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World Poetry Celebrates Radio Host Diego Bastianutti







Ariadne’s Notes: On April 4, 1-2 PM PST, the World Poetry Café, 100.5 FM, CFRO had a great show with featured guest and WP Radio host, Diego Bastianutti. Diego had just come back from spending two weeks in Cuba and was able to share with us a fascinating glimpse of life in Cuba. The radio show was in Spanish, English and Italian with poems by Diego also in Spanish, Italian and English.

When I was working with Survivors of Torture, I arranged for a young man from Central America to get the medical treatment he needed in Cuba for free. We only had to raise the airfare. The treatment made a big difference in his life.

Here are some of the highlights about life in Cuba: from the show:

*Diego says that there are two Cuba’s , one wealthy by the tourist trade and one for the Cuban people.

*Due to the US Blockade, there is a rationing of food staples. Also due to the blockade , other countries are not allowed to trade with Cuba. Each person has a rationing card for basic foods.

*The markets mostly have Cuban soft drinks and very little else which has causes health problems. This is due to lots of sugar cane which is abundant. One person told Diego that he had not been able to get any butter for three months.

*Education from kindergarten through university is free as is a high standard of comprehensive medical care. Doctors trained in Cuba are in great demand all over the world.

*Everyone has housing and if you buy a home, your mortgage rate is 10 % of your income.

The Literacy rate in Cuba is 100 %. Books are plentiful and cheap. They are from all over the world without restrictions on topics.

*Recognized poets, artists, musicians, even ping pong players are considered to be professionals are paid a monthly stipend
to live on.

*While Diego was there, a new constitution was being written with input from all the communities. Every point was discussed and put down for review.

To know more, please listen to the show.

CLICK HERE!  *Please wait. for some reason, the link is not working again! 

Diego Bastianutti is in the process of editing three books being published which are being published at the same time.
Originally  from Fiume, Italy,  he has crossed many borders separating States as well as “states of being.” Diego is at ease with various languages and cultures. A retired Professor of Spanish and Italian literature, and former Honorary Vice Consul of Italy.

He has received wide recognition here and abroad for his work as a writer, poet and translator. Among his works he counts five volumes of poetry and his awarded book A Major Selection of the Poetry of Giuseppe Ungaretti. Currently he is a Canadian correspondent for an Italian literary magazine in San José, Costa Rica, and a member of various writers’ associations. His writings have become material of study in a graduate course offered at the University of Toronto. A forthcoming book published by the University of Toronto Press will feature an entire chapter on Bastianutti the poet and writer.

Here is a poem in English and Spanish by Diego:

Stop stop
in god’s name
don’t break the final seal
my face already wears the years
I’ll never have
I don’t want to see
I don’t want to know
I’ve seen enough
to last me a lifetime
seal the book under seven locks
throw the keys in the deepest sea
now turn off the lamp
and let me sleep


Tu dulce sonrisa
capaz de desvelar
la pepita de dolor que se esconde
debajo de nuestra risa
la bondad de tu mirada
que pesca el pez de la vergüenza
en nuestro mar de gloria
tus finas palabras que pelan
en lenta espiral la cáscara de presunción
que los hombres vestimos

 By Diego Bastinutti, (C)  all rights reserved.

World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Ayn Inserto!








Ariadne’s Notes: On October , 8 2018, an exciting guest called into the World Poetry Café Radio Show at 1:10 PM PST. Ayn Inserto shared with us her new CD Down A Rabbit Hole available from Summit Records; a musical adventure with songs that took us on a journey into an imaginary world of sounds. Hosts  Dr. Diego Bastinutti , Ariadne Sawyer , super tech Victor Schwartzman, special volunteer Sharon Rowe and regular correspondent Jeanne Probst completed the World Poetry Team. We would like to thank Braitwaite and Katz for sending this great composer and musician.









Ayn Inserto is a groundbreaking composer who is emerging as one of the preeminent voices of her generation. She received her Masters of Music degree in Jazz Composition from the New England Conservatory in May 2001. She is a winner of the 2007 IAJE/ASCAP Emerging Composer Commission honoring Frank Foster, the 2003/04 and 2005/06 ASCAP Young Jazz Composers’ Awards and has received various honors which include the Concord Pavilion Associates Marian McPartland Award, the Pacific Coast Jazz Festival Most Outstanding small jazz ensemble, and the 1999 Best Original Composition award at the Billy Higgins Jazz Festival. She was picked by Bob Brookmeyer to study jazz composition as his protégé. Listen to her work at http://ayninserto.com/

World Poetry Celebrates Jenna Lynn Albert!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café CFRO, 100.5 FM, featured a new book by Jenna Lynn Albert with her new book Bec  & Call published by Nightwood Editions on November 1-2 pm PST. Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Diego Bastinutti , super tech Victor Swartzman and special volunteer Sharon Rowe. Also featured was  a good news update on Rahmat Haidari and a story by Sharon Rowe.

The second guest , Ayn Inserto called in from the US  at 1:30 pm PST with her brand new CD The Rabbit Hole which will be the next feature. 






Jenna Lyn Albert is a poet, cat enthusiast, and proud acadienne. A graduate of the University of New Brunswick’s Creative Writing program, her poetry has appeared in The Malahat Review, The Puritan, Riddle Fence,The Antigonish Review, The Temz Review and CV2. Albert lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where she is a member of The Fiddlehead’s editorial board and a first reader for Goose Lane Editions’ Icehouse poetry imprint. Her debut collection of poetry, Bec& Call, is out now with Nightwood Editions.



The dinner plate is white and square
like the fancy ones from restaurants,
the tablecloth white and oval and even.
There’s a small salad fork to my left
and my sister’s place is set the same,
tiny utensils for two petite minettes
with bon appetites, each of us eyeing
the up-cycled jam jars of racinette
that we can’t drink until O Captain!
My Captain! has his food served to him,
our supper following tout de suite.
Here we’re given cloth napkins, not
paper, and I hate using them because
they are white and clean and folded.
Pépère made our meal tonight: seafood,
his specialty, the potatoes and fish dish
all white, cut into bite-sized pieces
that barely stand apart from the dishes
they are heaped on. My sister and I eat
the white meat and starch, les poissons,
les poissons, hee hee hee, haw haw haw
but Pépère gets the last laugh, smile
all gums, dentures waggling, he asks
how we like our cod tongue and cheek.
Mid-mastication, we pause. Pardonne-
moi? He swish-swishes his teeth back
to their proper position, says nothing.
A muffled retch comes from my sister,
running for the salle de bain faster
than Mémère can Ostie d’calvaire,
Claude, and there’s tongue in my cheek
and cheeks on my tongue and it’s not
long before I’m kneeling with my sister
over the toilet, the tile not nearly
as comfy as the prie-dieux at church.

 Jenna Lynn Albert (C) All rights reserved.