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World Poetry Celebrates Deborah Kelly!

Ariadne’s Notes: We had a great show on March 23, 1-2 pm, the World Poetry Café Radio with featured guests  the  multitalented and beautiful Deborah Kelly in the studio at CFRO, 100.5 FM reading her poetry and talking about her next new adventure; short story writing and her upcoming book.   Phone in guest,Tony Frisby, the  Irish poet calling in from England and reading in Gaelic and English with the wind blowing in the background will have his own feature coming up next. Thanks to Deborah for her co-hosting help also. Thanks to the World Poetry Café Team as well. Due to great demand, most shows have two guests, one in the studio and one call in.




Deborah L.  Kelly is an award winning Poet, who Features regularly throughout the Lower Mainland. She is the author of three published books of poetry, and is currently working on her fourth. Her work has been published in India, Uzbekistan and other countries as well.

Deborah’s work takes us into the duality of spirit and mortality; exploring the mysteries of humanity and Divinity. “As a poet, I feel it a part of my purpose to inspire and uplift others around me.”  Among some of her awards; Deborah was awarded the WIN Distinguished Poet Award, 2016;  and received Honorable Mention, Bharat Int’l Short Story Competition, 2017. www.poetrybydeborah.com


Beginning; The End

In the continual flow

of life’s spiral,

we see ourselves

reflected in the light

of cosmic ether:

glowing, pure, immortal.

Though our mortal bodies

die, there is no death.

Passing between worlds

with the light speed

of soul ~ ‘tis then we are whole.

Mortal vessel, unable

to transcend, must be

left behind, will never mend.

The beginning, is always

found at the end.

Deborah L. Kelly (C) All rights reserved by the author.




World Poetry Celebrates Deborah Kelly from Canada!

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Ariadne’s: Notes:The special guest  on the World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Victor Schwartzman  was the poetess Deborah L. Kelly  reading from her new book Through My Eyes which is being  being launched tonight. The show was also dedicated to Sharon Rowe on her birthday. The Great Homework Caper was read from the book the Big Bessie Stories. CLICK HERE to hear the show!

Deborah has has had her works published in numerous anthologies, books, magazines both in Canada, USA and India. She currently hosts and features with Poetic Justice in New Westminster throughout the year. Deborah has also Featured for Poetry in The Park, Holy Wow Poets, Surrey Muse, World Poetry and Edge of The Page Poetry. She has also been on World Poetry Co-Op Radio twice. Deborah’s debut book of poetry, “Through My Eyes,” was published in 2015, Silver Bow Publishing. A Director for two years, Royal City Literary Arts Society; Deborah also achieved Fourth Place winner in the Rabindranath Tagore Awards, 2015.

World Poetry Celebrates


World Poetry Proudly Presents Deborah L. Kelly From Canada!

Featured Poet.










 Ariadne’s note: The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show hosts Lucia Gorea and Israel Mota  proudly welcomed   the poet and World Poetry Peace Festival Volunteer Deborah L. Kelly to the radio show yesterday. To hear more o about the work of this exceptional poet CLICK HERE!

Deborah will also be reading her poems at the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival, April 4-30th!

Deborah L. Kelly lives in North Vancouver with her cat, Tippi, and has been writing poetry for more than 40 years. Having begun writing poetry in her teenage years, she discovered that it helped her to cope with the conditions around her during her youth.

Over the years, she has written hundreds of works … but has only recently begun to recite and experience others aspects the wonderful and healing world of poetry. She currently hosts and features with Poetic Justice in New Westminster throughout the year, and is hoping to have her first book, Nature’Song,  published sometime in 2013.

Deborah has been the recipient of the International Society of Poets, Poet of MeritAward, and has had her works published in numerous anthologies, the Agoracosmopolitan News online, and also various book collections of poetry over the years. She has also been published in the Taj Mahal Literary Review in India, and Quill Books in the USA. Her poem, Lunar Love, is included in the Canadian Federation of Poets, Love Anthology.

“I am very blessed to have been given the gift of poetry. To be able to weave one’s heart into a tapestry, ink on paper, is to have learned how to tap into the Universal channel of love and light.

I truly hope that this gift which I possess, which I offer unto anyone who wishes to read, touches and inspires your life in, (even if only one word), a positive and encouraging way. For if I am able to do this, even if only for one person … then my life, indeed, has not been lived in vain.”


Earth Warrior by Geoff Howard










Earth Warrior

Mother Nature rises in
her masculine form.
It has been eons since
he has heard her call.
Awakening from slumber,
he rises from the depths
of his warm bed of
earth and loam.
His voice echoes as he rises;
bearings strong and senses sharp
after so long in rest and solitude –
Tuned and balanced with
the female within.
She has called for her warrior,
and lo; he rises and
abides her request.
No sentient being, along,
can fight a struggle for
survival such as this.
With a great rumbling
his presence is known.
Her twin conscience,
her last hope for survival.
We shall bully and badger her no more
It has begun.

© Deborah L. Kelly