World Poetry Celebrates Laura Kelsey and 12dresses!

Ariadne wrote: This is a wonderful book of poems and photos by the talented Laura Kelsey and is written to support a much needed cause for woman’s shelters. Please donate to the shelters below. TO HEAR LAURA ON THE RADIO SHOW CLICK HERE!


 Laura says:” Today I am happy to release 12dresses, a short collection of original poetry and unedited photography that I’ve been working on for the last six months. The ebook is available as a free pdf download with hopes that readers can donate much-needed items or funds to local women’s shelters.
If you have trouble signing in to Issuu via Facebook or otherwise, 12dresses can also be safely downloaded from Google Drive (Kobo, Kindle and other ebook distribution platforms require books to have a price point of $0.99 or more so this seemed the best option for a free release). *Please be advised the book has some adult content. **Optional mobile and laptop spread editions included in the download folder.


Whether it’s a bag of gently-worn clothes, new toiletries or a gift through worthy causes like The Shoebox Project for Shelters, women may also need specialty items such as feminine hygiene or skin care products in times of displacement. Women are often looking after children or can be in transition from abusive situations, and offering a box of helpful goods can greatly aid during distress and adversity.
The Shoebox Project accepts small boxes of useful and fun items now until Dec. 3, with over 45 chapters across Canada. Make it an event! Get together with friends and go shopping; decorate a box with caring items such as cozy socks, bus tickets and a supportive card or note. This can be a great alternative to secret Santa present exchanges between families and office staff, too. Click here for a full list of acceptable gifts; and here to know where to find a drop-off location around Vancouver.
Shelters and transition houses are often in need of everyday household items (i.e. new Tupperware, pillows and bedsheets). Below is a list of some local agencies accepting goods and monetary donations; please call or email ahead before dropping off items.
Lower Mainland
604-331-1407 or email:
604-876-0872 or email:
Mis’cel’any Women Helping Women (thrift store and social programs)
Commercial Dr. location 604-215-9970
Sheway (children’s toys, maternity items)
Vancouver Island
A BC Housing list of emergency shelters in the province is available here; please contact the centre in your area to see how you can donate goods, services or funds:
If you cannot donate at this time, please hug or give positive words to a lady in your life – and thank you for reading 12dresses!

About 12dresses 

The book contains images and short writings about or inspired by a dozen frocks that have come and gone from my life. Photos are raw, unedited shots taken around British Columbia’s West Coast with my trusty Canon Rebel and various bought/borrowed lenses.”

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