World Poetry Celebrates Ruth Kozak from Canada!

 Ariadne’s Notes! The World Poetry Café Radio Show Plus once again presented the talented Ruth Kozak on August 11, CFRO, 100.5 PM . We heard about her travel plans and excerpts from volume two BLOOD ON THE MOON: THE FIELDS OF HADES will be produced in October 2016. We wish her a safe and wonderful trip with lovely adventures. To listen to the show: CLICK HERE!









Ruth Kozak is a Canadian travel journalist with a strong interest in history and archaeology. A frequent traveller, Ruth lived for several years in Greece and instructs classes in travel journalist and creative writing. A travel writer since 1982, her publications include the Vancouver Province, The Vancouver Sun, 50 Plus, Senior Living, and various other newspapers and magazines in Canada, US and the United Kingdom as well as on-line publications, and  Ruth also edits and publishes her own on-line travel zine at She has been published in the APA Insight Guides 1994, Writer’s Abroad anthology “Foreign Flavours” as well as two poetry anthologies and was writer for The Vancouver Guide for Planet Eye Traveler.  Last year she was invited to Egypt by Egyptian Tourism and you can read her blogs about this trip at   Her ATHENS AND BEYOND  e-book for Hunter Publishing, US was published in Nov 2015 on Kindle and she is currently working on one EXPLORING THE GREEK ISLANDS.

Ruth’s first historical fiction novel SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON (Volume One) was  published July 2014 by  UK.  This is her first published literary work.  Volume Two BLOOD ON THE MOON: THE FIELDS OF HADES will be produced in October 2016.  SHADOW OF THE LION: BLOOD ON THE MOON is currently available on and in bookstores.

In Sept 2014. Ruth was on a successful book promo tour where she attended the Historical Novel Writer’s Conference in London, Eng. and was invited to three events in Greece including a reading at the Athens Centre, a presentation at the World Poetry Conference in Larissa and a reading for two grade nine classes at the Athens Community School.   On her last trip to Greece, Fall of 2015 Ruth read for the Canadian Archaeological Society, Athens. She has been invited for return readings in Fall 2016.

Ruth is a member of the Federation of BC Writers, The Canadian Author’s Association and is President of the BC Association of Travel Writers.  She instructs writing classes at WAVES in New Westminster, Brock House and in the past at Champlain Heights Community Centre and for the VSB. She has presented workshops and readings for Burnaby Writer’s Society, Grind Writers,  Lit Fest and the Royal City Literary Arts Society as well as readings and workshops for the Vancouver Public Library and Kitsilano Library.

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World Poetry Celebrates the Great Canadian Poet Kathy Figueroa!

Ariadne’s notes: We are proud to honor the excellent Canadian poet Kathy Figueroa. She has written  a wonderful tribute to her dog who has passed on. This poem is for all those whose beloved pets have passed on. I wrote several poems to Pebbles, our wonderful cat who was such an inspiration to us all. Also our 16 year old cat, Sir Thomas Rigg Kimball is getting on and we are aware of this. This feature is for all that have lost beloved pets and who may do so  in the future. Thank you so much, Kathy!






Kathy Figueroa
Canadian poet, Kathy Figueroa, has entertained newspaper and magazine readers with her frequently humorous poems for over a decade.  Her versified, and sometimes irreverent, views of the world, encompassing a wide variety of subjects, have appeared in the Bancroft, Ontario newspapers over one hundred times, as of October, 2015.  These snippets of rural Canadian culture, originating from a rocky patch of wilderness on the great Canadian Shield, can also be found in dozens of print anthologies, in the vast universe of cyberspace – which includes many websites and blogs originating in other countries – and on the pages of her four published books:  “Paudash Poems,” “Flowertopia,” “The Cathedral of the Eternal Blue Sky,” and “The Ballad of the PoeTrain Poeteer:  Winnipeg to Vancouver.”  A fifth volume is scheduled to be released in 2016.

Along with participating in poetry readings in a multitude of large and small communities across the country, Kathy has also created and organized events, including “The Word Is Wild Literary Festival,” staged over two days in 2014.  She established the “Poets’ Society of Hastings County North,” a monthly writing group for poetry, short story, and theatrical play enthusiasts, which, in September, 2015, celebrated its fifth year by becoming a member group of the Algonquin Arts Council.

In addition to Kathy’s adventures in the realm of poetry, she’s also penned numerous freelance newspaper articles, since 2004, which have been frequently accompanied by her photographs.  Kathy can be contacted at:

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A Bleak November Day

The sky is powdery grey
And a cold wind is blowing
All the warmth has gone away
But it isn’t yet snowing

The gorgeous blaze of Autumn
Has faded into the past
And nothing more than a trace
Of green will linger or last

If only sunnier days
Didn’t seem so far away …
And my old dog was still here

On this bleak November day

“A Bleak November Day” was included on the Guernsey Poets blog in November, 2013.  This blog originates in the Channel Islands.

by Kathy Figueroa (C)



World Poetry Celebrates Patrick De Moss from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Café Radio Show , on August 4th, CRFO 100.5 FM  Welcomed  The Talented Poet and author Patrick de Moss to the show with his creative and distinctive style of poetry. E-poems by Lini Grol , Canada and Chinese Poet Yuan Hongri! CLICK HERE to hear Patrick de Moss and Anupma Garg.

World Poetry Café Radio Show Team: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, Radio Host and Producer, Neal Ryon, co-host, Engineer Victor Schwartzman , Volunteer: Sharon Rowe.









Playwright, poet, prose writer, as well as former gravedigger, hotline psychic (no really), line cook, chef, waiter and a few other things in between, Patrick de Moss lives in the Vancouver area with his ghosts and good coffee. He is the author of the short story collection “Kings of Nowhere”, available on, as well as three chapbooks of poetry – “Equinox”, “Lunephile” and “Lois Lane’s Lost Letters”. While trying to keep body and soul together he is working on a collection of poetry “Fertile Ground” and a novel that he seems to be keeping secret from even himself.

How small things saved the world

the rain came after all

seconds after you fell asleep, a gentle trickle on the window past tattered curtains

rivulets caught in yellow neon, prisms from the pizza store below us

& the promise of buttercups, dandelions, mustard grass tomorrow

small signs of spring, nothing glorious

but getting there, always getting there


& you slept with your mouth half open, soft hair on your upper lip caught in that constant light

that small fuzz you always wanted to erase, covered when you saw it in the mirror, blushing

& when you slept

I would kiss my finger and try to touch your lips without waking you

to bless them

every little hair you were embarrassed by

these were never imperfections, nothing of you asleep against me ever was*


in my best hours I know these things

hours when my wild, willful and weak heart grows


a quiet like the space of sound between each raindrop


and in it I smell bulk shampoo

bought for the two of us to share together, the press of your slightly damp hair against the pillow

your body slightly damp in sweat pressed against me as you sprawled over the entire bed

when you still felt safe in my arms

when we were still allies

still more than the sum of the worst in us

the breathing in cancelling the darker moments out

until only the breathing remained

only the breath moving us through the rainy night until morning

getting there, always trying

just to get to sunrise.

Patrick de Moss (C) All rights reserved.