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World Poetry Celebrates Chandra Bhatt, Patrice Williamson and others!

 Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry Café Radio Show,  CFRO, 100.5 FM with Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Victor Schwartzman with special volunteers Sharon Rowe and Willow, the dog.

  To hear the show:   CLICK HERE!  

May 11, 1-2 pm  featured a fascinating  interview by Victor Schwartzman of the book from Nepal, “Kathmandu Days” by Chandra Bhatt. The publisher is Niyogi Books India. Well worth listening and reading!




 A call in  from Boston  ( courtesy of Braitwaite and Katz)  at 1:40 pm, PST from Patrice Williamson with her new CD: Comes Love, a lovely CD featuring her silky voice . April 25, 2017 will marked the 100th anniversary of an event that would have a profound impact on jazz and American song: the birth of Ella Fitzgerald. While the centennial of the First Lady of Song will doubtlessly be celebrated in myriad forms, few will prove as heartfelt or sincere – or as long in gestation – as Comes Love, the new album by Boston-based jazz vocalist Patrice Williamson. For the occasion, Williamson teamed up with guitarist and fellow Berklee College of Music faculty member Jon Wheatley for a set that pays particular homage to Fitzgerald’s landmark duo with guitar great Joe Pass. 

Due for release on Ella’s birthday, April 25, on Williamson’s own Riverlily Records and produced by pianist/composer Helen Sung, Comes Love features a dozen Songbook classics originally either recorded by Fitzgerald and Pass on one of their four studio albums or performed live by the duo during the course of their notable collaboration. Williamson and Wheatley never resort to sheer imitation (not that such a thing would even be possible given their two inimitable models), but instead conjure the warm elegance and graceful swing of the originals through the alluring chemistry of their own inviting rapport. To buy this wonderful CD: https://patricewilliamson.com/







Also a review of the documentary Unarmed Verses by Director  Charles Officer . For a review by Ariadne Sawyer: http://www.theafronews.com/category/entertainment/

The show included two special e-poems  by the well known poet Germain Droogenbroodt. A feature coming soon.


World Poetry Celebrates Tara Kimberley Torme!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed the talented and courageous poetess Tara Kimberley Torme on March 30, 2017 in the studio of CFRO, 100.5 FM with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras, super tech Victor Schwartzman and special volunteer and dog sitter of Willow, Sharon Rowe. A beautiful e-poem by Monsif Beroual from Morocco was read.

  Jazz music featuring violinist/mandolinist Jason Anick and pianist Jason Yeager‘s first project as co-leaders, United, is out  (March 10, 2017) on Inner circle Music, promoting their delightful new CD UNITED.

  Source: Braitwaite and Katz.

To hear this interesting show: CLICK HERE!








Tara Kimberley Torme writes: “I was born in Montreal, Quebec
I moved to Vancouver, BC in March 1992 shortly before I turned 15 years old
I have been writing poetry since I was around 8 years old
I have written over 150 poems since childhood
I received my B.A. in English from UBC in May 2001
I received my publishing diploma from Langara College in June 2006

In 2006 I self published a book of my poetry called A Series Of Short Stories and Poems under the name of T K Torme which is available at amazon.com

I am currently working on editing all of my older poetry as well write several newer ones for myself for future publication

I have several poetry books that I am currently working on at the moment – it is a long process as I write poems that suit my current mood state and eventually I will decided which collection of poetry I am going to put them in.”
Tara Kimberley Torme.

Featured Poem:


He comes out

Final race


Men’s 200 M

To win gold


7 Olympic gold

To his name


Here to collect

Two more gold


De Grasse runs

In lane 4


The crowd roars

At Bolt’s name


He takes his hand –

Shushes the crowd


Gun sounds off:

Bolt in lead


Flash of red shoes

On the lane


He wins the race

With ease:


Bolt 200 triple

Going for 9 gold

De Grasse wins silver


De Grasse and Bolt –

Two great runners:


DeBolt will always live on

Forever. Olympic history


A piece of Bolt

Lightning strikes


Little brother from Canada

Best race already written


Victory lap for Bolt

With Jamaican and Brazil flag


By: T. K. Torme (C) All rights reserved by the author.


