World Poetry Proudly Presents Danny Teller in China!


Ariadne’s Notes:  We are pleased to welcome Danny Teller to our World Poetry Family.

Danny Teller is a UK National who was born in 1964.

He lived in the UK for most of his childhood before moving to Israel at 21 years of age where he resided for nearly 20 years.

After leaving Israel in 2002 he spent some time in America before moving to Nepal to teach English to children in a school for nearly 6 months.

From 2003 till 2009 Danny returned to the UK where he spent time in the writing/ publishing world and learning IT in much of his free time.

More recently and after making many trips to Africa, Asia, America and Europe he is currently teaching English and residing in China with companion Yvonne Wu.

The Meaning of Happiness

I find that the meaning of happiness is definitely pure and simple.
I find that the meaning of happiness is all about finding a peaceful environment.
It could be said that some of us find it when we least expect it.
The meaning of happiness can definitely be found but what we expected
we don’t always receive and what we receive we don’t always  expect.
The meaning of true happiness is different for
each and every one of us so come on board the double decker bus.

The meaning of happiness is always real and alive
The meaning of happiness is always alive and well but not
necessarily down a dark and deep ‘well’
I find that the best happiness is when life is pure
and simple without a deep dimple.
The best kind of happiness is so pure and simple with no real ifs or buts.

The meaning of happiness is a feeling of elation and salutation
The meaning of happiness has added financial security and real integrity.
The meaning of happiness can be temporary or permanent.
For me the meaning of happiness has positive emotions
but most importantly of all true happiness indicates
a long lasting and eternal peace with some elegant geese.

Danny Teller (C)

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World Poetry Welcomes Silas Moyanpoola Olaoyin Abayomi From Nigeria & USA !

Ariadne’s Notes: Since we have 100 plus features waiting to be put on the site, I am trying to post one every two days. World Poetry is a volunteer job for me and I do the best I can to put your precious work on Thank you for your patience and kindness.

We are honoured to welcome:   Mr. Silas Moyanpoola Olaoyin Abayomi !


Silas Moyanpoola Olaoyin Abayomi.

Silas Moyanpoola Olaoyin Abayomi was a former Assistant Professor of Communication at
the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, Nigeria.
For about a decade, Ola-Abayomi, (as fondly called) taught Integrated Marketing
Communication, International Communication, and African Communication Systems.

Upon relocating to United States, this author changed his research focus and interest from
Mass Communication to Linguistics, Anthropology, and Cultural Studies.

Recently, Ola-Abayomi launched a website:; an online
Encyclopedia or a resource center, which provides detailed information on Yoruba people of Western Nigeria, Africa, and those in diaspora. The site is to assist or help individuals,
scholars, and those undertaking advanced studies in Yoruba culture, language, and history.

Besides, this author has several publications in blind peer review learned journals and
chapter contributions in books; a member of several academic and professional bodies.

Ola-Abayomi has written over hundred poetry, which address socio-cultural and political
landscape of his native land, Nigeria. Also to his credit are numerous short stories and morethan four hundred epigrams.


The Watchnight Songs is the author’s desire to preserve and to consolidate some of his
literary works into a book for  posterity.



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World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Welcomes Wilson Munoz from Vancouver, Canada!

The World Poetry Café with Hosts, Wanda John Kehewin and Ariadne Sawyer plus super tech Israel Mota welcomed Wilson Munoz who is running for Vancouver Councilman.

Elections are on Saturday! Get out  and vote, Vancouver. Choose your candidates and VOTE!


Wilson`s biography: Wilson Munoz came to Canada as a refugee from El Salvador during the civil war in the 1980’s. He has been a financial and property administrator, community organizer, and social and environmental justice activist for the past 25 years. He studied chemical engineering at University of San Salvador, and later studied at University of California. Soon after coming to Canada, Wilson became involved in supporting BC labour movements and organizing with the BCTF and UTAC (Unemployed Teachers’ Action Centre). He also organized to oppose the Expo 86 land development. Wilson has also had an active role in designing and implementing programs to support Latin American refugees and immigrants in his capacity as Vice-President of the Canadian Hispanic Congress, BC Chapter. Wilson hosts a weekly radio program on mining issues in the Americas and continues to be involved in migrant justice movements. He is committed to working to make Vancouver a Sanctuary City to ensure access without fear for all residents. Wilson plans to strengthen participatory democracy, implement election campaign finance reform, and build an affordable Vancouver. Wilson has also been a member of the COPE Executive for more than two years. – See more at:

Source: Yahara Munoz

 LISTEN HERE for his great interview!

