World Poetry Celebrates Kainat Khan, Peace Ambassador from Pakistan!

Ariadne’s Notes: A fascinating letter from Kainat Khan, a Peace Ambassador and tennis player. Another wonderful shinning light  for the world… The earth is so blessed to have so many stars for PEACE. I am so proud of the wonderful youth from all countries who work to make a better world. In the news, most of these shinning beacons are overlooked. World Poetry feels that it is important to believe in them and support them in any way we can.

Kainat khan

 She writes:

  • “I am 16 year old girl Kainat Khan, Student of 1st

  • I belong to Nowshera KPK, Pakistan.

  • I am also a writer of peace books.

Name of books:

Kainat and Tennis                                           Way To peace (English Book)

Kainat and Aman                                             Peace massage for World Children. (English Book)

  • In the same way, I am also an Article writer.

  • I am the first girl at the age of 16 who wrote and sings a song on Peace. Here is the link of my song

  • I have visited Italy recently and conveyed the peace massage on Pilosio Peace Award Ceremony, and I received an appreciation Certificate. I also selected as a Peace Ambassador for Pilosio Peace Building Italy.

  • I have visited Paris, France and convey my Peace Message and also distributed my English Peace Books.

  • I am also a lecturer of Peace in the World.

  • My books are available on my Facebook page facebook/kainatpak many children’s read this books daily.

  • I am working on peace not just in Pakistan; I am working on peace in all over the world.

  • I have also received Husan-e-Karkardagi Award form Chairman PTI Imran Khan, I have also received award from PM Sardar Attique, DG Sports board Pakistan Hamza Gillani and also from Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan and many other famous Pakistani Generals.

  • I want to work on Peace not just in Pakistan, all over the world.

  • I have achieved all these achievements just within 3 years. (Form the age of 13 to 16)

  • I want to work on women rights and women education.

  • You can visit my many others interview on different TV’s Channel on my website:

  • You can also visit my all achievements and TV interviews on my Facebook page @ and also on my website @

  • I am Junior Tennis player of Pakistan.

  • I am on top number of KPK Tennis players.

  • Children of Peace UK has been Selected me as a Peace Youth Ambassador.

  • Recently I have meet with Palestine Ambassador Mr. Walid Abu Ali and discuss about Palestine Condition and Peace in Palestine

  • Recently my Interview is published on a UK Based Women’s NGO Named The Girls Effect

  • World Social Site The Guardian also appreciated my efforts and also publish my article here is the link

  • I have played Fed Cup at Malaysia.

  • Recently I have also conveyed peace message to all over the world through American TV Channel NEWS 84.

  • I have also met with PM Azad Jamu Kashmir and discus on Peace in Kashmir.

  • I have also met with Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif and gift them my peace book.

  • I have conveyed the peace massage in Iran and other 14 Countries.

  • I have conveyed the peace massage of Afghanistan Children’s.

  • I have visited Iran recently and conveyed the peace massage on the Tehran TV channel in interview.

  • I have also visited at Iran and Tehran’s schools and conveyed peace message to children’s.

  • I have served above 800 children’s in Pakistan and distributed them Books and sport goods.

  • I have conveyed peace massage at different schools and Madaris approximately 60,000 plus children’s and distributes them my peace books.

  • I have changed many terrorist children, convey them peace massage and now they are students living happily with their Parents.

  • It’s my request to you to please promote my efforts. I want to work for women’s, Children’s right and for peace in all over the world. I’ll be very grateful to you for this kind act.

Thanks and regards”

Kainat Khan (C)

Youth Peace Ambassador

Junior Tennis Player

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