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World Poetry Proudly Presents Melanie Simms, Pennsylvania Poet Laureate!


Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed the lovely poet Melanie Simms to our first show in the new radio station. An exciting show full of poetic gems, fun and laughter. She was reading from her new  hardcover book: Remember the Sun which will be available in the fall of 2014. Sadly, the archive link is not available at this time.

Melanie Simms, former Perry County Poet Laureate is an award winning Commonwealth poet with over 200 publications of poetry to her credit in magazines, newspapers, magazines and literary journals. Many of her poems are poems of place reflecting the life and people of her home state of Pennsylvania. She has been a featured radio and television guest on multiple shows nationally and internationally. Ms. Simms is the recipient of such awards as a Sophie Award, a Pushchart Prize nomination. a Vermont Writers Studio Scholarship and a Richard Savage Award nomination from Bloomsburg University. Her most recent book release, slated for Fall 2014 release by Sunbury Press in Mechanicsburg is titled Remember the Sun: Poems of Nature and Inspiration. For more information and links to Melanie’s publications, awards, and radio/tv appearances visit her website at www.melaniesimmspoet.com


:my book cover

Poem from her upcoming book:

“Ever newer waters flow on those who step into the same waters”


Love needs no language,

Not here,

Along the Susquehanna, watching as she twists and bends

Returning to mouths,

Where sunlight and lovers meet.

Not here,

Where the silver maple and black cherry sway patiently,

Amidst the romantic odes of the meadowlark,

Or the ecstasy of the osprey,

As they dive and reemerge,

Fed by the river.

Not here,

Where the haunting tales of lush mountains

record through the ages,

Those first seedlings of love.

Here, along the river, she reveals us to one another,

As we confess our love, baptized between her gentle waves.

How has she found us?

Here along the Susquehanna, reflecting in our gaze,

the memories of our ancient love’s return.

Melanie Simms (C)

World Poetry Proudly Presents Melanie Simms from the USA!


Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Cafe Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota welcomed Melanie and her lovely poems! A lovely interview and interesting conversation. E-poems by Richard Doiron, World Poetry Life Time Achievment Award Winner and Oswald d’Atl Entertainer, World Poetry Empowered Award Winner. To listen to the RADIO SHOW CLICK HERE!

Melanie Simms is an award winning poet with over 175 publications of poetry in numerous magazines, newspapers and literary journals including: The Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, The Daily Item, Taj Mahal Review, Penn Review (University of Pennsylvania) and CLAM (UC Berkeley).  She is the author of a book of poetry titled, “Waking the Muse.” She is also the recipient of numerous awards for poetry including a Sophie Award, A Vermont Writer’s Studio Scholarship, and a finalist in the Richard Savage Award from Bloomsburg University. Melanie served with distinction as a former Poet Laureate of Perry County, and is listed in Marquis Who’s Who of the World and Cambridge Who’s Who of Women in Publication.  Her recent poem “Sunbury” penned for the city of Sunbury, PA has received continued acclaim and air time with such radio stations as WKOK, WVIA, NPR, WMNF 88.5, (Tampa, Florida) The Tom Morgan Show, WITF, and recently PA Radio.  Presently “Sunbury” is being readied for air time with Garrison Keillor’s radio show, A Prairie Home Companion. Sunbury has also been published in the Susquehanna Life Magazine, the Daily Item and the York Daily Record and it today resides behind glass in Representative Lynda Schlegel-Culver’s Sunbury District office.

Melanie has read in many venues including the Degenstein Community Library, the Sunbury River Festival, on live podcast at The Midtown Scholar Bookstore and at the Joseph Priestly Chapel. She recently read her poetry in the Harrisburg Capitol. First Lady Susan Corbett attended. Melanie has also shared her poems with the Pennsylvania Cable Network, and has upcoming readings in November with former Harrisburg poet laureate Nate Gadsden’s  TV Show “Life Esteem” (WHP-21, CBS), and “Tell Me a Story” with Joy Hockman (WFTE, Scranton, PA).

Melanie hails from a talented literary family including her late mother Elinor Melvin a poet, pianist and former newspaper editor, and her Uncle, Patrick Sloyan, a two-time Pulitzer-prize winning war journalist from Newsday.

A note from Melanie plus links!
Hi Ariadne

 Thank you for having me on your show; it was a great pleasure. I had a chance to listen to the recording — your show platform is wonderful! In retrospect however, I didnt realize I had such a serious case of the giggles! 🙂 I hope it wasnt too distracting.. if you want me back, I’ll focus on a more serious composure… it was however a wonderfully fun show so thank you again.

I have a link to one of my poems on-line with Versify– you’re welcome to use that. I also have a website

Here are the links:



Please send my best to Israel. It was a special treat to hear my work in Spanish.

Thank you again,

Melanie Simms


The Return

The voices of seers
Wage war with their lips
Foretelling a certain defeat
“He won’t return.

Their proclamations beat like Thor’s hammer
Nailing the lid to the coffin
Of our love’s final hour.

But even in the place where love dies, I will look for you
And find us a shelter against the harsh words of those who witness against us.
Defying the fates of Clotho, Atropos and Lachesis.

And amidst the tranquil world of dreams, between the veil of life and death
You will greet me, and we will rejoice and embrace, freed from the shackles
Of time’s inequities.

Until then, I will weep in the world of mortal men
Weep against their cruelties
But even in my weeping,
I will stand strong against the ragings of life, knowing the wisdom of the ages:
“A tree that does not bend with the wind, by the wind will be broken”
And oh how I will bend to survive, and reclaim you!

Melanie Simms (C)