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World Poetry October News!

Welcome World Poetry Canada and World Poetry International!

A great thank you to the 203 poets and supporters that sent good wishes and prayers to the family of Ashok Bhargava. What a wonderful World Poetry Family! Neil is home and getting better! Our love goes out to them!

New World Poetry Blog/website coming soon!

Thanks to the help of WP Committee Member Heidi Mueller, we will have a new blog/website starting next week:  It is great to use our domain after all these years! We hope to have poet news, photos, and a featured poet of the month, lots of links and our national and international news. World Poetry Café Radio show downloads will be available also.

World Poetry Canada:

Featured Haiku.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
Googol, Infinite.*

 © Sandford Tuey All Rights Reserved.

 World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for 2011:

Dr. Warren Stevenson. His award will be given at our 10th Anniversary Gala at the Vancouver Public Library, February 14th. Also from February 7-14, there will be an interactive display at the library on the Power of Love. Send your poems to

Warren Stevenson

World Poetry October Events:

October 25th, World Poetry Reading Series, Vancouver Public Library, Alms and Pete Rooms, 7 pm, 350 west Georgia St. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

 Featured Poets: Dr. Warren Stevenson, Ashok Bhargava, Katrina Pavlovsky and Lucia Gorea.

Poets on tour: Dr. Anuradha Sharma Dr. Stephan Gill.

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Guest host Angelo Moroni. Info: 604-526-4729.

World Poetry New Westminster First Anniversary!

October 27th, 2010, 6:30 pm, New Westminster Public Library (Co-partners) 716-6th Avenue (Auditorium Room)

Chief Rhonda LarrabeeWelcome by New Westminster First Nations Chief Rhonda Larrabee. Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer, MA & Heidi Mueller. Welcome by Dignitaries: Poet Laureates of New Westminster: Edna Anderson, Don Benson. Candice James. Young poet: Danielle Jones.  Poets on tour.  Dr. Stephan Gill, Poet Laureate. Dr. Anuradha Sharma, India.  Sister Groups: Backroom Theatre Club, Poetic Justice. Open mike:  Theme: Our 1st year!  Please send messages to Anniversary cake and refreshments. Come celebrate! 604-526-4729

World Poetry Poets on Tour.

 Alejandro Mujica-Olea, Chile and Perú.
Stephan Gill, Poet Laureate, Ontario, Canada
Anuradha Sharma, India

World Poetry International Poem


love trembles

breasts burn with autumnal passion

seraphic glow on lily face

she traverses night’s untrodden lanes

through raging storms

across paths blazing in the dark

through songs of wild winds

and changing tunes

of the night breeze

 through the curtain of darkness

a shy dawn smiles

light falls in soft showers

carnations open petals

fragrance of a promise fills the air

Poem from the book “Across Social Wilds, a woman’s journey” © by Rita Malhotra, India, World Poetry International Committee member and World Poetry Ambassador.

World Poetry Poetic News from our members!

World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Ambassador to Korea, Bong Ja Ahn writes: “Here is the information on my new book launching ceremony. The TITLE of my new books: Living, Dreaming & In Between and its Korean version, 삶과 꿈, 그리고 그 사이. (*They come in two separate books this time.)  The name of PUBLISHER: Sihanul Publication Company (in Korea) Date of the BOOK LAUNCHING CEREMONY: Oct. 16th, 2010 (in Seoul, Korea) * I will wear my WPRS ambassador medal at the ceremony, and will give a brief introduction about our group.

The book launching ceremony will be SPONSORED AND ORGANIZED by the publisher, ‘Sihanul.’ “

Sterling writes: “Caitlin Press of BC just published [April, 2010] my new book of 35 short stories. My book Wake up Call: tales from a frontier doctor is selling well here and all over the world with Amazon. The book is distributed through Harbour Press of BC and is available at Chapters. Thanks for giving it a plug. Cheers & chuckles, Sterling Haynes.

Moncton, New Brunswick poet, Richard Doiron recently wrote the wedding vows for Oprah Winfrey’s former personal Chef, Art Smith for his Aug. 21 wedding to his long-time partner, the artist Jesus Salgueiro. Reports in many major American newspapers, including the Washington Post, quoted the vows, with some headlines reading, “The wedding vows that brought 500 celebrities to tears.” The wedding, the biggest event of its kind in history, took place on Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. A full report on the event, with the vows intact, can be accessed via the following link:

Note: Richard’s gift poem for William Blake will be given out on November 29th for the World Poetry Life Celebration of William Blake. He also won 1st prize in the WP, TVA Film contest for John Keats.

 Catherine Graham’s new collection Winterkill completes the trilogy that includes her critically acclaimed previous books Pupa (2003) and The Red Element (2008).
Her poems always navigate the difficult paths between grief and memory, between intimacy and strangeness, with a disarming, surefooted grace.
These are Graham’s most powerful, most affirming works to date.

Please take a look at our new blog/website to be at

Ariadne Sawyer, MA
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