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World Poetry Presents Soramaru Takayama and Yurie Hoyoyon






World Poetry Cafe presents our last show on Wall Street before moving back to the old station on Columbia! On July 13, 1-2 pm PST, CFRO,we welcome Soramaru Takayama – Poet. www.takayamasoramaru.com
 Soramaru is a member of the artist collective Tasai. Sora brings his innovative poetry monodrama to Vancouver by way of ongoing solo performances and through collaboration with nationally recognized poets visiting from Japan. His first poetry book “Tsuki To Buranko” was published in 2014, taking him on three successful tours in Japan.  He has performed for the Canada Japan Friendship Association, Joy Kogawa House, and was commissioned to create and perform a poem for the 110th Anniversary of the VJLS-JH.  Sora hosts an annual event, Japanese Poets North of the 49th, that is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. He is the founder and owner of Vegan Pudding & Co.  www.takayamasoramaru.com
Yurie Hoyoyon, Manager of the poet Soramaru Takayama, Media relation coordinator for JPN49th Illustrator / Portrait artist / TV reporter for Nikkei TV www.yuries.com
 Music and poem by Yoshimi Sakura read by Yurie Hoyoyo in Japanese and
Ariadne Sawyer in English.
 Blue Earth, theme song for World Poetry played at special occasions.

Caring message from  World Poetry Beloved Honorary  Son Rahmat Haidari :“I do not want violence anywhere in the world and no human being forced to immigrate. It is very painful because of the insecurity and the loss of the family moving away. The aspirations, of the family, of culture lost.

For all the people of the world, I wish peace and friendship.”

Rahmat Haidari is multi- award winning filmmaker and peace and human rights advocate who had to flee his country and now resides in Germany where he will bring his talents and expertize to help the world.

The World Poetry Cafe Book Luanch of Barry Plamondon!


Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café  Radio Show Proudly Presented  the  Book Launch of : Run Between The Raindrops, Silver Bow Publishing-2017  by Barry Plamondon, July 6, 1-2 pm PST. It was a honor to welcome Barry and his lovely wife Sandi to the  show. The interview was a mixture of poems from his new book and a few others  as well as his resiliency in the face of challenges. He is a true hero.

To hear this special show: CLICK HERE!

Also we had news from the poet Kevin Morris, another hero, announcing his launch of my collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind and Other Poems” on the World Poetry Reading Series. I am pleased to let you know that “My Old Clock” was published in June and is available in both paperback and e-book formats from http://moyhill.com/clock/. My collection is also available (e-book only) from Amazon and can be found here, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0735JBVBG






In addition, our e-poet was World Poetry Director Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah. who wrote: “I have arrived in Ghana safely from my visit to Beijing, Shenzen, Suzhou , Shanghai and other cities in China during my 21 day stay. I should say, it was a good and worthy trip of thought about climate change.”  His moving poem was : In Honor of Bright Amponsah Yeboah.

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

 Barry Plamondon was born  in Penticton 1958.  He grew up in South Van, graduating from David Thompson Senior Secondary School and spent 3 yrs. at U. B. C. Faculty of Arts. He received a certificate in Practical Horticulture at B.C.I.T. Worked 20 yrs. as a landscaper and was forced to retire. after 2 strokes. Barry started writing poetry soon after and  has resided in Maple Ridge for 25 yrs. He has a wife Sandi and 7 children. Barry’s hobbies and interests include Vancouver Canucks, gardening, listening to all types of music, getting out in nature, and reading.

Author of 3 published  books  :This n’ That Bric a Brac-Friesen Press 2016,Crackers and Crumbs-Silver Bow Publishing 2016. Run Between The Raindrops-Silver Bow Publishing-2017 He is a member of Holy Wow Poets(Maple Ridge)

World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Poetess Lozan Yamolky !

Ariadne’s Notes: We were honoured to  welcome the lovely and talented poetess Lozan Yamolky ,  June 8 on the World Poetry Café Radio Show 100.5 FM CFRO. She read her uncle Serwan Yamolky  poems in English and shared some of her own including the one featured below. A show to remember!


English, Arabic, Kurdish and the lovely music of the Oud.







“Lozan Yamolky is a Canadian -Kurdish from northern Iraq. Immigrated to Canada in ‘95

She started reciting and writing new poetry in fall of 2013 through open mic.

Freelance English, Kurdish & Arabic interpreter.

Her debut poetry book, (I’m No Hero) published by Silver Bow was launched in 2016. Working on book #2 😊 “






Good Morning World

Good morning from the island of O-aa-hu, Ha-va-ee.

Good morning sunrise.

Good morning early birds;

hard working people;

night workers and school children.


Good morning hopes;

dreams and heartfelt prayers we prayed last night,

and may make time to pray them today

and tomorrow too.


Good morning to those who soundly slept in their homes;

those who are far from home;

those lay lonely in a hospital bed somewhere;

and those who have no home at all.


Good morning tolerance,



good morning empathy


–why won’t you spread like wildfires

and consume the apathy of our times?


Good morning justice;

Oh, how much we miss you these days.


Good morning all you cruel, cruel leaders;

corrupt politicians and lowlifes

who do the bad deeds of those

in power and those rolling in it.


Those powerful and rich,

rewarding you for doing their dirty work

so there won’t be any blood

while shaking hands and making deals

and their clothes remain looking clean

in front of cameras.


Good morning to you lonely;


desperate souls;

and you who are caught

in the dark world and entangling webs of addiction;


–Do not give up hope to be one day free from it.


Good morning love;

good morning beauty;

good morning pure fresh air we can still breathe.


Good morning Mother Earth

please forgive us for neglecting to remember

how fragile you are,

and how much our greed is hurting you.


Good morning mighty powerful force of nature 

show us how angry you can be! 

You are far stronger than the wealthiest,

the loudest

and  the most influential of us all.


Dear Gaia,

give us another chance

to speak up and never give up hope

to make this world

a safe place for generations to come.


We got another chance

to break out of our silence.


Good morning world,

it is time for us to be awake,

it is time to rise and shine.


Lozan Yamolky ©  All rights reserved by the author.