcome significant life challenges, to speak her mind and to articulate her unique energy through her voice.

With a passion for musical theater, White has been acting and singing since she was a child, starring in stage productions in and around Southern California. Yearning to move beyond the stage, White teamed with producers, Tom & Jenn Korbee to craft her debut single, “Someone to Call My Own.”

“Someone to Call My Own” which debuts on August 4th is a reflection of experiences that reveal, in brutal honesty, a desire to connect with others in a much deeper manner. White’s vocals generate an authentic calmness combined with melodic irresistibility, a cross between the vocal styling’s of Hayley Williams and Norah Jones.

Jade will be performing throughout Southern California  over the coming months as she prepares to release her new EP, also titled, “Someone to Call My Own.”



World Poetry Celebrates Bam Dev Sharma From Nepal!

The World Poetry Café Radio Show  with host and producer Ariadne Sawyer, MA and  co-host Neal Ryon celebrated the poet Ban Dev Sharma from Nepal in a fascinating look at his poetry on CFRO 100.5 FM , Thursday,  1-2 pm PST. March 24th, 2016. To hear his fascinating poems CLICK HERE!





Born in 1967 in Nepal, Mr. Bam Dev Sharma  is university teacher  who has been teaching English language and literature  for the last twenty  years in different capacities  as Department Head and University Teacher’s Association  President. He started writing poems  since 1993  and his poems have been published in several national and international journals. He has had residency writing programs  in South Korea  and has taken part in several international forums and has  recited his poems.  He has produced two volumes of poem jointly  with fellow poets. His “The Bunyan And Alder ”  was published in 2007  and his ” Duet of Rivers” is slated to be published in Japan  within months. His poems have appeared on several journals like AMA HASHH, Snow Jewel, Jelly Fish Whispers, Tintota, and  others.   

 Mystical Notes

During freezing January 

Green foliage is numb

Basked by the weltering rays

And flowers Look at the amorphous sky

When plumes fly As sprightly as golden birds

Heckling pensive clouds

Poised with mystery

Beyond the poetic languages.

In the foggy evening

The sky is overcast

And the dry wind asks the leaves:

“Are you up for any fun with me ?”

The leaves make emaciated countenance

and speak in masticated sound

” We are no more for fun.”

In the chilly night

The foliage is clasped by the frozen cold.

And wailing flowers and leaves

Lie crumpled on the ground Under a big block of ice.

There is a subtle hum

And songs resound

Passing through the valley to the hills

Whispering Mystical notes Relished in ecstasy!

Ban Dev Sharm (C)