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World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Presents Gina Cavalier from the USA!

 Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show with host Ariadne Sawyer and guest host Wanda John -Kehewin plus super tech and host Israel Mota were honoured to welcome Gina Cavalier from Los Angeles and Wilson Munoz from Vancouver, Canada . It was a delight to hear Gina tell about her lovely book , hard work and inspiration.The images of her sitting in Gene Rodenberry’s big leather chair where he used to “dream about future worlds” were amazing. To hear the show: CLICK HERE!

Wilson will be featured  on site tomorrow. It takes me a volunteer hour to put on each feature.


Gina Cavalier lives and works in Los Angeles, CA as a writer, illustrator and painter.  Writing and drawing stories since she was a child, Cavalier found herself inspired to write her own stories while working in Star Trek Creator, Gene Roddenberry’s office as his wife’s assistant.  Since then, Cavalier has gone on to write and develop television dramas, romantic comedy films, teen network shows and more.  Her journey into book writing is primarily set on original children’s tales that she illustrates herself with a second book, “Gina Cavalier’s – Turtle Without A Name” set to hit shelves in March 2015.

HISBC front 8.5x11 copy 2

About the Book:

Experience A Story Through Art as well as Words with “Gina Cavalier’s – How I Became Santa Claus”

“Gina Cavalier’s – How I Became Santa Claus” Combines Beautifully Hand drawn Art and a captivating narrative to form a unique and meaningful Holiday Story that’s sure to become a Favorite. Inspired by three enchanting pieces she discovered in a Park City, Utah thrift store (a bird house general store, whimsical snowman and old Santa), Cavalier put years of film and television writing and illustrating experience to work to form a visual and reading experience that all ages can enjoy. A story that not only accompanies striking artwork, but tells of respecting fellow man, who he is, where he comes from and the importance of withholding judgment unless having walked in his shoes.

Follow one little boy with a big destiny…to become the next Santa Claus. In Gina Cavalier’s premiere book, readers will journey with Nick, an eight-year-old boy, as he faces magical creatures, a formative foe and life-changing decisions that will determine his fate and the future of Santa Claus.  Told through fifty one hand drawn illustrations, “Gina Cavalier’s – How I Became Santa Claus” is a story of hope, dreams, magic and beauty. To purchase this lovely book: Amazon:

Gina Cavalier (C)

Cavalier Originals


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World Poetry Presents Elaine Woo with a mini book launch on the radio!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras welcomed the wonderful poetess  Elaine Woo in a special phone in mini book launch!  Super tech Israel Mota kept us on the air . Music by Mary Youngblood, Ablaye Cissoko, and Volker  plus the background music, unaccompanied  Bach Cello Suite by Yo Yo Mah. Sadly our guest from Ghana World Poetry Theatre Ambassador , Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei  had trouble connecting but we hope to try again. To hear the show or download it, CLICK HERE!


World Poetry Vancouver and & the Britannia Proudly Present :
November 8,  1-3 pm. Britannia Public Library, 1661 Napier St.
Book launch of Cycling with the Dragon (Nightwood Editions) by Elaine Woo.
Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Grace Woo.
Wanda John-Kehewin
Yilin Wang
Jonina Kirton
Youth group
Book signing.
Free! Refreshments. All welcome! 604-526-4729

Elaine Woo is the author of the poetry collection Cycling with the Dragon (Nightwood Editions).  She is the proud recipient of a 2014 World Poetry Empowered Poet award.  Elaine contributed to Shy: An Anthology which won an IPPY (Independent Book Publisher’s) silver medal in 2014.  Her art song collaboration, “Night-time Symphony”, with Daniel Marshall won a Boston Metro Opera festival prize in 2013.  She contributed to V6A: Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside which was a finalist for the City of Vancouver’s Book Award in 2012.  Her work is in carte blanche, Arc Poetry Magazine, The Enpipe Line, Megaphone Magazine, Ricepaper, West Coast Line, and many international publications.
In 2014, she was awarded the World Poetry Empowered Poet Award.


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