World Poetry Celebrates Bernice Lever from Canada!

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Ariadne’s Notes; The World Poetry Café with host and producer, Ariadne Sawyer and co-host Neall Ryon with super tech Victor, were honoured to welcome the award winning poet and author, Bernice Lever to the show on December 10th, at 1PM Pacific Standard Time  on CFRO 105.FM .A fascinating show with e-questions, poems , insights on peace, Poetic News and more! CLICK HERE to listen to the show! Music by Enrico Renz and Ablaye . First gift peace poem by Wida Tausif, one of 800 divided up between four poets for the World Poetry Canada International upcoming Exhibit at UBC. 

Bernice Lever, born 1936 in Smithers, BC, was a founding editor of WAVES, literary magazine, York U., from 1972-1987 and has published nine poetry books, (Red Letter Day, Black Moss, 2014),  a teaching CD: The Colour of Words. She’s active  in  Canadian Authors, League of Canadian Poets, Federation of BC Writers, etc.  She reads poems, (some prize winners), across Canada, USA  and abroad. She has won five Lifetime Achievement awards as well as the Allan Sangster Award. Also she was named #1 Comedy Writer at Whistler Writers Festival , Comedy Quickies” event, October 15, 2015.

Writer-in-Residence for CAA – Vancouver, she edits book manuscripts. Retired from Seneca College, Toronto, she gives workshops across Canada   Bernice gets ‘high’ on words.

PEACE Seedlings

Each PEACE poem is a dry speck until spring rains,

then an acceptance flows, then a shell cracks,

until one root begins to stretch and multiply —


Each Peace public statement gains

from open positive nourishment,

from added fertilizer praises,

so roots flourish more and more —

Each Peace rally adds sun warmth

to coax this first stem to burst up,

to sprout tiny, green leaves,

to subdivide again and again —


Each Peace song that sings,

each Peace music performance,

again and again until many voices

caress lush buds on muti plants —


Each PEACE prayer, one recites

in private or in parliament,

encourages and supports blossoms

of all colours to bloom,

causing scents of PEACE

to inoculate the world,

encircle the globe.

Bernice Lever     ©


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