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World Poetry Features Synn Kune Loh-a Must Hear Show!




Ariadne’s Notes:

On November 30, 1-2 pm , PST, CFRO, 100.5 FM, The World Poetry Café was honoured to present the talented, poet, writer, artist and musician, Synn Kune Loh.

It was a profound and moving show, probably the most moving of our 18 years plus existence on the show. Synn Kune Loh  read poetry, sang songs and talked  about his new book, The Ping Pong Diaries. Which is being published by Silver Bow Publishing in January. The healing process, dealing with challenges and transformation were discussed as personal stories were shared.

The World Poetry Team, Ariadne Sawyer, MA, Host and producer, Victor Schwartzman , Technical engineer and Sharon Rowe, Special volunteer. Music by Synn Kune Loh. Selected e-poems from the World Poetry E-Anthology on the main page.


CLICK  HERE to listen for the show!







Synn Kune Loh is a visual artist, a painter, a poet ad a song writer. 

He is the author of a book of poetry titled “A Journey to Camatkara,”and a CD, “Return to the Boundless Light.” He was born in China and grew up in Hong Kong.

He received a BA in psychology from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticutt, U.S.A.

While studying for his MA in Cultural Psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario,he took a trip to Paris and discovered his passion to make art. He went to the Ontario College of Art and began a career as an exhibiting artist. His early paintings were abstract landscapes,followed by themes that stem from a metaphysical content. 

His poetry has an unique expression that is both touching and inspiring. Diagnosed with early Parkinson’s Disease, he used Ping Pong as a healing agent, and wrote a book titled “Ping Pong, Parkinson’s, and the Art of Staying in the Game.” The book will be published by Silver Bow Press in January, 2018.


If speaking is just making noise.

If talking is too much about facts.

Conversation is connection.

If real conversation is silence,

a heart to heart communication.

If contemplation is mind expansion,

an underrated pleasure.

beyond the physical dimension.

meditation is soul revelation.

If surviving samsara is our journey.

Remembering nirvana is our destination.

If poetry is a new leaf

emerging from the old self.

Let us talk to each other then,

with poetry, the real conversation.

Synn Kune Loh (C) All rights reserved by author.




EXCITING NEWS! World Poetry & Partners Present at LitFest! May 14-2-4 pm!

World Poetry Celebrates!



LitFest New West!

Many languages, many cultures.

One goal: A united voice of poetry!

May 14 , 2pm – 4pm

  Douglas College Aboriginal Gathering Place 4th Floor, 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster.

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Welcome poems, English and Mandarin, Synn Kune Loh

Opening poem: Candice James, Poet Laureate Emeritus of New Westminster.

Godwin Barton, welcome.

            Dr. Garg, Hindi, Sanskrit

             Lucy Ortiz. Spanish

               Tommy Tao, Cantonese

             Faith Jones, Yiddish

            Selene Bertelsen, Middle English

              Hae Young Kim, Korean

            Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Tagalog

            Yaman Saleh, Arabic

            Sattar Saberi  & Mobin Saberi,  Farsi (Unsung Hero)

All welcome. Free! 604-526 4729 www.worldpoetry.ca

exhibir and film screenings 049

Sattar reading Wida’s peace poem at the Cinevolution Rapping Afghanistan Event. (one of 1000 peace gift poems at UBC)


World Poetry Celebrates Artist Synn Kune Loh from Canada!


Ariadne’s  Notes:

Synn Kune Loh is an exhibiting visual artist, design consultant, poet and international speaker on the evolution of consciousness.  He is inviting all World Poets Canada International and others to view his work at http://www.synnkuneloh.com/,pick a painting and write a poem about it. Selected poems will be put on his website. Be sure to include your name, country and copyright. For those in the Vancouver area, there will be a special artist’s talk on October 3rd, 1-3 pm and you can also write a poem there.

So Old So Young All At Once

Upcoming Exhibition: Realm of Possibilities between Imagination and Actuality

Exhibition Dates: Sept. 19-Oct. 25, 2015

Chinese Cultural Centre Museum, 555 Columbia Street, Vancouver BC


For over a decade he travelled extensively in Mexico, leading explorations to twenty pyramids, including the special sacred site known as The Luminerias. Synn Kune is an active speaker with the Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California.

In 2012, Journey to Camatkara meaning, “astonishment” was published. This book of poetry reveals a personal journey of discovery. The poems in this collection show how a painter uses words to express profound moments in his life’s experience, all leading towards an awakening of ecstatic wonder. The book cover is a painting by Synn Kune, The Tipping Point.

Born in China, Synn Kune grew up in Hong Kong. He completed a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Bridgeport in the USA, before his graduate study in Cultural Psychology at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. An accomplished painter, he studied experimental art at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. In addition, Synn Kune holds a Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Counselling from the International College of Spiritual and Psychic Science in Montreal, Quebec.

With his wife, Dawn, Synn Kune Loh currently lives in Vancouver, BC, where he paints, writes poetry and conducts transformative workshops.