World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Poet Yaman Saleh from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts, Ariadne Sawyer, Neall Ryon, super engineer Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe, welcomed Yaman Saleh on June 2nd, 1-2 PM, CFRO 100.5 FM with poetry and song in English and Arabic. Also a featured E-poem Silent Noises  by Vishal Ajmera from India, and a call in from VAHMS President Ken McAteer,  about the great success of Asian Heritage Month and an announcement about the Gala coming up on June 11. To hear the show,



Yaman Saleh, M.Sc. Servant of God. Husband, Father. Poet, Author, Investor. Founder/Owner of The Soaring Eagle Group. Media creator/Blogger. Telecommunications Solutions Architect. Outdoorsman. BC, Canada.

Notes from Yaman :

The Soaring Eagle Blog:

The Stranger:

The Song:

The Arabic poem:

The  poem Walker was mentioned, but we didn’t have a chance to read it. It’s one of my favorites:

The following is a poem I wrote in standard Arabic. I felt a pinch not reading anything in Standard Arabic on the show. So maybe we could have it on the site.”

The Fabric of Love (English):

سقيا (Quenching):

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