World Poetry Proudly Presents Kathy Figueroa from Canada!

me 2nd pic under the tree July Dallas photo IMG_0385 (2)Flowertopia front cover



The World Poetry Café Radio Show with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill, joyfully welcomed the poet on tour, Kathy Figueroa in a thought provoking and important interview. Kathy called from Seattle but will be with us on January 10th for Gung Haggis Fat Choy World Poetry, 1-3 pm at the Britannia Public Library. To hear this special show: CLICK HERE!

 Kathy Figueroa is a Canadian poet who resides in the northern part of Hastings County, Ontario, Canada – an area not unlike the Kootenay region of British Columbia where she was born and spent much of her childhood. The rugged beauty of Bancroft, officially known as “Ontario’s Most Talented Town” and the “Mineral Capital of Canada,” as well as the surrounding region, have often inspired her various creative endeavours, which include photography, as well as writing. Described as a “people’s poet,” Kathy enjoys engaging in the time-honoured tradition of submitting her work to the local newspapers and, as of mid2014, her poems have appeared in over eighty issues. Keenly interested in promoting local culture, Kathy has long been involved with different events featuring poetry and, often, music. These include a monthly open mic event, which she both organized and participated in for many years, and a writers’ group for poetry, short story, and theatrical play enthusiasts that has been meeting monthly at the Bancroft Public Library, since late 2012. In 2014, Kathy created and staged “The World Is Wild Literary Festival,” a two day event held in Maynooth, Ontario, at which a wide variety of wildly creative folks, including poets, novelists, playwrights, and songwriters, both local and from out of town, participated. Harkening back to the pioneer era, when the recitation of poetry was popular as entertainment at social events, Kathy enjoys entertaining audiences in the North Hastings area, and frequently gives hour long readings at a seniors’ residence in Bancroft. She has also participated in poetry gatherings further afield, in small towns as well as larger urban centres, such as Peterborough and Toronto, Ontario, and New Westminster, B.C. Kathy’s work has appeared in many different forms. Three collections of her poetry have been published by Brian Wrixon Books, as of 2014. These are: “Paudash Poems,” “Flowertopia,” and “The Cathedral of the Eternal Blue Sky.” Prior to that, Kathy published nine small chapbooks of poetry, as well as one containing her locally staged short play, “Conflicted About The Wolf.” Several regional magazines, as well as over twenty different poetry anthologies, have included her poems. (Along with being a contributor, she was also the North American editor of the Intercontinental Anthology on Universal Peace that was published in India.) On the Internet, Kathy’s work can be read on many poetry blogs and websites originating in numerous countries. In 2014, an art and design course at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, utilized many of her poems to create large, colourful, typographic pictures. “A Realm of Rhyme of the Rural Kind” is an anthology of Bancroft area prose and poetry that Kathy compiled and edited, as well as contributed to. This was published by Brian Wrixon Books in November, 2014. When not engaged in literary pursuits, Kathy likes to spend time working in and photographing her extensive flower gardens, which contain several hundred different varieties of fancy daylilies. This latter endeavour has resulted in many of the photographs accompanying the poems in “Flowertopia.” Along with writing and photography, her favourite pastimes include outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking. For more information: tps://




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World Poetry Presents Tom Higgins from England!


575316_437096606411578_1311196275_n Tom ID

Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry is proud to present Tom Higgins! He has been waiting to be featured for a long time and we want to thank him for his patience. Tom is a valued member of our wonderful World Poetry Canada International closed group on Facebook and regularly presents good poems which are enjoyed by many.

He writes: “My name is Tom Higgins. I am sixty years old and I live in Cumbria in Northwest England. I started to write poetry at the age of fifty five and I found that I had a penchant for writing rhyming verse. I try to write poetry with a point.”


It’s a long, long road
When you’re the only one on it.
It’s a long, long way
To travel all alone.

It’s a long, long road
When there’s no one to walk with.
And it’s a long , long time
To have to travel on your own.

It’s a long, long journey
To your final destination
It’s a long sad life
Without someone there to share.

It’s a long , long face
Without a smile upon it.
It’s a long lonely life
If there’s no one there to care.

