World Poetry Proudly Presents Chad Norman from Canada!

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Ariadne’s Notes: It is with great pleasure that we present the World Poetry Mentor and supporter  Chad Norman who helped World Poetry get started years ago. At that time there was no venue for those poets that spoke another language. His support and kindness has helped not only World Poets in Canada and also  World Poetry Canada International  around the world, making a difference in the world.  Thank you Chad!

Chad Norman enjoys the friendly pace of the East Coast.
His poems have appeared in magazines, anthologies,
newspapers, across Canada, as well as literary journals
in the States, England, Scotland, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Israel,                                 &and India.
He has given  poetry workshops to all levels of educational institutions,
and talks on Literacy and celebrating Canadian Poetry, during his   1997 cross Canada  reading tour, Live The Reading Life, sponsored by Via Rail, Keg Steakhouse,Greyhound Bus Lines, as well as many more sponsor each province from  each  province.

 Norman has organized The All is Well Mixture, an event held  on occasion over the years in Truro & Vancouver, to showcase national & local authors and musicians.

He also founded Grant Block Press, a new publishing  venture created to bring out books without government funding.

His most recent book, Masstown, was released in the fall of 2013 from Black Moss press. (University of Windsor, ON).

He is working on  a new collection called Simona,, in order to celebrate
the Truro, NS, SPCA, and the special furry friend they allowed
his family to take home.

 Happily he assures us his love of walks is endless.


Bath water, what
turns a man’s skin
red, faster than
his embarrassment.

Once soaking, he is ready,
ready to read a book,
he has read thousands
in the tub, with skin
growing red, and the tub
full now, slowly steaming.

He reads the life of Thomas Hardy.

All the smooth whiteness
exhibits the lone drop,
the lone drinking ant.

Ant and a single drop,
water again causing life.

No level of this moment is too low.

Ant able to hold on
where the tub’s top slopes down;
holding on, one speck like drop
on the edge of the slope
above the water able to change
what the human fingers
choose to rescue, to interfere with,
leaving the drop simply drank from,
to interfere and injure some part
of the ant’s one innocent leg.

Chad Norman ©

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Musician Isis Giraldo From Canada!


Ariadne’s Notes: An exceptional World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and first time host Neall Ryan welcomed the talented musician and composer Isis Giraldo to the show. The music from her new CD Padre was played for the first time on the air!  The first launch of the CD will be on Thursday, March 12 in Vancouver. Go to her website for more information.  Also featured, E-poem by World Poetry Canada International Advisor Dr. Hadaa Sendoo from Mongolia. To hear the show and also listen to a number of  her powerful songs: 


Isis Giraldo Poetry Project
The project:
“En grises edificios incineran sus vidas, ejércitos amorfos en absurdo ritual, día tras día, tras día”
Ruben Dario Giraldo

“I read these words for the first time a little over a year ago. These are my fathers’ words, words that got me to ask questions like, who was my father and how did the social and political atmosphere of Colombia shape his artistic voice? How has growing up in Canada, after moving from Colombia at the age of ten, shaped my artistic voice? I explore these questions by creating a palimpsest of words and music. For the three years, I have been building a project called The Isis Giraldo Poetry Project. The compositions draw inspiration from my background in classical music, jazz, and from the rhythms and sounds of Colombia, where I lived until the age of ten. They are also inspired by the poetry of my late father,
 Ruben Dario Giraldo, a Colombian poet who did not have the same opportunities for artistic development and expression that I have living in Canada.
By re-contextualizing my father’s poems within the framework of my own musical voice, I seek to explore the link between him and myself. My father’s poetry exists alongside my compositions, illuminating both the connection between two artists of different backgrounds, generations and disciplines, as well as the space between them. Within the improvisatory setting of performance, this multiplicity of meaning gains more layers.
As each musician brings his own voice and experiences to the performance of the compositions, the words exist over a constant mobility of sound.

The ” Isis Geraldo Poetry Project had a successful couple of years. With the support of  the Canada Council , we have had the opportunity  playing in various local festivals such as L’Off Festival (2013), Mile End Poetry Festival (2013-2014), POP Montreal (2015) and well as our first international tour and festival at Medejazz in Medellin Colombia (2013). We are very happy to have finished our first full length album entitled “PADRE” which we will be launching at the beginning on March 2015 both in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

We are driven to keep pushing the music forward and after having played and toured with our music for over three years. I feel it is time to document and market the music by having an album that represents what the project is all about. As a composer/ band leader/ and pianist I feel ready to make my music be heard and to share my music with a greater demographic.

Thank- you for your time.”
Isis Giraldo

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World Poetry Proudly Presents Youth Director Alaha Ahrar, Afghanistan & US.

Ariadne’s Notes: We are so honoured to present the talented poet and Human Rights Activist , World Poetry Canada International Youth Director, poet and Shinning Light for Peace and Justice, Alaha Ahrar. World Poetry would like to thank her for all her support and kindness.
She will be part of our expansion team as we bring World Poetry Canada International to the next level, thanks to the inspiration and support of AJA. These are exciting times thanks to the wonderful directors and advisors.


