World Poetry Celebrates Nikolai Artiukhov from Russia!

Ariadne’s News! We are so honoured to welcome our first Russian Youth Poet! We wish him the best in his poetic work and would like to tell him that the World Poetry Family is so proud of him!


“I’m Nikolai Artiukhov. I’m 19 years old, from Russia

I am spiritual writer from Russia who has already written three books in spirituality, theosophy and esoteric poetry. Books reveal the global problems of modernity from the position of the spirituality tell about the views and levels of cosmic missionary work and describe various consciousness states of humanity. In my books I tell about the ways of spiritual, energetic, psychological and physical improvement of modern society.











The book of poems «Divine Call From Above» reveals in each individual the living potential for the spiritual development and divine evolution.

The poems have the brilliant idea to activate human consciousness and to bring him to the level of the divine life. Poems will assist every human being to become spiritually enlightened through the soul connection with the Supreme.” Nikolai Artiukhov would like to hear from you. His e-mail is: 

Here is one of his poems from his new book  Divine Call From Above translated into English.

Supreme source

Where everybody can connect

With constant patience for love

Will be reborn enlightened element

With omnipresence filled with dove

And be the omniscient sense

With this divine brand new-start

That makes everybody glad

And willing to become a part


Nikolai Artiukhov (C)


World Poetry Presents Melanie Simms From The USA!

 Ariadne’s Notes: A special radio show program with the talented Poet Laureate Melanie Simms  last night, July 14th, 9-10 pm PST on CFRO 100.5 FM! She has embarked on a new writing project which is really exciting.  She is also working with other Poet Laureates and has even read in Congress recently. To hear this great show: CLICK HERE!




Melanie writes: “The jazz series project is a collection of interviews by well known jazz artists that will be published in book form soon. Phil Haynes will write the book preface for me, and the collection of interviews will include interviews by Phil Haynes, Donny McCaslin, pianist Steve Rudolph, and Bobby McFerrin, to name a few.

I am also publishing the interviews individually with the local newspaper I write for – the Sunbury American, and for jazz magazines. So they will get a lot of PR value and distribution.

This will be a one of a kind book, as there really aren’t many book length collections of interviews by famous jazz artists.” 

Melanie Simms, former Perry County, Pennsylvania Poet Laureate is an award winning Commonwealth poet with over 200 publications of poetry to her credit in magazines, newspapers, magazines and literary journals. Many of her poems are poems of place reflecting the life and people of her home state of Pennsylvania. She has been a featured radio and television guest on multiple shows nationally and internationally. Ms. Simms is the recipient of such awards as a Sophie Award, a Pushchart Prize nomination. a Vermont Writers Studio Scholarship and a Richard Savage Award nomination from Bloomsburg University. Her most recent book release, slated for Fall 2014 release by Sunbury Press in Mechanicsburg is titled Remember the Sun: Poems of Nature and Inspiration. For more information and links to Melanie’s publications, awards, and radio/tv appearances visit her website at

World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Laura Kelsey from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes! An exciting, beautiful show full of music and poetry featuring the lovely Laura Kelsey plus two songs of Don Amero created a wonderful and fun filled show. Also we welcomed Victor Schwartzman who was an operator in Training under the careful eye of Gerry.

For all the fans from around the world that love to listen to Laura : CLICK HERE!

Sharon and radio photos 006







Laura Kelsey writes, sings and performs sexy power blues, country noir ballads, suicidal acoustic songs and biorhythmic beat music.

Songs written by and featuring Laura have played on Canadian, American and British radio stations. “Earth,” a folk/rock song co-written with guitarist Murray Howes, was a finalist in a nation-wide contest; in 2007, Laura organized and produced an album of death/black metal after fronting bands in Vancouver, BC.

In 2011, Laura co-wrote “Run Outta Road,” which was featured in the Province newspaper; the single was recorded at Armoury Studios in West Vancouver and a music video by HunCity Productions was released at the South Cariboo Theatre. She continues to write, release and perform songs by herself or with bands.

Songs can be downloaded here:

Pomegranates are Hard to Eat

One by one, like tiny red teeth
iridescent with white roots
planted in the sour meat of the fruit.
Bunched, clusters of salmon eggs
jelly surrounding the crunchy little bones
of the baby fish.

So much work,
you complain too much
but worth every moment
I add.
My scarlet-stained fingers have to peel
nails digging
juice sprayed across my face like blood.

What is that fruit’s carbon footprint?
so skeptical.
I throw it to the ground, skin imprinting earth.
About the size of a pomegranate

I reply.
You leave
I am left eating the seeds.

 By Laura Kelsey ©

Host Ariadne Sawyer,  operator Victor Schwartzman and Laura Kelsey

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