Yes it’s a long , long life
Too long to live it lonely.
It’s a long empty life
Without someone’s love to keep.

It’s a long, long life
Without someone there beside you.
All those long , endless nights
All alone and trying to sleep.

So put a smile on your face
As you set off on life’s highway.
Keep a smile on your face
As you travel down the road.

‘Cos with a smile on your face
Friends will always find you,
And you can walk together
And share life’s heavy load.

Tom Higgins 15/06/2013 ©


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World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proudly Presents Selene Bertelsen!

Performing with Hands

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Wanda Kehewin welcomed the talented poet and soon to be author, Selene Bertelsen  to the radio  show.To hear the show or download : CLICK here!.

Selene Bertelsen is a Poet, empowered dancer, director, writer, host and poet and  Ambassador to the Orkney Islands. A woman of many talents. She is also a  specialist on Middle English.

Selene’s first interaction with the creative arts came about around the age of five through finger painting and drawing.  The house was often a mess of colour and paper.  Drawing soon evolved into a love for the written word and for a way of combining the two.  By the age of ten, her grade five teacher told her that she was destined to write a book someday.  By the age of 13, she literally had enough material for a book!  The creative process has simply never stopped.

Selene finds inspiration and solace within nature.  Her creative process is driven by a love for the environment, its animals and people, and a need to interact with them.

         As a BC based, New Westminster poet, she spends much of her time writing and volunteering.  Currently, Selene is one of World Poetry’s official Volunteer Coordinators and a World Poetry Board Director.  As World Poetry Ambassador to The Orkney Isles, she is also a multi-award winning/multi-published poetess (World Poetry Facebook Site -ongoing, Royal City Poet’s Anthology #1-20011, Fraser Anthology  -2014), Middle English “Scald” (bard), Artist, Amateaur dancer/choreographer, and singer 

      In addition, as a First Level Student of Reiki, Selene actively practices this traditional Japanese energy – healing technique to help people naturally manage pain and discomfort.

Urban Trash Poetry

The streets are littered with Homo Sapien Sapiens’ .


Although invisible to the neglectful eye,
It’s obvious to the dirty man on the street,
And to the beasts that ravage the city at night.

This is all we have to give to the lonely and unfortunate?
To the Schizophrenic with long dirty fingernails,
Who talks of Coke bottles?
To the man on the street getting high for warmth,
And to his dog who lies cuddled under a blanket,
His head being pelted with steady rain?
I guess they deserve nothing better.
Nor do the Seagulls and Crows
Who feast on rotten McDonald’s,
The Alley Cats, who root through dumpsters
For expired morsels,
Or the Racoons who scavenge
Through the most offensive remains.

I think the trash on our streets

Should be of “better quality”.
Maybe somebody could drop a heater out their window
So one less Homeless person won’t freeze to death.
Or maybe we could leave only natural waste in the dumpsters
For our friendly Beastly Folk to feed off of.

GNAW”.  That would be too much effort.

Doesn’t it sound pretty?

Don’t you feel good, knowing you’ve
Made an investment?
I don’t.
But what the hell,
My toonie won’t make a difference anyway.

Selene Frances Bertelsen (C)

 December 28th, 2014 By: Selene Frances Bertelsen from her first book, “Look Twice” : Poems and Prose– to be published in 2015.



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World Poetry Proudly Presents Despina Kontaxi from Greece!


Despina kontaxi

Ariadne’s Notes: At long last, we are honoured to present the talented Greek Poetess, Despina Kontaxi. She sent this comprehensive C.V. of her large body of work:

2014    Selected to represent Greece in Persona IIMC’s international Anthology, India

Nominated for Leonardo DaVinci’s Diamond “For inspirational accomplishment”

2013    1st Book Award by ISGWA for the book “Pravi-100 years of freedom”.    2nd Award at the 1st International Poetry Competition OLTEPA for the poem  “Eros-wine-vineyard”.

“Doctor of Arts in Poetry” of the International Art Academy. She is also a honorary Professor and a Fellowship of the International Art Academy.

Honorary Doctorate of Letters by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England.

