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Join Mahinour Tawfik’s Prevent Suicide Campaign!

 Ariadne’s Notes: Join Mahinour Tawfik’s campaign and spread awareness on Suicide!








“Dear Ariadne,
I want your permission to share a poem on www.worldpoetry.ca regarding the issue of suicide.  I had an experience with this issue and recently with a friend of mine. I hope we can start a campaign to spread awareness – help people speak up, not give up
and to get help. I wrote a poem and I had a special poster designed for it. “

Mahinour Tawfik

To join her campaign : ariadnes@uniserve.com








Standing at a funeral, all, in sorrow, was dressed

Soaked in sorrow as the verses were read

Pondering in the stillness, how much the girl is blessed

{When my time comes,

Loneliness will be my one and only guest}


Ignorant of her name but the incident was tragic

{Taking her life}, they said, {can’t seem further from logic}

Would they’ve said that, upon a long walk in her shoes

Standing up to fall into much deeper blues?


Fighting silent battles to become her worst rival

Doing the time until she had to impose the final

Consciously consensual

After scars grew deeper, its woes seemed perpetual


Certain of life’s ruthlessness,

Never have I been aware that death

Robs lives whilst gathering more debts

From forsaken souls apart from the hearts it shreds

Mourning yesterday, grieving the future pledged


On my knees beseeching Angel of Death

“Bring her back for a moment

To ascertain how much she was blessed”

Don’t let her be by eternal suffering possessed”


Wiped the tears, marching to pay my respects

Towards the coffin in which I was dressed

With a note along side

{Does it make a difference, now that I’ve left?}

*All battles fought in silence are fought with violence

 Mahinour Tawfik (C) All rights reserved by author. http://worldpoetry.ca/?p=9117

World Poetry Presents International Women’s Day March 25th!


World Poetry  is pleased to present the added features of World Poetry New Westminster Youth Ambassador Danielle Jones and the dancer Selene Bertelsen! Plus a special e-poem written  for Women’s Day  by Egyptian youth poet, Mahinour Tawfik!

Come and join  us!

World Poetry Presents Mahinour Tawfik with Powerless!



Ariadne’s Notes: We are honoured to present a 22 year old medical student from Egypt whose powerful and moving poetry reaches out to the world. Another talented and empowered youth poet who will make a positive difference in the world! Today we are posting a strong poem called Powerless which was read on the last World Poetry Café Radio Show during the amazing show with Janet Rogers, Victoria Poet Laureate.


World Poetry Canada International  wishes to say that there are many youth poets and directors using the pen and special programs  to help create a better world with a focus on peace. Mahinour is one such poet who can present the tough issues but also create peace. Also our mission is to give support and believe in these poets, filmmakers and writers. The World Poetry Family is behind you.

She writes:
“My name is Mahinour Tawfik
A 22-year old medical student in Egypt studying to become a psychiatrist.
Was educated in British school, Grew to be fond of English Literature especially poetry.
Went through very hard times, had almost given in to pain until poetry healed me
As a medical student I believe, as medicine heals bodies, poetry cures souls
I had several chances to participate in poetry anthologies
I dream to become a world known poetess, a very successful psychiatrist and to travel around the world.”


I‘ve got brainpower & sound senses,
yet I am powerless
Granted all chances to prosper
But every moment I live,
every breath I take, is worthless

I am useless to the living
and disgrace for the dead
Humanity is being murdered;
I am drowning in the bloodshed
Villainy has steadily nurtured,
injustice has widely spread
When righteousness is known,
I am powerless to defend

Everyday thousands are victimized,
My soul keeps shattering
upon listening to mourners’ screams and cries
I see blame in the eyes
Of the orphans and parents, windows and friends
“How could you let them die?
Why didn’t you save them,
why didn’t you even try “

When heroes are martyred defending their honor
Shielding their families, protecting their lands
Steady in front of death, because faith is their armor
When heroes hold swords,
I do nothing but hold a pen in my hand
Expressing my pain and ache in valueless words
Not taking an effective action to rescue the world

My beloveds, whom I vowed to,
sacrifice my soul for their sakes
I am still living my worthless life,
but their hearts won’t ever wake

I wronged my child when I birthed him to a life
Where I am powerless to protect him,
from the abuse and strife
I was nothing but selfish, handicapped
I knew he could be murdered, raped or kidnapped
When mothers sing their babies sweet lullabies
I woke my baby upon mourner’s grief and cries

I am living in a hell, powerless to fight its demons
I can neither protect innocents nor my beloved ones

I didn’t save my murdered sister in the church
she said the word (Jesus)
And then breathed her last
Neither did I save my kidnapped brother from the mosque,
10 days had passed
When his corpse was found but cut into pieces
I watched chapels, shrines & temples set on fires
Ignited by the devils’ lustful desires*

Claiming to spread words of God & strengthen his gracious name
When they bring the gracious religions nothing but disdain and shame
Ignorant of the fact that
No matter how long corruption takes over,
only God’s power remains
I listen to the creator and religions being insulted
But powerless to defend what I’ve been entrusted

I’ve got no justification,
nothing to say
I am still useless to the living,
more disgrace to the dead

I loathe my worthlessness
I pray every moment for death to lose all the capabilities
I have, still with them,
I am nothing but powerless

Mahinour Tawfik  ©