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World Poetry Celebrates Herb W. Bryce from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café on April 13, 1-2 pm, CFRO 100.5 FM was honoured to present the talented and unique featured poet Herb W. Bryce featuring his new book :

Chasing a Butterfly – A journey of love and loss to acceptance,” a book of poetry arising from his decade as care giver to his Alzheimer’s wife.  Also discussed were tips and advice about Alzheimer and caregiving. http://www.alzheimer.ca/bc

The show was dedicated in loving memory to David Campagna  the soulmate and husband of poetess and artist Carolyn Mary Kleefeld with two poems read from her Book, The Divine Kiss, an Exhibition of Paintings and Poems in honor of David Campagna.

The World Poetry Café Team: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Elaine Woo, co-host, Victor Schwartzman , super engineer, Sharon Rowe, special volunteer and doggie sitter for  Willow, Victor’s  dog and part of the team.








 Herb W. Bryce is a former journalist and newspaper editor, book editor and teacher. He has been a traveler (kidnapped and robbed), and has worked as a courier and a farm hand. His writings have appeared in anthologies in the United States, in British Columbia, Canada, in the “Fifty-five Plus” annual directory, “Today’s Senior Magazine,” and “Bryce’s Blog for Seniors.” His work is also in several local anthologies.

He was recently the featured writer in the Royal City’s Word Play at Work magazine:


Previous features, and comic strips, have appeared in “The Daily Mirror Book for Boys,” and “…for Girls,” in London, England, where he worked as a book editor. He also plied his journalistic skills with a daily newspaper in Worthing, England.

Previously, in Canada, he worked at various newspapers in his home province of Saskatchewan, and  at The Globe and Mail. Upon his return from his travels in Spain, Portugal, North Africa, the Middle East, etc., he signed on with The Hamilton Spectator.

He has a degree in English and Journalism from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, as well as teacher’s certification from the University of Alberta.

Mr. Bryce, author of “Ann – A Tribute,” and “Chasing a Butterfly – A journey of love and loss to acceptance,” a book of poetry arising from his decade as care giver to his Alzheimer’s wife, writes from is home in Maple ridge, British Columbia, Canada.


Oh, I have been the lucky one

To have lived and learned with her,

For always it was she,

The happy, doing one,

The giving, caring soul.

Our life has been,

Since those giddy, happy times,

A story of adventure,

One of give and take

And always and for ‘ever,’

Love for each and other’s sake.

How lucky to have met her,

How marvelous she cared.

Forever will I wonder

Why it was she dared

To have belief in me.

But whatever was the mystery,

Always I will cherish

The faith that both we shared

Through our lifelong span together—

So happy we were paired.

And I am not complaining,

Indeed I’m giving thanks,

For what I’ve gained from what she gave

Would enrich, I think, all of Britain’s banks.

And now when she is fading,

And I reflect upon our past,

I see the longer shadow,

The one that she has cast.

Herb W. Bryce (C) All rights reserved by the author.




World Poetry Celebrates the Unique Kim Fu!

Ariadne’s Notes: On August 18th,  CFRO 100.5 FM, The World Poetry Café Plus welcomed Kim Fu whose unique creative voice is outstanding, Mixing humour and darkness with irony, her poetry is both compelling and fascinating. She was our second poet from Nightwood Editions and deserves a featured spot here .  Kim will be participating in WORD and we hope to meet her then. World Poetry will be celebrating the poetry and music of Korea at WORD. Music from Don Amero and Andy Vine.









Kim Fu is a Canadian-born writer living in Seattle, WA.

Her debut novel FOR TODAY I AM A BOY (2014) was the winner of the Edmund White Award, finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award, a New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice, and long-listed for Canada Reads, among other honors.

Her first poetry collection HOW FESTIVE THE AMBULANCE (2016)

includes a Best Canadian Poetry selection and poems originally published in Grain, Room, PRISM International, Carousel, Ricepaper, Numero Cinq, Poetry is Dead, and The Rusty Toque.

Fu’s nonfiction credits include The Atlantic, NPR Books, The Rumpus, Hazlitt, Maisonneuve, and republication in Best Canadian Essays.

Fu has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. For 2015-16, she has received residency fellowships from Berton House (Dawson City, YK), the Ucross Foundation (Ucross, WY), Wildacres (Little Switzerland, NC), and the Wallace Stegner Grant for the Arts (Eastend, SK).

At the poet party

we talk about all the poets

who committed suicide.

The comparative merit

of stones in a pocket

over the gas oven.

“She didn’t want to leave

her children alone,” we say.

“But she did.”


We imply

as modern poets,

we are made of sterner,

less sentimental stuff.

We can weather the draft

through a crack in the bricks,

the presence or absence

of children or fame.