Honored poetess from Greece in “The World Poets Quarterly” (No. 69), China.

Honored poetess by the Municipality of Paggaion at the Panhellenic Book Festival in collaboration with the Publishers Association of Northern Greece under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Macedonia Thrace.

2012    Honored to talk at Vitrina University, Albania for my poetry, as a  representative of Greek Poetry. Honored to  participate at Struga Poetry    Evenings, FYROM as a representative of Greece.

Awarded by the Mahatma Fule Talent Research Academy with the Mahatma Fule International Award “For her outstanding servises in the field of Poetry”, Nagpur, India.

Honored to present my poetry with the Peripheral Public Theater in the event    “Spring of the poets 2012″ as a play.

Awarded by International Biographical Center as “Woman of the year 2012”

2011    The UN Disarmament Office selects the poem “Hibakusha” for the top 10 in          promoting Disarmament through Poetry.

Award at the Annual International Literature Competition by Keleno Magazine  for the poem “Queen City”.

3 World Awards at the World Poetry Competition Interartia for the poems   “The fall of Trapezounta”, “Cries” and “Heritage”. Book Award by the    International Society of Greek Writers and Artists ISGWA for her book “The  loneliness of the bedwalker”. Award by the ISGWA for the total of my poetry  work.

Book Award “Midnight” by the ISGWA for the book “The purple kiss”.  Honorary Distinction by the Panhellenic Union of  Writers at the 26th Delphi    Poetry Competition.

Honorary guest of Educational and Cultural Club of N. Peramos, Greece to present my poetry.

Award-Metal “Ares” for the poem “You are the light” at the 1st Mediterranean Poetry         Competition. Metal by the United Poets Laureate International “in recognition and appreciation of Excellence in Poetry for World Brotherhood and Peace.

Honorary Diploma at the 22nd World Congress of Poets, Larissa, Greece

2010    The President of the Cypriot Democracy, gives his written congratulations for        the poem “Cyprus- The tortured Island of Afrodite”

The Municipality of Eleftheroupoli, Greece, awards me for my contribution to   poetry and my homeland. 2nd Award of Poetry by the Literature Club for the   poem “I weave”. Award by the Panhellenic Physiotherapy Association for my  offer to Art.

Honorary guest of Giannis Lekopoulos in his music performance “When night falls” to present my poetry.

3 World Awards at the World Poetry Competition Interartia for the poems   “Echo of tragedy”, “Gloven balloon” and “Man was made”.

Honorary Participation at Thess Poetry Slam presenting my poem “I search for you” that took place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Honorary guest at the event “Poetry is an open door”, Athens, Greece. My poems were read by Amy Stylianidi.

Honorary poetess by the Cultural Club of Eleftheroupoli, Greece at a concert by Giannis Ntoumanis.

Honorary guest by the Municipality of Athens at the 2nd International Festival of Street Theater. My poetry was presented by Art’s critic Leontios Petmezas, actor Giorgos Tzortzis and musician and guitar player Giannis Ntoumanis.

2009    Honorary Award by the 1st Panhellenic Poetry Competition in Thassos,     Honorary Award from the Municipality of Hortiaty, Honorary distinction at the   5th European Poetry Festival at Thessaloniki for the poem “The smile escapees” written for those struck by the earthquake at L’ Aquila, Italy. The  poem awarded in Athens becomes a painting in Thessaloniki at the Italian  Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece.

2nd Award at the 9th International Poetry Competition, Germany. The poem  “Black Silhouettes” becomes a painting for “Poetry and Art 2009″.

“Award-Metal of Benefator” for the District of Kavala, Greece for my  contribution in promoting the area where I live through the Art of Poetry.


2013    Second edition of “The purple kiss” Poetry Collection in 5 languages.

2012    “Lost grounds. Unforgotten homelands” Poetic collection in english and greek.       “Pravi 100 years of freedom” Poetic Collection in english and greek. Music  composed by Michalis Kzounias. The Collection “Pravi-100 years of freedom”  was written for the celebration of 100 years of freedom by the Municipality of  Eleftheroupoli. It was presented as an opera in Eleftheroupoli, Greece.

