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World Poetry Celebrates Candice James Poet Laureate From Canada!

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Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon welcomed the amazing poet Candice James, Poet Laureate of New Westminster to the show on CFRO 100.5 FM , on Tuesday September 29, 9-10 pm. Also presented were  gifts of appreciation to Sarah Jo, to thank her for her great help as an operator and mentor to the show. Also, featured was  a Peace Song from Mali for the 24 Hour Peaceathon. CLICK HERE for the show.


Featured Poet

Candice James is New Westminster’s Poet Laureate, serving her second 3 year term of office. Her first publication, “A Split in the Water” (Fiddlehead: 1979) was the start of nine collections of poetry and the most recent is“Merging Dimensions” (Ekstasis Editions 2015). She is Founder, Director and Past President of Royal City Literary Arts Society; Past President of the Federation of BC Writers; Founder of Poetry In the Park, and co-founder of Poetic Justice. Candice enjoys life as a visual artist as well as a singer/songwriter/musician. Further detailed info can be found under Candice James at Wikipedia.org: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candice_James

The Afterglow

Words come together

In unisons and forms.

Some create tsunamis,

Others summers storms.

Words can hold a world of wisdom

In a tender tear;

Or wipe away deep seated scars

The wounds of yesteryear.



Poetry is a horse

Of another colour;

A mare that’s thrown its shoe;

A dog that’s slipped its collar;

An independent wildcat

Born of another ilk

Purring satin stanzas,

Weaving them with silk.


When words are linked in meter

Or wrapped inside a form

They weave a magic world

Of heartbeat and mind-storm.

The universe and cosmos

Fill our imagination

And poetry’s the afterglow

Of souls’ inspiration.

The sweet,

The bittersweet

and poetry…


Create the afterglow.

© 2015 Candice James, Poet Laureate,

New Westminster, BC CANADA


World Poetry Celebrates Jazz Great Richard Nelson from the USA!

Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon and  operator Sarah Jo welcomed the amazing Jazz musician and composer, Richard Nelson who spoke about his latest CD Deep River. To hear this fascinating interview:





 CD link:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/richardnelson12




Photo by Joana Morrissey

Composer/guitarist Richard Nelson grew up in the East Bay suburbs of San Francisco. He studied music at Sonoma State and UC Berkeley, where he honed his improvisational chops in the UC Jazz Ensemble backing guest masters like Joe Henderson, John Handy, and George Duke. A few years after graduating from Cal in 1977 he headed east to study composition with Donald Erb at Indiana University (while also playing guitar in the IU Big Band directed by the great David Baker). The eastward trek continued when he made the move to New York City for doctoral work in composition at Columbia with Mario Davidovsky, while also studying with Bob Brookmeyer and Manny Albam in the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop.

Nelson made an impressive recording debut as a bandleader with the sterling 2001 trio session Figurations (Invisible Music) featuring fellow UMA colleagues Chris van Voorst van Beest on bass and Steve Grover on drums. He followed up with 2004’s Origin Story, which marked a major leap as a composer/arranger. An earthy and sophisticated quintet project focusing on his extended original compositions, the album features alto saxophonist Tim O’Dell and trumpet legend Don Stratton. He’s also distinguished himself in the world of concert music, composing both fully notated works and ones incorporating improvisation performed in concerts and at festivals across the country by such groups as Speculum Musicae, ALEA III, and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra.

Running through his entire career since settling in New England in the late 1980s is his relationship with the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. Founded in 1973 by trumpeter and music director Mark Harvey, the band is known for wide-ranging repertoire featuring original works by Harvey, music of Duke Ellington, and diverse concerts spanning jazz, folk, popular and classical traditions.   The group appears on twelve CDs, including seven discs from Leo Records. Over the past quarter century Nelson has contributed several pieces to the band’s book, while performing on all of their albums. A core member of the ensemble, he’s maintained his affiliation with Aardvark since moving up to Maine and considers the band to be “a vital part of my creative pursuits.” Nelson is additionally a Professor of Music who teaches composition and jazz improvisation at the University of Maine at Augusta.

World Poetry Celebrates the talented Yasir Kayani from Pakistan!

“Ariadne’s Notes: We are honoured to present a talented young poet from Pakistan who joins our World Poetry Family.    







I’m Yasir Kayani, an Attorney at law, Writer, Poet and Human Rights activist. I belong to Pakistan’s district which is far flung from the capital of my country. My city, Kasur is situated on the periphery of Pakistan’s eastern border with India. But how far I am, we all belong to one family and that is human family. Poetry given a flip to imaginations. I do poetry in English as well as in my National language i.e. Urdu. As no body has ever measure, not even poets how much the heart can hold. Poetry is the medium that tries to measure the heights of imagination and depth of one’s feelings. Rainer Maria Rilke once said, “The only journey is the one within.” And through poetry, I travel from within, I am in search of the universe within, the secrets and mysteries within myself, the woof and warp of Nature within and the dazzling light that guides me always. Being a Human Rights activist, I wish to depart this world feeling content that I fulfilled my duty to my fellow human beings. I wish you all an illuminating journey towards yourself! ”               

Love beyond time and space

Beyond the sight of my apparent eyes

I see you in the garden of love

Where the souls fuse into each other

Around the bezels of seraphs

Under the ceil of divine light

Just you and me holding each other

With an everlasting heavenly thread

Sheathing us tightly to become one

Out beyond the time and space

We experience the purity of love

Love takes us towards timelessness

And changes our finiteness to infinity

© ~ yasir