World Poetry Celebrates the Amazing Nina Munteanu!

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café welcomed the talented author of numerous books Nina Munteau  to the radio show on  September 8th at 1pm, CFRO, 100.5 FM  Hosts Anita Nieveras, Neall Ryon  and engineer Victor Schwartzman had an engaging conversation about her newest books, one in English and the other in Italian , all about water .

To listen to the show, Please CLICK HERE!



Nina Munteanu is “a master of metaphor…a creator of fantastic worlds and cultures…She turns an adventure story into a wonderland of alien rabbit holes…Rhea Hawke is a fresh and multi-faceted heroine.”–Craig Bowlsby, author of Empire of Ice and creator of Commander’s Log.

Internationally published author, teacher and limnologist which is the study of Nina Munteanu explores one of the most important elements of Earth.  Water is emerging as one of the single most important resources of this planet.  Already scarce in some areas it has become the new “gold” to be bought traded coveted cherished hoarded and abused worldwide.  Companies that deal in water are now traded on the stock exchange. 

The Splintered Universe: “A magic carpet ride of adventure that not only reaches deep into the folds of the universe but also into the depths of the soul.”–Goodreads Review.

“Water Is…” can be purchased in print format online at any Amazon store. It is also available at Blackbond Books (Ladner store). Readers can also find it in the main libraries (Vancouver Central Library, Richmond, City of North Vancouver libraries).The book will be available in E-book in winter 2016

“The Way of Water” is available in E-book format through the Italian Imprint “Future Fiction” on

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