Included in the anthology ” Pegasi International” as a representative of  Greece in Tirana, Albania. Included in the anthology “Who is who” as a representative of Greece in Struga, FYROM.

2011    “The purple kiss” Poetry Collection in english and greek. Contains a CD with          music composed on the poems by Alexandros Pappas. The poem “Sentimental Parade” selected by poets from all over the world to be included   in the Wedding Anthology “A Royal Romance” by Forward Press for William  and Kate.

The poem “Lennon” selected to be concluded to the anthology ” Everflowing   Ink – A Collection Of Poetry”. The poems “Time still goes by” and “An instant”  in an anthology by Forward Press. Anthology by the ISGW with the poem “Loneliness shimmers”.

2010    “The loneliness of the bedwalker” Poetry Collection in Greek. The poem    “Stone” in        an anthology published by the Muncipality of Hortiati, Greece.      Poems in an    anthology created by the Municipality of Kavala, Greece,           distributed to all the     school libraries of Kavala. The poem “Let us be”   selected for the anthology “The World Is Your Oyster” by Forward Press,          UK.

2007    “You I think of while I wait” Poetry Collection in Greek.


2012    Translation of “Kaddish to the life not lived” by Michalis Kokkinaris. Off  Broadway production by Leonidas Loizides.

2011    Translation of Elytis’s “The route to the frontline”. Presented in London on   11/11/11 by Antonis Dimitrokalis in the event ” Behind the lines”

2010    Translation and poetical view of “Oresteia” by Aeshylus in english for an off           Broadway production by Leonidas Loizides.


Many of the poems are turned into videos after the wish of the readers on facebook. Some very important among others are:

“The Battle of Salamina” written for the celebration of the Battle of Salamina.

“Apollo the god of music” participated at the International Poetry Competition “Tapestry of Bronze”, with influences from Vangelis’s “Mythodia”.

“”Gloven balloon” that was world awarded at Interartia World Poetry Competition.

“Erotic words” from the Awarded book “Purple kiss” turned into video in greek, english, french, spanish and german.

“Black Silhouettes” that become a painting for “Poetry and Art 2009″.

“The smile escapees” that gained honorary Distinction at the 5th European Poetry Festival at Thessaloniki and was written for those struck by the earthquake at L’ Aquila, Italy. Translated in Former Yugoslavian for Struga Poetry Evenings 2012.

“Forgotten smiles” from the Awarded book “Purple kiss” turned into video in greek, english, french, spanish and german.

“Heritage” the Wolrd awarded poem translated in Serbian turned into video in Greek and Serbian.

“Hibakusha” that reached Top 10 at the Poetry for Peace by the United Nations.

“Iphigenia” written and send to the nobel prize winner poet Gunder Grass by the Literature Magazine “O Defkalion. Turned into video depicting the situation in Greece at that time.


Each word weaves
  A web in our soul.
Every sound becomes
An echo from the past. 

Radiation beats chromos
At the flesh of a Hibakusha.
Dreams dissolve
And wake up at the present. 

 Japan always survives.
Japan its memories revives.
Let a tsunami of peace strike
All minds on planet earth. 

May Hibakusha find the hand of Nemesis.
The right time to reach justice.
So that the future will bring to life
The tree of nuclear disarmament.
The death of human disappointment. 

 Despina Kontaxi. (C)


Κάθε λέξη πλέκει
έναν ιστό στη ψυχή μας.
Κάθε ήχος γίνεται
αντίλαλος από το παρελθόν.

Kραδιενέργεια νικά το χρόνο
στη σάρκα του Χιμπακούσα.
Τα όνειρα διαλύονται

Hαι ξυπνούν στο παρόν
Η Ιαπωνία πάντα επιζεί.
Η Ιαπωνία τις μνήμες της ανασταίνει.
Ας κτυπήσει ένα τσουνάμι ειρήνης
όλα τα μυαλά στον πλανήτη γη.

Ας βρει ο Χιμπακούσα το χέρι της Νέμεσης.
Τη σωστή στιγμή να πλησιάσει τη δικαιοσύνη
ώστε το μέλλον να φέρει στη ζωή
το δέντρο του πυρηνικού αφοπλισμού.
Το θάνατο της ανθρώπινης απογοήτευσης.