World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Seann Traviller !

 Ariadne’s Notes: The  World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed Seann Traviller to the show, March 2, 1-2 pm PST. A fascinating show of short stories, harmonica playing and a poem! Seann brings a unique voice to his work. Below is a short example of his creative voice.


Also on the show  at 1:40 pm, was the wonderful pianist and composer Frank Kimbrough presenting his new trio CD Solstice- a beautiful CD available through Amazon. Courtesy of  Braitwaite and Katz. 


World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Neall Ryon co-host, Victor Schwartzman , super engineer and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer.

A great show!











Well you might ask, “Who is… Seann Traviller?”  “Whats’ his measure?”  “Is he… a man, that is happy with his life… especially now that he is… 65?       You bet… I am!  As I am experiencing the best time of my life.  The freedom of retirement, sparked my forgotten passion for writing.  Coaxing out, my languishing creativity… with a flourish of stories.  That creative process, started an ongoing series of interior renovations… affecting all areas of my life.  Bursts of creativity are my source, of joy and help guide me in developing the latent talents emerging from within me.      One new avenue of excitement in my life, is my love of improvising along with the music I listen to on the internet.  Offering me a chance to burst free from my day, via my harmonicas accompanying, an assortment of eclectic music.  I especially enjoy listening to, and playing with the tributaries of the blues, and jazz.   Varying rhythmic lessons… tracing the emotional rhythms of the human heart.  Rhythms that are set into motion by responding hearts’ that translate those emotions into music.  Creating intertwining varying tonal patterns, impregnated with momentary slices of silence.  The essences of the magic… that we call, “music.”  The joy, happiness, and excitement contained in there is its’ own reward, for that joy I feel wondrously comes from inside of me.      To the skeptic’s… please know, I have physical proof as to this creativity’s existence.  In the form of my written stories, and fleshed out ideas… all have been transposed into this reality.  One of those transposed realities is a collection of five short stories.  These, I have shepherded together under the title… “On the Verge, of a Dream.”  The collection includes…’The Ebbing Tide,’ ‘Confessions’ of a Vegetarian Wolf,’  ‘The Living Forest,’ ‘Man or Angel’ and, ‘Sojourning Dreams.’      Here late in my life I have discovered that one of the zesty side effects of creativity and is that… I feel like I am a twenty year-old.  Standing there, gazing ahead at the next thirty years… thinking what a wonderful adventure, they are going to be.  Where I am going?  That’s the mystery, and the surprise of this life, when you let go and let life, come to you!      My desire is to continue exploring new ways to communicate through stories, and film of self-awareness, that examine self-worth, and looking at the formation of our personal perceptions, of the world.  Exploring how I perceive… myself on a personal level, how I taint those perceptions with emotional and mental concepts that are then personalized into beliefs.  Those beliefs can expand… or nullify, our creativity through misaligned self-expectations, entrapped within barriers of self-created fears.     Thru using the of creative expressions of writing and music, I have found ways to empower the personal changes I realized were necessary to free-up myself.  Maintaining the expansion of personal creativity… by continuing to explore the depths of my expression.  We are all story tellers… with our lives becoming the reflections of the stories that we tell ourselves, and start to believe.      Today it is a thrill, when creativity breaks free… splashing across the page, birthing a new poem… a new story… a new harvest of music.  It’s like a waterfall of love, cascading from my heart… in a rush of freedom… transcending itself across my life’s journey.                     Follow the Love… Seann Traviller.



Solidified by repetitive






                  making the


invent-able flexible truth solid…






            staggering structures

                                  of lies,




                        false dramas,

perceived needs,

                   desired wants,





into a

stilted copy

                                of a human


etched lines

                                  of distinction


                           race, customs,


                                     ideology, and

                                                misplaced faith,







                false borders!


                                    For do we,

                      not share…

the same,


the same,


       and, the same



       We are

                      all leaves,




                   human  tree…



                                                                        Seann Traviller (C) All rights reserved .