World Poetry Celebrates the Wonderful Filmmaker Foster Corder!









*Foster Corder and Paul  McCartney of the Beatles working together. Permission given.*

 Ariadne’s Notes:

On July 26 ,1:30 PM ,2018, CFRO 100.5 FM  the World Poetry Café were so honoured to have the legendary filmmaker Foster Corder, from LA with his new show and a tribute about Rudy Ray Moore  (Dolemite) and his last meeting with him.



World Poetry Radio Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Victor Swartzman, super sound engineer and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer. Music by the Stillness Within and the amazing Ernie Krvida.

E-Poems by Jeanie Robertson of the Lincoln Club, Danny Teller from China and Foster Corder. Big Bessie Stories by Sharon Rowe and Poetic News. Introduction to new WP Media Correspondent Vani Pradeep and Jeanne Probst.




Foster Corder lays claim to many ‘firsts’ in his long and successful career as an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, producer and entertainment executive.

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Corder opened Fosters Pet and Animal Photography studio, becoming the first African-American to do so. The business was an instant success. His high profile clients included the Kal Kan companies and Carnation. The latter putting Corder on a nationwide tour to photograph racehorses and award-winning canines.


Seeking new creative challenges, Corder dissolved his company and created Blackbird Films. He assembled a team of established and up and coming directors for such clients as Mc Donalds and the California Lottery. His staff included world-renowned director Gordon Parks as well as then newcomers, Kevin Hooks, Forrest Whitaker and Bill Duke and others.

Concurrently, Corder began a professional relationship with the legendary NBA star, Wilt Chamberlain that would last until Chamberlain’s death. Besides co-writing a number of films with Wilt, Foster co-produced the documentary, ‘The Amazing Feats of Wilt Chamberlain” andserved as a consultant on many projects involving ‘The Big Dipper’ Never one to pass up an opportunity, Corder was commissioned by Paramount Pictures to pen a screenplay entitled ‘The Cats,’ based on his life story. Having forged his birth certificate at just fifteen-years of age, ‘The Cats’ chronicled Foster’s 13 months of active duty in Vietnam. A true survival story.

As a member of the WGA, Foster has written and sold other film screenplays such as, ‘The Paper Boy’, ‘Smokey’, The Sons of Dolemite’, ‘Heads You Win/Tails I Lose’ (The Ike Turner Story).

Based on the success of Blackbird, Capitol Records made Corder a career offer he couldn’t refuse when he was named Director of Video Production, becoming the first African-American hired as a film executive in the record industry.During his tenure at Capitol, Corder supervised a staff that would swell to hundreds of cast and crew members relevant to the production’scompletion. Corder produced music videos for Tina Turner, Paul

McCartney, Bonnie Raitt and the highly successful, ‘Too Legit to Quit’and ‘Addams Groove’ starring M.C. Hammer, as well as many others.

Again feeling the entrepreneur creative spirit, Corder left Capitol Records to produce, direct, and photograph ‘The Legend of Dolemite,’starring the aforementioned comedic legend.

Corder formed Daughters 2 Feed Productions in 1995 to focus on the new media technologies and various projects he wanted to develop

In recent years, Corder has acted as Producer, Director, Director of

Photography or Gaffer on 45 shorts and 23 features, including:

“The Amazing Feats of Wilt Chamberlain” 1985 (Documentary) – Co-Producer

-DP”The Cats”- 1983 (Paramount Pictures) – Feature Screen Writer

“The Sons of Dolemite” — 1989 (Cannon Pictures) – Feature Screen Writer

“Heads You Win/Tails I Lose” 2000 -(The Ike Turner Story) Feature

And many more!

 Foster Corder’s New Show Coming Soon!

I Have To Say Before I Die

1 Billion people have seen his work few know his name!

Vietnam Vet, Film Pioneer, Writer, Producer, Grio.


Wilt Chamberlain, Dolemite, Hammer, USN, Capitol Records,

Spike Lee, BB & CC, McDonalds, Hollywood’s Black Film

History, Chicago, Conan, Americas Dogs and more.

 NEW SHOW! Foster Corder is the “Best Kept Secret” in Hollywood

A One Man Show

Daughters 2 Feed Presents

Coming Soon

“50 Years” Of Life Stories And Pictures

This is a story of faith, creativity, defying the odds, survival,

persistence, honor, courage, humanity and spirit. Escaping

the street gangs of Chicago, to his time in Viet Nam. Destiny

behind the camera in Hollywood was the unstoppable dream.