Στα καλύτερα 10 του κόσμου στο διαγωνισμό των Ηνωμένων Εθνών
για τον πυρηνικό αφοπλισμό .

Despina Kontaxi (C)

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World Poetry Proudly Presents C.J. Prince from the USA!

The World Poetry Café Radio Show with host Ariadne Sawyer and co – host Una Bhruns welcomed C.J. Prince to the radio show on December 23rd on CFRO, 100.5 FM for a radio show book launch of her new book Mother, May I?  The show was dedicated to Cora, the sister of World Poetry Director and Life Time Achievement Award winner Anita Aguirre Nieveras and popular World Poetry Café Radio Show host.

 We had a fascinating interview with C.J. Prince featuring poems from her new book  and a message to the world. Also featured was a poem and message from Dr. Stephen Gill, music by Ablaye Cissoko and Volker, unaccompanied Bach played by the cellist Yo-yo Ma and Victoria Celtic musician and singer, Valerie Gill. To hear this lovely show: CLICK HERE!


C.J. Prince found the Muse on the tar spattered shores of Summerland in fourth grade where she gouged words into sand.  She’s been writing ever since.   Her newest book is Mother May I? C.J. also has credits include stage, screen and TV scripts.  Her first novel, Canvas Angels, is published in Catching My Breath.  Her work appears in several anthologies including Leaning into the Wind:  Women Write from the Heart of the West.  Prince lives in the Pacific Northwest with husband Michael E. Berg, two Papillons, and one rescued orange marmalade tabby.  She teaches Tai Chi and studies the dress code of cedars, the vocal patterns of ravens and the height of the moon at midnight.
Mother May I v3a

“Mother, May I?” is available on,, Kindle, Nook and other digital devices.

Locally it is available at Village Books, The Stone Moon, Sudden Valley Salon & Spa and The Spotted Pig

Here are her web connections:

Here is a poem, followed by the Message to the World:

I Remember

  After Joe Brainard

I remember a gallon jar no longer

holding pimiento-stuffed martini olives,

a jar jam-crammed with marbles

pushed to the back of the wardrobe

where my brother wouldn’t find it.

Me, good with a steelie, shooting straight,

collecting, hiding all the boys’ marbles I won.

I remember they had BB guns and shot birds—

me running down by the bridge

past the orange grove—flapping my arms, “Fly, birdie, fly.”

I remember shouldering the 4/10 rifle

as my father taught me to aim down the sight

and hit a distant tin can.

I remember my step-brother-to-be shooting frogs

in the swamp where we built a raft.

I remember bright green-yellow ooze

from a dead frog’s body.

I remember a loaded gun

in the buffet at my mother-in-law’s house.

I remember being a pacifist,

belonging to Another Mother for Peace,

not allowing toy guns

in my children’s playroom.

I remember they shot with sticks.

I remember shoulder high jade plants

growing at the back door where the calico cat Daisy

left gopher entrails

or her latest batch of kittens my father would drown.

I remember my mom

driving the weapons carrier they bought after the war,

our only transportation.  She painted the frames

of her sunglasses glaring red with nail polish.

I remember the Navy ship on endless gray seas

as we sailed out of the Azores to go ashore in Casablanca.

I remember the fear of being whipped.

I remember not wanting to take the garbage out

because possums with long harsh tails

slashed around the can

near the Copa d’oro  twining on the garage.

I remember my mother flipping open

the wringer washer that caught my braid.

I remember my grandmother’s piano

and my hands picking out “Silent Night.”

                         ~C.J. Prince

Message to the World

The world seems abstract,

a blue and green sphere.


I speak to the earth all the time.

I sit in women’s circles,

wish her well, ask her forgiveness.

It is the people I do not know,

those who will hear my night whisper now.

If our hands touch

can I read your palms?

I want to look into your eyes

and have you see mine.

There in that sacred space


there with our eyes embraced,

there, palm to palm,

our auras intertwined,

we find peace.

    ~C.J. Prince

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