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Poetry togetherness-sharing a mike.  (Neall Ryon)

Ariadne’s Notes: On January 19, 1-2 pm, 100,5 FM CFRO, The World Poetry Café welcomed two talented poets to the show. Bernice Lever and Jaqueline Maire. Since Bernice had a mini book launch of her exciting and powerful new book, Small Acts. I decided to present them individually due to pay tribute to their importance. The World Poetry Team of Ariadne Sawyer, Neall Ryon, Kerry ( doing the teching for Victor) and special volunteer, Sharon Rowe were honoured to have them share the hour.

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 A special poet Bernice Lever, who has read her poems on 5 continents, presents her 10th poetry book , “Small Acts”, with Black Moss Press, fall 2016. A retired college English teacher and freelance editor, she lives on Bowen Island, BC. Canada.   Bernice, whose 1st book was “Yet Woman I Am”, HBP, 1979,   ‘gets high on words!’. Also she has won many awards and prizes, but is proudest  to be a Peace Poet.

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