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Ariadne’s Notes will update readers and participants on the World Poetry Site, special events, help needed and our goals for the future.

World Poetry Cafe Celebrates Chris Auchter!


The World Poetry Café radio show CFRO, 100.5 FM on Jan 16, 1-2 pm PST welcomed the talented Haida Filmmaker Christopher Auchter and National Film Board publicist Katja De Bock to share his exciting news!

“ His latest work, Now Is the Time, which revisits the raising of the first Haida totem pole in the modern era, had been selected by the renowned Sundance Film Festival, which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in Jan/Feb 2020.

The festival selected 74 short films from over 10,000 submissions (5,400 international submissions).

In addition, we just received this news: “Just announced: Now Is the Time was selected at the largest documentary film festival in the western USA: Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Montana.”

 Background information: “When internationally renowned Haida carver Robert Davidson was only 22 years old, he carved the first new totem pole on British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii in almost a century. On the 50th anniversary of the pole’s raising, Haida filmmaker Christopher Auchter steps easily through history to revisit that day in August 1969, when the entire village of Old Massett gathered to celebrate the event that would signal the rebirth of the Haida spirit.”

Also on the show, the welcome song by Mary Youngblood playing the Medicine Flute, a special cedar rose flower made by Elder and World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner  Amalia Barney, Poems by Ariadne Sawyer and Diego Bastinutti and a Big Bessie story by Sharon Rowe.



In a moving interview, Christopher spoke out the wonderful and moving reception that the film had by Elders and young alike as well as the need to preserve for future generations. He also answered questions sent in by two young filmmakers, one in Peru and talked suggested tips for young filmmakers

Now Is the Time was produced by the National Film Board of Canada’s BC & Yukon Studio in Vancouver. For more information: ( Katja De Bock also spoke eloquently about the history of the NFB and the service they provide for Canadian Filmmakers.  

The World Poetry Café radio show was hosted by Ariadne Sawyer and Diego Bastianutti, tech Victor Schwartzman and special volunteer, Sharon Rowe.

Source: Katja De Bock, NFB.

By Ariadne Sawyer.

World Poetry Celebrates Michael Mirolla!


Ariadne’s Notes: On the World Poetry Cafe, CFRO 100.5 FM, Thursday, Jan 9 at 1:00 pm PST, Ariadne Sawyer and Diego Bastinutti welcomed Michael Mirolla back to the studio as he finishes his term as writer in residence at the Joy Kogawa House. It was a wonderful interview with an opening e-poem of wishes for the New Year by  Sufi  poet, S.L Peeran 

Also, a brand new story by Sharon Rowe was read by super tech, Victor Shwartzman as she completes her second book of Big Bessie Stories.

Michael Mirolla shared with us information about publishing, spoke about the theme of his upcoming book and read some of his powerful poems. Diego asked great questions about his work and from the feedback, it was an informative and inspiring interview. One new listener from the Maldives wrote, “What an interesting show-I could hear it clearly:


He is the author of a clutch of novels, poetry collections, short story collections, and plays. He is a three-time winner of the Bressani Literary Prize. His novel Berlin was a finalist for the Indie and National Book Awards. The short story, “A Theory of Discontinuous Existence,” was selected for The Journey Prize Anthology; and “The Sand Flea” was a Pushcart Prize nominee. Born in Italy, raised in Montreal, Michael now lives in Oakville, Ontario. For more information: For an old WP Link:

To a poet struggling to recover her words
Please note: this is not a metaphor.
In the spongy grey room, walls reticulated,
bony chair bolted to the upheaving floor,
spotlight at 10 flickers per minute,
she sits. There’s a hole in the side
of her head. There’s a hole where they
extracted the over-eager building blocks,
the out-of-control tidbits of DNA.
The incisions were precise, one must assume.
But it didn’t prevent the words … her words …
from escaping into the sterile air.
Now, a saintly smile framing her face,
she sits in the bony chair inside
the spongy grey room with reticulated walls
and reaches out to recapture
the stray letters that may or may not
have survived without her tender care.
I sit across from her, spoon-feeding
alphabet strands into a hungry mouth
fearful that the words that have kept her whole
that have defined her
that connect her to herself
that have built this grey room
will be unable to make the return journey.
Please note: This has not been a metaphor.

By Michael Mirolla  (C) All rights reserved.

Note by Ariadne:  this is the first time that I have been able to post due to problems with the website.  I was able to hire our web hosts to create a secure site and update some needed connections. It still has some problems but at least I can get in and start updating some of the old texts and begin to make some changes or learn how. Thank you for your patience.

World Poetry Celebrates Bernice Lever!


Ariadne’s Notes:

The World Poetry Cafe radio show  CFRO, 100.5 FM at 1:10 pm PST, December 5th welcomed the amazing Bernice Lever, well-known poet and member of the radio show from Canada once again to the show.

Also featured on the show were the well-known  Peaceathon E-poets Mahmood Jan, Afghanistan,  and Honey Novick Canada, Maki Starfield will be read next week. A lovely note of poetic thanks from Laura Tohe, Poet Laureate of the Navaho Nation, ( received and read.   Special filmmaker Tomisin Adepeju called in at 1:35 pm PST to talk about his film I am Joseph.

Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Diego Bastinutti with super tech Victor Schwartzman.



Bernice Lever was honoured by The Ontario Poetry Society in May, 2019 in a book of poems from their 10 Life Members, entitled Tenfold. 

 Now living on Bowen Island, near West Vancouver, BC, Bernice is also a Life Member of National Canadian Authors Assoc., and since 2000, a Life Member of  The League of Canadian Poets and active in the Federation of  BC Writers, North Shore Writers Association, and more. 

Although known for her 15 years of editing in Toronto for  York University’s 

“WAVES” , literary journal from 1972-1986, Bernice as read on 5 continents and been published internationally as she has 10 poetry books published – last 7 with Black Moss Press, Ontario –   in many large anthologies, journals and newspapers. Her 11th poetry book, “Ingredients for Peace “ is due in 2020.   

Bernice also has published some prose, mainly in “The Waiting Room” & edited, “Singing; anthology  of Canadian women prisoners with Highway Book Shop as  well as “In all directions”,  Fitzhenry & Whiteside,  CAA short story anthology and my own textbook “The Colour  of  Words”, Seneca College, Ontario. 

Her focus has been for “Peace & Justice”   poems for all People,& Living creatures worldwide &&& our natural environment: earth, air, and water! 

Since the 1960’s, she has given talks and workshops to classes and individuals as Bernice enjoys helping beginning poets to be published.