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The Tree House, a Page for Children and Youth!

 Welcome to the Tree House, a page dedicated for children and youth !

You can post your poems, stories, ideas , special events, awards and projects. Selected poems will be read on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show and published on www.worldpoetry.ca.  School projects are also very welcome.

 Calling all artists:  We would like to place a Tree House image that we can put at the beginning of each post.

 Poets and short story writers: Please send your poem, a brief biography and name of your country.

 E-Poets: If you want your poem read on the radio show as an e-poem, please send it to: ariadnes@uniserve.com

World Poetry Readings:

World Poetry New Westminster is dedicating a half hour for Children and youth at the New Westminster Public Library, the fourth Wednesday of each month starting at 6:30 pm. If you are in the Vancouver or New Westminster area or on tour, please contact: ariadnes@uniserve.com

World Poetry International Festival , May 14-15 will be featuring children and youth poets at the Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond, BC.

Join us and have fun as we explore the wonderful world of poetry and stories.

Special Events:

Danielle Jones, First World Poetry New Westminster Youth Ambassador!
January 26th at 6:30 pm, New Westminster Public Library, our partners, 716-6th Avenue (Auditorium Room) New Westminster, BC, Canada.
Danielle Jones will receive the World Poetry New Westminster Youth Ambassadorship. Miss Jones has been very active reading and volunteering at World Poetry events.  She is the author of two chapbooks and has written a number of poems in the last few years. Recently she received a golden spoon from the Mayor of New Westminster, His Worship Wayne Wright while reading a special poem (New Westminster) in Council Chambers in celebration of World Poetry’s first year in New Westminster.  
Danielle is a valued volunteer and poet, opening doors to other youth poets who will be the poets and writers of the future.  We are very honoured to have her as our first youth ambassador.” says Ariadne Sawyer, World Poetry New Westminster organizer.
All are welcome to attend. There will also be two book launches, poet readings and refreshments. Hosts: Masume Dihkani and Ariadne Sawyer.  Free. For more information: 604-526-4729 or

The Tree House Background information:

The founder of the original Tree House, Patricia Star Downey started the Tree House program at age six and continued working on it until she was ten.  It included a monthly venue on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show and a monthly Newsletter as well as contests, guest writers and other events such as The World Poetry Create a Poem table and certificates which World Poetry still does today.  Patrica is now in college and has her own family of future poets. She gave us permission to bring the Tree House back to life again. When Patricia was six I asked her why she chose the name, The Tree House? She replied : ” I picked the name because children can climb up into it and feel safe and comfortable.” 

Here is a poem that she wrote when she was six:


Eagle fly past me.

Where are you going?

Tell me in dreaming.

I’m flying, I’m soaring.

I am an eagle.

Brown and white.

A silent site.

A dream.

Patricia Star Downey (C)

Published in The World Poetry Anthology, 2001. A Selection of the Best Works of Vancouver’s Multicultural Poets. World Poetry Publishing.

This sounds like a house that we all need to go visit from time to time.