World Poetry Celebrates Minal Sarosh from India!

Ariadne’s Notes:

The World Poetry Café Radio Show, on June 8, 2017 welcomed E-Poet Minal Sarosh ! Her poem was read on the show and nicely received. We have an active E-poet spot on the show, featuring poets from all over the world. Featured poets and musician Lozan Yolmosky  and Serwan Yolmosky also read poetry in English, Arabic and Kurdish as well as music with the oud.









Minal Sarosh is an Indian English poet and novelist. Her first poetry book ‘Mitosis and Other Poems’, was published by Writers Workshop (1992), Kolkata.  And her first novel  ‘Soil for My Roots’ was published by LiFi Publications, New Delhi, 2015.

She has won awards for poetry — (a) All India Poetry Competition 2005 of The Poetry Society (India) Delhi. – Commendation Prize. (b)Creative Writing Competition 2006 of Unisun Publications, Bangalore-Third Prize (c) SMS Poetry Competition 2007 and 2008 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai-Third Prize (d) Unisun Reliance TimeOut Book Club Awards 2008-09-Special Mention

Her poetry has been published in anthologies — The Journal of the Poetry Society (India), Chandrabhaga, (Edited by Jayanta Mahapatra), Indian Literature (published by Sahitya Akademi , Delhi), Emerging Voices ( The Poetry Society India, Delhi), Poetry India: Voices of Hope ( The Poetry Society India,


Fingers at Work


Under the weight of balloons

even strings tie me down.

Fingers let go!

my thoughts are air,

the sky is the limit for them.


Under the blanket of night

even the darkness blinds me.

Fingers stoke the cinders!

My thoughts are fire,

leaping out from the sun.


Under the wafting boat,

even the waves could overturn me.

Fingers row harder!

My thoughts are water,

and oceans have racing horizons.


And under the lawnmower

I could be trimmed like grass.

Fingers grow roots!

My thoughts are soil,

and the whole earth is my garden.


But, oh fingers do what you want,

but do it fast!

My life is just a soap bubble,

weighing less than a feather,

it will glide for a short while,

       and then might burst, anytime.


(First published in ‘The Journal of the Poetry Society (India)’ Delhi. Vol 22, 2011. Edited by Sharmila Ray)

Minal  Sarosh (C) All rights reserved by the author.




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