World Poetry Celebrates Nolan P. Holloway!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed the talented philosophical Nolan P. Holloway along with poetess Palma  Mingozzi,  1-2 pm on CRFO 100.5 FM  He shared poetry from his previous books and is upcoming book as well as giving a good message to the world.

The World Poetry Café Team : Ariadne Sawyer producer and host, co-host, super engineer Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe.

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Nolan P. Holloway.

“Originally from NY (Queens) but now make my home in Stone Mountain GA.  I am now a grandfather and loving it.  The art of writing was gifted to me in 2010 and I have been blessed to have two published works.   The poems just came pouring out and I had to try and keep up (smile).  I had so much material and needed an outlet.  So I began posted my poetry online with positive results.  A friend who is writer of books and plays suggested I get published.  In my exhaustive research a friend from NY has her own publishing company.  But she had never worked with poetry.  I sent some pieces and she was impressed so the first book, “Into My Rotation, A Collection of Scribes” was produced.  My scribes have been part of anthologies through various poetry sites.  Though my online present I entered a contest on site named Creative Talent Unleashed.  Did not win but got a discounted publishing contract.  And the second book “Journey To The Poetic Light, Illuminations” was released in January 2015. 

This third project is proving much more intense and is coming slowly.  But my love of poetry continues and I will work very hard at perfecting my “voice”.

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World Poetry Celebrates Palma Mingozzi!

Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed the multitalented poetess and artist, Palma Mingozzi to the show! Her vast love for life, nature and the Creator were like sunbeams flowing through  her words and poems. Also sharing the show was author Nolan Holloway .

  Our World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Neall Ryon, co-host, super tech, Victor Schwartzman and special volunteer Sharon Rowe.








Palma Mingozzi is a self-taught artist and writer from Staten Island, New York, USA. She expresses herself in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor. Her interests are in the abstract and include a variety of subjects,infused with realistic themes, including the emotional humane and spiritual. These include beauty, upliftment, awareness, human spirit, wholeness, completion, mystery, fantasy and nature. She is inspired by the beauty of nature people and her environment. She is rooted in the influence of nature, colors, shape and form, and by the artists that she so admires including Michelangelo, Botticelli, Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock.

She has participated in more than 10 exhibits over the period of five years on Staten Island, and her solo debut exhibit was at the GlobalArtGallery in Italy in 2012.

She is a poet and writer and has written several poetry books both in English, The Entitlement of the soul and Emotional upheaval, and in Italian, Brucio Di te, Trofeo, Un’altro Oceano, Erasmo Serretti, Studi in Chromoterapia.

She has been included in Italian anthologies, Il Sentiero delle Muse, Librando L’anima, Goccia a Goccia in honor of Alda Merini, Ciò Che Caino non Sà. She translated both Io l’ho incontrato così by Daniela Straccamore and Erasmo Serretti’s book into English.  She has been included in one Indian anthology,, and has participated internationally in many groups lending her poetry out in places such as Africa, India Canada, Ireland,Pakistan, Spain and Italy.

2015 has brought her to several stages where she recited many poems on stage and introduced international performing artist Rosa Didonna, Bari Italy, in two exhibits, Vertigo Gallery, Times Square and SIABC Gallery, Staten Island, NY.