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GENIUS a film with Colin Firth, Jude Law and others!



Photo courtesy of Elevation Pictures.

A must see film for writers and editors!

 I was honoured to see the press preview of GENIUS , starring Colin Firth, Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Laura Linney, Directed by: Michael Grandage. 

Opening in Toronto and Vancouver on June 17th and select markets on June 24th.

It is an unusual film showing the intricate dance between an editor and a novelist, showing the unique elements of the creative process

Press Release By Elevation Pictures:

“GENIUS centers on the real-life relationship between literary giant Thomas Wolfe and renowned editor Max Perkins. Finding fame and critical success at a young age, Wolfe is a blazing talent with a larger-than-life personality to match. Perkins is one of the most respected and well-known literary editors of all time, discovering such iconic novelists as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. Wolfe and Perkins develop a tender, complex friendship. Transformative and irrepressible, this friendship will change the lives of these brilliant, but very different men forever .”


World Poetry Celebrates John Preston & the Renaissance Bookstore!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show, with producer and host Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon, plus sound engineer Victor Schwartzman   on June 16, Thursday, 1-2 pm  CFRO, 105.FM  was excited to feature John Preston  from the Renaissance Bookstore in New Westminster,  BC, Canada. John spoke about their new store and events in the future as well as his interests in healing and spirituality; Remote viewing, and future forecasting were also discussed.  E-poets: Vani Pradeep , India and Dr. Kapardeli Eftichia  from Greece. To check out events and buy through their e-bay go to http://www.renaissancebookstore.com/












Also special Haiku by  to celebrate the upcoming World Poetry New Westminster Haiku Celebration on the 22nd. At the New Westminster Public Library. wpnw-poster-June-2016-vs1

“Renaissance Books offers a welcoming environment for book lovers as well as artists. The store offers additional shelf space for books, from the trendy to the obscure. You will find used, out-of-print, hard-to-find books and new local authors books. We stock many titles, so you call and we will be able to track down just about any book. Whether you locate what you want in our store or in our Ebay store, you will find that our selection is unparalleled.

Shelf space for Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and also Arts & Crafts. We have set-up sections based on popularity and demand from our customers.

Our new store also offers space for customer amenities.We support local authors and we  sell your books and to hold book launches/signing and above all meet your friends.  Source: Renaissance website.”

Join us in celebrating the new location of the Renaissance Bookstore!



A Tribute for Muhammed Ali by Oswald Okaitei from Ghana!









Ariadne’s Notes: Here is a wonderful tribute to Muhammad Ali by our World Poetry Theatre Ambassador Oswald Okaitei who is an inspiration for us all!

*** Watch “”The Eighth Ode To Ali” by Oswald Okaitei for Muhammad Ali” on YouTube


Also this poem was read on the World Poetry Café Radio Show.

Tenth Ode for Muhammad Ali

In a united spirit,
We mourn the darkness in the sun
And cease the feet
Of the dancers and beating palms of the drummers…

In a spirited oneness,
We have sworn before your withered dust
Never to tear
But to inherit your bravery over fear

Yes, you injured the rock,
Diseased the medicine, floated like a butterfly
And stung like the bee…
So hero! Must we mourn your passage into the next world?


We shall not!

Let the Praise Singers
Gather by the edges of the golden streets
And the horn blowers
Kiss their horns: we shall hail the ‘Greatest’ before his leave today!

(Warrior song)

O’ Everest!
The ever ‘greatest’ of our times!
You have crossed the sun
And left your darkness in its ever shinning shine:

The sun even confesses your Greatness!

Alas, Bomaye!
Kill death and rise again in the new world
Where you traverse to!
And when you are there, let them too know that still, you are the Greatest!

Oswald Okaitei
(c) 2016

Oswald Okaitei is a multi-international award winning poet from Ghana. He is one of the fresh breath to poetry and Spoken word world wide. As the World Poetry Theatre Ambassador from Ghana and World Poetry Director from Ghana, he has collaborated with other poets, especially Prof. LadeWosornu (an astute Surgeon and poet) to bring life to poetry in Ghana by staging poetry worksin the look of stage drama in recent times. Oswald has five poetry anthologies to his credit, written, directed and produced quite a number of plays including IN THE BAG OF A WOMAN, BEAUTYFUL NONSENSE and IN MAN’S LIBIDO, performed on several platforms-international and national. Oswald is a prolific writer and an artistic creator.