When one of us

commits suicide,

we say he was ill,

not a poet.

Kim Fu (C)

World Poetry Celebrates Lucy Ortiz and Project Cultural South!


Ariadne’s Notes: It was with great joy that the World Poetry Café CFRO, 100.5 FM with host and producer Ariadne Sawyer and co-host Neall Ryon, sound engineer Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe,  on July 21, 2010. welcomed Lucy Ortiz, the talented poet and head of Project Cultural South along with Frieda Marzolina, another good poet who has written 200 poems.  Poetry was shared in English and Spanish with music by Rene Hugo Sanchez and Leon Bibbs. E poet:Mona Rampersaud-Jones from Canada.



Lucy Ortiz, multi-award winning poet and author of many books and anthologies, she is the Director of Project Cultural South and travels frequently. She is also a World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Ambassador to El Salvador.

Lucy Ortiz, BIOGRAFÍA Salvadoreña Canadiense. En el año 1986 llegó al Canadá, país donde radica desde esa fecha.

En 1986 creó el grupo cultural educacional “Los Pipiles”,con niños hispanoamericanos de Vancouver.En el año 2001 publicó su primer poemario “Debajo de la Tormenta” en la Antología2001 del mundo de la poesía, en Vancouver.

En 1992 creó la “Brigada Juvenil de Apoyo a El salvador” en Vancouver.Recibió placa de reconocimiento del mundo de la poesía,por el aporte al trabajo literario en la publicación de la obra literaria antología 2001.

En 2001-2002 creó las bases para el Proyecto Cultural Sur Vancouver.En el año 2002 publicó “Una Gota en el Desierto”, en la Antología voces latinoamericanas de Vancouver, con la Asociación de Poetas y Escritores Latinoamericanos de British Columbia, donde se desempeñaba como secretaria.

En el año 2003 publicó el poemario Amores del río en AntologíaVoces Del Sur con el Proyecto Cultural Sur Internacional, donde se desempeña como Vice presidenta.

En 2005 ganó el primer lugar en el certamen de poesía: 25 años, Monseñor Romero. Celebrado por las comunidadesde base canadiense de Vancouver, premio entregado por el Padre Jon Cortina.

Preparó las bases para la creación de la Sopa Sur. Fue delegada al congreso de las artes en México y mucho mas.


Proyecto Cultural Sur Vancouver Celebra el tercer aniversario del monumento sopa sur. Invita a la comunidad a participar y compartir nuestra receta hecha realidad. El día 30 de julio a la 1:00 PM el Padre Francisco Jovel, visitante de Italia y el Padre Richard Zanotti oficiaran una misa de gracia y bendiciónal monumento: En Our Lady Of Sorrows ubicada en el 555 Slocan Street Vancouver BC, después de la misa, saldrá la caravana encabezada por los sacerdotes hacia el Seaforth Peace Park para hacer la bendiciónal Monumento. compartir la exquisita Sopa Sur y el acto cultural.La serenata musical con Macarena Cataldo y en el corazón de las memorias,la poesía de los poetas latinoamericanos de Vancouver en Seaforth Peace Park 1620 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC.

Con mucho cariño recibiremos a la asociación cultural salvadoreñaque pondrá una placa en el monumento la memoria de nuestro hermano Remberto Cuellar Ruiz, que nos prestó sus manos,su fuerza y su fe para dejar este ente a las futuras generaciones.

También se pondrá una placa con la memoria de Elba Espinoza, compañera que siempre fue una fortaleza y su hijo una mano fuerte en la construcciónde este elemento trascendental “El Monumento

Special Announcement!

Vancouver South Cultural Project Celebrates the third anniversary of the monument dedicated to  the special recipe Soup of the  South. they want to invite the  community to participate and share the soup at the event July 30 at 1 pm with a mass of grace and blessing for the monument  by Father Francisco Jovel, visiting from Italy and Father Richard Zanotti at Our Lady Of Sorrows located at 555 Slocan Street in Vancouver BC

After the Mass, 2,2:30 pm, the caravan, headed by the  priests will go to the Seaforth Peace Park,1620 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC to  bless the Monument. Project Cultural South will share the delicious soup which will also include a cultural event featuring the music of Macarena Cataldo and in the “heart of the memories “ a special  presentation of the poetry of Latin American poets in Vancouver.

Lovingly, the Salvadoran cultural association  will put a plaque on the monument in the memory of our brother Remberto Cuellar Ruiz, who lent us his hands,strength and faith to leave this monument to future generations. Another  plaque in memory of Elba Espinoza will also honor our companion who was always was a great strength and had a strong part in building the transcendental element “Monument.” All are welcome!



 Ariadne and Neal hosting.