Join Our Second Annual World Poetry 24 Hour Peaceathon!


Join World Poetry Canada International 24 Hour Peaceathon, Peace in Action now! September 21st, 2016 World Peace Day!
Musical events, readings, dance, films, art and more.


For more information:

URGENT ! Please fill out the partnership form below even for an individual event.

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10 Responses to Join Our Second Annual World Poetry 24 Hour Peaceathon!

  1. Francis Atta Mensah says:

    So I can send my peace poem to this site to be part of your canpain

  2. Two questions to ask. One. Those that submitted the last time. Will they be allowed to submit again? Two. What are the criteria for submission?

  3. Andi bowe says:


    I am writing my mom’s memoirs online
    She just turned 93
    She’s seen World Wars throughout her life
    A journey through the last century
    And every time the boys came home
    She shared their sweet relief
    That someone who cared
    Used a pen: Mightier than the sword!
    To wage a war for Peace
    While they obeyed the dictates
    Of far-away masters who claimed
    (In their poison bid for money or fame)
    That weapons are the ONLY way
    To win this “war”
    If all the money came home
    To help our own children live and grow
    Are we afraid our children will fall
    In the bid to return freedom and democracy
    To All?
    Or will they know the purity
    of Compassion’s call?

  4. Enid says:

    Love is the greatest weapon

    Time has come now ,
    For an ending, wow.

    Your friendship will be no more,
    Your absence will make things bore .

    Gossips with friends ,
    Learning new trends .
    Talks with us , you did ,
    Forever, you are alive in our mind .

    It’s time to say you goodbye,
    Hope you neither weep nor cry .

    The time we spent together ,
    In pleasant and harsh weather.
    I remember those days,
    Enjoyable past with your’s craze.

    Hope would fill Our frienship’s gap,
    In the presence of the wonder whatsapp.
    In your presence No one notices how we spent this year,
    Wish you prosperous happy journey ahead my dear.
    -Sahaj Sabharwal
    -Jammu city,
    Jammu and Kashmir, India .
    ©All Rights Reserved


    Respect is the Desire of everybody’s mind,
    But is only given to people who are kind.

    Respect is given to those who deserve it,
    And is not given to those who are unfit for it.

    Respect is like a fuel of life,
    Without which a man cannot work rife.

    Respect to our elders plays an important role,
    As its the blessing to achieve our goal.

    Respect is like a bullet of a gun,
    Which Travels with us in long run.

    Respect when given to all,
    His reputation will never fall.
    -Sahaj Sabharwal
    -Jammu city,
    Jammu and Kashmir, India .

    ©All Rights Reserved


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