Taken from the book:

“First Black, No Thanks Make Me Second”


World Poetry Celebrates Island Poet Michelle Merlindt!

Ariadne’s Notes: Don’t miss this special show on now !LISTEN HERE! 

Two special guests brought back by popular acclaim!  Michelle Merlindt, July 26, 1-2 PM PST. World Poetry Café, 100.5 FM CFRO.1:10 PM PST Poetess from Thetis Island, BC with  the Persian Carpet, a long rhyming poem
& the Legendary Filmmaker Foster Corder, from LA with news about Dolemite and his last interview with him. Foster’s feature will be on next.
 World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Victor Swartzman, super sound engineer and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer. Music by the Stillness Within and the amazing Ernie  

E-Poems by Jeanie Robertson of the Lincoln Club, Danny Teller from China and Foster Corder. Big Bessie Stories by Sharon Rowe and Poetic News. Introduction to new WP Media Correspondent Vani Pradeep and Jeanne Probst.


 “Michelle Merlindt was born in a remote region of Australia and spent her childhood on a farm in the bush.  Since then she has lived in eight countries.  Due to her profession as a racehorse veterinarian, she spent thirteen years in Dubai where she first began to write and explore poetry.  Now settled in the Gulf Islands of Canada she continues to pursue spoken word poetry in charming old-fashioned rhyme as a means of storytelling.  Like a little piece of chocolate for the imagination, her poems are meant to delight the listener.  Since she loves history and overlooked fragments of culture, each of her poems, set in a faraway land, is like a magical voyage to another time and place.

At heart I’ve always been a treasure hunter.  I’m always dreaming of finding something rare, even obscure, something long forgotten yet timelessly precious.  I’ve lived all over the world and often the little treasures that seem so exotic to my foreign eyes are second nature, absolutely commonplace and overlooked by those who have always lived among them.  For me, these treasures are not souvenirs to be squeezed into a suitcase but fragments of history, custom and culture.  They are the inspiration for stories of my own.  The Pearl of Dubai, The Lost Library of Alexandria, The Persian Carpet and The Figurine are the best of these.  I hope you enjoy them.

Here is the last feature on site: “






World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Pianist and Composer, Danny Green!


*World Poetry Peace Gift poems, over 900 were given away at UBC during the last WP Peace and Human Right Festival.


  Ariadne’s Notes:Wonderful guests on the World Poetry Café last week , Thursday, July 19, 1-2 PM  Alara Bretanne, Canada and Danny Green USA ! Tune into the World Poetry Café Radio Show celebrating our 20th year!  It was exciting to interview Danny with his beautiful new CD  One Day It Will.








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Also featured  on the show was Jeanie Robertson at her website is:  First award winning poet 2017 from the  Lincoln Club, our new partners with her award winning poem : Love is Where You Find It, a poem about  dogs, which would delight our next weeks guest the legendary  filmmaker Foster Corder! Also, a lovely e-poem from Monsif Beroual from Morocco was read by Tech Victor Swartzman and O Iraq, a dream poem was read by Ariadne Sawyer.  WP correspondent Jeanne Claire Probst was again on the show with her weekly inspirational poems read by Ariadne.Another favorite story by Sharon Rowe with her Big Bessie Stories completed the show , 





Featured Musician: Danny Green






A rising force on the jazz scene and an award-winning Origin Records recording artist, pianist and composer Danny Green has distinguished himself with his beautifully articulated touch and melodically charged sensibility. His Original compositions – a vivid blend of jazz, classical, and Brazilian elements – delights critics and audiences across the country and around the world.

Green’s talents have taken him from the Blue Note in New York City to the Blue Whale in Los Angeles, and his work has been featured in DownBeat Magazine, Jazziz, the San Diego Union Tribune, The Boston Globe, NPR, and JazzEd. According to, “Danny Green is what evolution in jazz is all about, expressing the traits of those that came before him, with a style and panache that is all his own…an individual who expresses what is inside of him.”

A Southern California native, Green began studying classical piano at the age of five. His passion for music was apparent early on — his parents had to pull him away from the piano at his first recital. As they tugged him by his right hand, he continued playing with his left hand. At the age of twelve, Green grew disenchanted with reading music and quit lessons. He taught himself to play by ear and spent the next two years only playing Nirvana. Toward the end of high school, he fell in love with Afro Cuban music, which led to his discovery of Brazilian music and eventually jazz.