Ms. Alaha Ahrar is a Human Rights Activist.  She is one of the Board of Directors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP),  one of the Directors of International World Poetry Youth Team, Canada and a writer and reporter for Peace X Peace Organization, Washington, DC and Banu Magazine in Europe.   Ms. Ahrar graduated from University of Mary Washington with a triple major; A BA in Human Rights, a BA in Political Science and a BA in International Affairs; she also completed a certificate program in Middle Eastern Studies.  Ahrar is multilingual and has excellent computer skills. She has had numerous certificates, such as Certificate of Domestic Violence Tier one and Tier two in 2014, from Fairfax County, Virginia. Certificate of CHOICES, Life Skill’s New Training from Catholics for Housing, Virginia in 2014,  Certificate of Appreciation in 2013 from Diplomatic Language Services (DLS), Arlington, Virginia, Certificate of Recognition in 2012 from the Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington, DC, Certificate of Excellence and Dedication in 2012 by the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women, USA, Certificate of Leaders for America and Global from Howard University in 2012 and Certificate of Appreciation from Peace X Peace Organization, Washington, DC in 2009. She is also a poet and writer and was awarded the Best Poet of the Year 2011 for Afghanistan and the United States in Canada. She was also appointed as the  World Poetry Ambassador of Youth and Peace for Afghanistan in 2011.  She is interested in human rights, politics, international relations development, poetry, social justice and public speaking. 

Alaha Ahrar, Mrs Hakimi, UMW President Richard Hurley

 Alaha receiving World Poetry Youth Ambassador medallion at her university.

Glass Heart

I am an Afghan woman
Like others around the world
I have a heart
The shape of a woman’s heart is like a man’s
So know that
I have a heart
But my heart is made of glass, like a mirror
I never let dust or fog cover it
I must shine it every day
If you stand there and smile at my heart
You will see yourself clearly smiling
But if you frown and are mean
You will see your own ugly face
Remember always
I have a heart
It’s deep inside me
Please remember again
I have a heart
And my heart is made of glass
But cowards cannot shatter it with their stones
If you try to break it
Each piece of this large shimmering glass will hurt you back
I have a heart
But my heart is made of glass

By Alaha Ahrar ©

 Picture 001


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World Poetry Proudly Presents the Doc : Volunteers Unleashed from Canada!

Broadcast Premiere on CBC TV’s Doc Zone Thursday, March 19 at 9pm/9:30 pm NT  


World Poetry Café Radio Show Link:

Once the domain of international NGO’s, like CUSO or Peace Corps, overseas volunteering has privatized and gone mainstream, attracting millions of young travelers. Volunteers Unleashed follows volunteers to South America, Southeast Asia and Africa, showing how “voluntourism” has become the fastest growing and the most contentious travel sector.Leading this story is 22-year-old Pippa Biddle, who after a series of voluntourism experiences over 6 years, posted a critical blog. It went viral, with over 15 million hits, and instantly launched her as the poster child against privileged young white women volunteering overseas.  In Tanzania we follow a new intake of western volunteers as they travel, party and  volunteer. Among them are untrained medical volunteers, eager for experience, who tackle procedures beyond their training or ability, and potentially put a patient’s life at risk.In Cambodia, a former UK Police Detective Eric Meldrum, and investigative reporter Juliana Ruhfus, show the link between the volunteers working in orphanages, and the exploitation of the very children they have come to help. In an Ecuador animal refuge, we see a profit-driven voluntourism company prey on volunteers’ good intentions.

Volunteers Unleashed shows dramatically that going overseas with good intentions, does not guarantee good will be done. 

Inspired by his daughter Jennica’s life changing experience as a volunteer in Tanzania in 2012, Vancouver filmmaker Brad Quenville (The Dolphin Dealer, Ice Pilots, Pyros, Highway Thru Hell)  went back to Africa with his daughter and DOP Kyle Sandilands to  shoot and develop the documentary. Volunteers Unleashed is directed, produced and written by Brad Quenville, Line Produced by Patti Poskitt, and Narrated by Ann-Marie MacDonald.

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World Poetry Presents Author Eric Focht from the USA!


Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café with hosts Ariadne Sawyer  and Jaz Gill welcomed the author of FOR THE RECORD, Eric Focht   to the show on Tuesday March 3. Also welcomed at was Brad Quenville , the producer of the documentary  Volunteers Unleashed. The Broadcast Premiere  will be shown on CBC TV’s Doc Zone Thursday, March 19 at 9 pm/9:30 pm NT .  The E-poem OLDTIMERS HOMETOWN is by our honoured contributor Lini Grol who is 101 years young!

 The  last World Poetry Café Show was fascinating and amazing and already has had good feedback! To listen to the show: CLICK HERE!  


Eric Focht grew up an adopted child in and around Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At the height of his musical career, Eric Focht was in contract discussions with record producers of such famous musicians as and David Bowie, Trent Reznor, and U2. For The Record is his autobiography from those early beginnings through his darkest hour four decades later.

Eric writes:

My message for the youth of the world would be “to continue to peacefully question and challenge authority, because many times it’s not really an authority at all.” Often times, many kids are taken advantage of, in many, many ways, and no one stands up to or has the guts to challenge what’s being done.

FTR Front Cover

“…So,  I decided that there were several life lessons I needed to impart to all of the children in my life. What I want for them is to: live in the moment and try not to let the past overly influence what they want to achieve; protect themselves and try to be as ready as they can for whatever life gives them ; realistically manage their expectations about others; value true friendships, (which are vital and rare) and cultivate them unselfishly at any expense; make sure they choose their own pathway; never be forced into being someone other than their true self; find their own unique, personal way of presenting themselves; never hold anything back and be able to freely express your true thoughts, feelings and emotions; never give in to unwarranted authority; believe in themselves;  and, lastly, as others have so often said before, stand up for themselves and never take  ANYTHING UNNECESSARY from anybody.”


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