World Poetry Celebrates Wida Tausif.

Ariadne wrote:  World Poetry Café  Radio Show featured e-poet !

Wida Taursif whose peace poem was read on the show January 26th on CFRO, 100.FM! Wida has been a long time supporter of World Poetry and has had several winning  gift poems in the World Poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Festivals.

To hear the special show: CLICK HERE!




Wida Tausif : Wida’s second children’s fiction ‘Alien’s don’t belong on Earth” is getting published this year.   She has joined the Empowerment Women’s organization to promote women’s rights. Her poetry is supported by the Australian Times magazine where they published my poetry. She has her own column in the Indian sun, an Indian  magazine based in Australia. In this magazine she promotes Afghan artists and write about anything else that interests her. She is currently working on her adults non fiction “Life is beautiful”. She is also part of the immigrant and refugee coalition in her state Victoria, in Australia.

Create peace

Let your words speak for humanity,
let your actions fight for sanity.
Use weapons of love against humanity,
to end the tragedy.

Use fruitful words towards the enemy,
and you will find a piece of serenity,
let humanity have a brighter destiny,
let the earth be an eternity.

Remove the hatred from your blood,
to make peace with the enemy,
and let peace flourish,
in all the borders,
flowing in the bloods of humanity.

Let the crying children laugh,
let the wounded hearts heal,
let the world laugh.

Give love, give kindness,
and achieve peace.
Join the hands for the cause of peace,
to bid the war cease,
and let humanity live a life of ease.

Wida Tausif , (C) All rights reserved. Poem is property of the author.


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