World Poetry Celebrates Barry Plamondon & More!

Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry Café Radio Show welcomed  the amazing poet, Barry  Plamondon and his lovely wife Sandy on February 9, 1-2 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM. Barry is a  specially abled miracle who creates poetry and has authored two books. The latest book, published by Silver Bow Publishing is Crackers and Crumbs .


In addition,   the talented Stacy -Ann Buchanan phoned in to talk about her upcoming doc, Stigma which will be shown in a 5 minutes special on February 22 when World Poetry Celebrates Black History Month.
Official Trailer:

E-poems were read from Kevin Taylor’s Cigar Valentine box poems.


Also Richard  Papiernik  with his humorous No Tomorrow. End of the World Party  Invitation poem read by Victor Schwartzman our tech.

The World Poetry Café Team: Ariadne Sawyer, Producer and host, co-host Neal Ryon, super tech Victor Schwartzman and Sharon Rowe, award winning volunteer.

To listen to this SPECIAL SHOW, CLICK HERE!




 Barry writes: “I was born in Penticton and grew up in Vancouver. After high school I attended both U.B.C. and B.C.I.T. before obtaining a diploma in Practical 22Horticulture.I then worked for 20 yrs. as a landscaper before 2 strokes ended my career. 

After spending a year in various hospitals and care homes I came home to find that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I started writing poetry. There were many failures before I wrote one about my daughter that I was proud of. It was like alight had been turned on, 55 years of living just came pouring out onto the pages and I haven’t stopped yet.

I self-published my first book “This n ‘That. Bric a Brace in Mar. 2016 and followed that with” Crackers and Crumbs” in Oct. This effort was published by Silver Bow Publishing. I have resided in Maple Ridge with my wife and seven children for many years.

I am proud to be a member of the Holy Wow Poets here. My hobbies and interests include hockey, gardening and listening to music. I did play the guitar for 30 years, but no longer. I also have a keen interest in nature, especially birds. And plants. All these interests are reflected in my poetry as well as children and disability issues and sometimes a love poem or two. I have also written quite a few Cowboy poems.


There is a ripple on the pond from the stone

I cast. It is strong but cannot last. Only long enough to set the next one in motion.

Together they would never cross the ocean.

But they can lead by example.

Just a small sample.

Of how things could go for people too.

If each said a simple “How do you do?”.

To the strangers that they meet.

At work or on the street.

And if each in turn would pass it on.

Maybe one day all hatred would be gone.”

Barry   Plamodon   (C) (All rights reserved to author)



2 thoughts on “World Poetry Celebrates Barry Plamondon & More!

  1. Kim Patrick

    I have watched Barry’s. Recovery and search for finding self.
    Sandi is my niece her acceptance of life is very moving.
    I have both of Barry’S books , since he cannot play music. Anymore it is wonderful that his poetry touches many.


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