Green resumed his formal training at UC San Diego, where he studied jazz piano with Grammy-winning producer Kamau Kenyatta and classical piano with John Mark Harris and Luciane Cardassi. He performed the first jazz honors recital at UCSD and received the Jimmy Cheatham Jazz Award. Green continued his education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies at San Diego State University, where he studied jazz piano with Rick Helzer. He was awarded several scholarships and named “Outstanding Graduate.” In 2013, Green was honored as an “Alumni to Watch” from SDSU’s School of Music and Dance.

The Danny Green Trio features the talents of upright and electric bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm.  Since its formation in 2010, the trio has performed at notable venues, series, and festivals across the county, including the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, Shapeshifter Lab (NYC), The Blue Whale (LA), Vibrato Jazz Grill (LA), The Lilypad (Cambridge), The Loft @ UCSD, KSDS KSDS Jazz 88.3’s Jazz Live, the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library (San Diego), CSU Summer Arts Monterey (residency), the Integrity Jazz festival in North Dakota, TEDxUCSD, The Sound Room (Oakland), Tula’s Jazz Club (Seattle), Jazz Live at Marine View Church (Tacoma), and the KSDS Jazz 88.3 Ocean Beach Jazz Festival. The trio was chosen to be a resident artist in the San Diego Museum of Art’s 2013 Summer Residency Project.

Green revealed his unique talents on his 2009 debut recording With You In Mind, which won “Best Jazz Album” at the 2009 San Diego Music Awards. In 2012, Green teamed up with Tapestry Records to release A Thousand Ways Home, featuring Justin Grinnell on bass, Julien Cantelm on drums, and Tripp Sprague on sax, as well as a talented cast of guest artists inducing guitarists Chico Pinheiro, Peter Sprague, and Dusty Brough, Brazilian vocalist Claudia Villela, and mandolinist Eva Scow. That album was voted into KSDS Jazz 88.3’s “Top Ten Jazz Releases of 2012,” and was nominated “Best Jazz Album” at the 2013 San Diego Music Awards.

In 2014, the Danny Green Trio, comprised of Green, Grinnell, and Cantelm, released the highly-acclaimed album After The Calm on OA2 Records. Featuring ten of Green’s compositions, the album received much praise from the press and nationwide radio play. JazzWax described the album as “A highly impressive album that will knock you out,” and the San Diego Troubadour called it, “Unconditionally recommended to anyone who appreciates good jazz, instrumental music or soundtracks.” After The Calm won “Best Jazz Album” at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards and was nominated for “Album of the Year.”

The trio recorded their 2016 release, Altered Narratives, at New York City’s famed Sear Sound recording studio with award-winning producer Matt Pierson. Released on OA2 Records, the album consists of eleven original compositions by Green. The three tunes at the center of the album feature the trio with a string quartet led by violinist Antoine Silverman, a widely admired New York classical and studio player. All About Jazz critic Dan McClenaghan commented, “There’s nothing that adds a touch of elegance to a jazz set more than an adeptly-done string arrangement, and these are superb; violins, viola and cello in a sinuous, sometimes whispering embrace with a vibrant, top-notch piano trio, delving into Danny Green’s distinguished compositions.”  The album remained on the Jazz Week Top 50 chart for fourteen weeks and earned high praise from critics worldwide.

Since the release of Altered Narratives, Green has continued composing music for trio plus strings and performing it. The Danny Green Trio Plus Strings’s debut performance at New York City’s Shapeshifter Lab featured members of the New York based chamber ensemble, Hotel Elefant, along with special guest Chico Pinheiro on guitar. Other performances include a live radio broadcast on KSDS Jazz 88.3’s Jazz Live, featuring members of the San Diego Symphony, TEDxSan Diego, the Museum of Making Music, and the Western Arts Alliance Juried Showcase in Seattle. NBC San Diego reviewed their Jazz Live performance noting,  “Green’s acuity for string writing and the seamless integration of the quartet and the improvising trio were nothing short of sterling.” The Danny Green Trio Plus Strings is currently in production on a new album, slated for release on Origin Records in April 2018.

Green is also highly devoted to music education. In addition to teaching private lessons, he is a faculty member of the annual Jazz 88.3 Summer Jazz Workshop, teaches piano at Grossmont Community College, and presents a jazz appreciation workshop at elementary schools as part of the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library’s outreach program. Green directed the jazz ensemble at Coronado School of the Arts from 2014-2017, and was an artist in residence at Canyon Crest Academy and at CSU Summer Arts Monterey.

Source  with thanks to Braitwaite and Katz  and

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