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Kamal Parmar Featured World Poet From Canada!

Featured Poet

KAMAL PARMAR, has been passionately involved in the genre of poetry and creative non-fiction, since her high school and University years. Having done her Masters in English, she worked as a free lancing journalist. Her desire to take up writing as a full time profession, flowered when her first poem ’A prelude to the evening’ got published in a popular magazine. Her poems are simple, though poised and evocative enough to set the reader thinking. She has a few books, published in India and UK and numerous poetry publications in reputed Canadian and US literary journals and anthologies.

Currently she is working on personal essays that describes the emotional journey of a writer, as she skillfully brings the past memories of India to life, with lingering nostalgia while juggling wisdom with naivete’. Her recently published book of poems is titled–Fleeting Shadows.’

To listen to Karmal on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show with hosts Lucia Gorea and Alejandro Mujica-Olea, please click here.

Only in November

Its early November morn
the sky, a sober grey, the air frozen.
Winter sun, almost invisible,
a glimmer of light in the fog-smothered eastern sky
creeps in stealthily, like a thief on the prowl.
Through the scraggly, leafless branches,
a bright moon pales frozen dark sky
pockmarked with a star, late in coming.

Cottages blanketed by snow
lie shut and lifeless, the silence haunting.
Inside warm hearths reflect shining faces,
that crowd around the decorated Christmas tree,
as mother bakes festive cookies
and cherry macaroons for afternoon tea.
Outside, its minus ten degrees, snow lies thick and heavy
like whipped cream drizzled over fir and cedar,
frail branches of Japanese maple , hang heavy and low.
Dollops of snow pockmark aspen
that dance amid light flurries
I look through the bedroom bay window,
to the cold , white expanse of ground,
where snowflakes twirl and float ,
then sink softly onto piles of soft freshly falling snow—
only in November.

The silence, magical.

Kamal Parmar ©