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WP Peaceathon Partner Vani Pradeep from India!

 Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry Canada International Peaceathon  welcomes another wonderful partner from India! Vani Pradeep. Peace is in good hands with her.




She writes: “I have been into content writing and poetry crafting since 2001. I love the works of Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, John Keats and several other poets. My first English poem ‘Mother’ was published in www.poetry.com. My writing took the major international platform in 2013. Recognition came from a Jamaican fine artist – the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Lucienne Lovelette The Arts Magazine Collection International’ (LLTAMCI) – The introduction poem for their edition went from me apart from few other poems. Now, My works are with the magazine for their hardcopy launch in The US in the name: ‘BIAM’. Opportunities from World Poetry Canada in recognition of my ’emotions based poetry’ are having me go the next steps in my poetry work. My peace poetry was on Display for World Peaceathon Exhibit at UBC. I was recently on a couple of weekly radio shows for the ‘National Poetry Month’ on ‘World Poetry Open Mic’ and was also the phone guest on World Poetry Cafe Radio streaming @ 100.5 FM.”











As we sway smothered in blood shed,

Neither men nor nature know the pains of red.

Midst reign of terror, guns and smoke,

We lay like the extinct.


‘I’ – A symbol of love to this world –

the color of bloodshed, I do have.

I am a weeping rose;

Weeping to the depths of my heart

to see the unearthly, eerie

turn of ‘shoot to death’.


Earth: ‘mother to all’

is pained and wounded.

To see her children perishing in pain.


If Love be your core and

Peace be within you,

Lying somewhere unheard to, within the self;

Stamp down that gun,

to turn smoke into love.

Be a symbol of LOVE!


Love Can turn Ashes to Flourishing Soil.

Love Can Heal.

Love Can Cherish Peace.

Love can build an EARTH.

Vani Pradeep (C)

World Poetry Canada International Advisors and Directors!



World Poetry Canada International Advisors and Directors. More to come…

They will be participating on the World Poetry 24 hour around the World Peace Poetathon, September 21st and also in the Fifth World Poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Festival 2016.

 Dr. Hadda Sendoo, Mongolia
Yoshifumi Sakura, Japan
Dr. Stephen Gill, India and Canada
Elaine Woo, Canada
Wanda Kehewin , First Nations, Canada
Mamta Agarwal, India
Adisa AJA Andwele, Barbados and US
Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido, Canada.

Alaha Ahrar, Afghanistan and US.
Kwame Yirenkyi, Ghana and Canada
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah. Ghana
Sharif Saedi, Afghanistan
Oswald Okaitei , Ghana
Olajuwon Timileyin, Nigeria
Mutiu Olawuyi, Gambia
Musa Musavi, Afghanistan
 Caroline C. Nazareno, Philippines.

*Posted with their permission.



 Festival 2014.

World Poetry Proudly Presents Abhishek Rath from India!

Featured poet

Ariadne wrote, I am pleased to welcome Mr. Abhishek Rath to our site! Welcome.

“I am Abhishek Rath,Age-20 years, a native of INDIA.I have been published in 30 different national and international journals till date.My poems have been published in journals like Wildernesshouse Literary review, Aaduna,Ranfurly Journal,I english International Journal,Poetry Rival Anthologies of UK,Horrified Press anthology Tales,UK,Anthology by mountain tales press,Pyrokinection,Indian Ruminations,Indus Valley and many national journals.My first poetry anthology ‘Immortal Ink Bleed’ is to be published soon.I have also won two international poetry competitions conducted by Night publishing ,UK. and Ekphrasis, India(Fourth position)

It would be of great help if you feature me on the World Poetry site.”

This is one of my poems:

“The Silent Conversation”

The dim radiance rushing
 to take shelter inside my eyes,
Shadows of flipping calendar pages
soothing the half painted walls.
Dark thoughts jumping from
extreme corners starry  ceilings,
Into my pen,out on a paper piece,
in the form of a dark poem.

Tears that are secrets of the ink,
kept surging,
A poem-Bruised scar of my pain
got penned in rhymes.
The malodorous smell of stinking darkness permeated my room, Sweat smelling weary night kept staring at my despairing looks.

Two strangers on the road
 were having a silent conversation,
Their attire resembled the
black gown that loneliness puts on.
Darkness had swallowed them whole,
Locked gates kept them staring for long.

Evil clouds were circling over their heads , They were looking pale, gloom and strained.
I was watching them from a half-opened window, Brooding on their furtive plans of tomorrow.

More drifted by their thoughts and talks, I went downstairs to their conversation spot.
The moon was the gray streetlamp above them, And beneath them was lying my wondering gaze.

“Who are you  both, I want to know,
In the midnight what makes you talk so long ?”
Thus I questioned them without any fear, But I could notice their eyes damped with tears.

Then one of them replied in a stumpy voice, “I am Life and he is Death, Neither can live together, Nor can one live without the other, And we both meet together, Only after a complete life-time is over”.

Stunned , I stood there still like a pile of burnt ashes.

Soon their silent conversation came to an end.
They hugged each other and left the place.
One made his way towards my left,
The other followed the path to my right.
And they were on a single circular track.

At first, they would walk away from each other,
But finally meet at the same spot,
From where they had parted, and started
Their life-long journey to meet one  another…

Abhishek Rath (C)