World Poetry Canada International Celebrates Peace!



World Poetry Canada International Celebrates World Peace!

September 21, 2117, 24 hours plus worldwide.

 All 10,000 participants, World Poetry Directors and Advisors are welcome.






What you can do: 
1  Signup, send a letter and a peace poem, marked URGENT in the e-mail to

2.  Copy your poem and send it to communities, governments, friends and family. Print it and roll it with a ribbon for a gift poem to give away, buses, planes etc. Ask bookstores and other places to display the free gift Peace Poem in a basket or other display.

3. Plan a block or village Peace Party or come up with new ideas.

4. World Poetry Canada International will read selected Peace Poems on our radio show, put on site at
and will send each participant a WP Certificate by e-mail.


2 thoughts on “World Poetry Canada International Celebrates Peace!

  1. Hélène Levasseur

    A Poem from Heaven to bring Peace of Heart and Mind © Hélène Levasseur

    Folks! What’s happening to you?
    Don’t give up! Get up and move on!
    We in the heavenly realms up above
    Are chanting and praying wonders for you

    In our Hourly Festive Moments with the Lord
    We are making a special toast for you all
    Hip! Hip! Hooray! Today is your great day!
    A Boost of Balanced Energy is coming your way!

    Your prayerful wishes for family and friends
    For those who you know and know not
    Are cherished and manifestations of love
    Are immersed in what you think, say and do

    So continue to bring us your cheers and chuckles
    God, dear creation, immerses prayer warriors like you
    With an abundance of Peace and Hope
    Always embellishing them with Love

    I come to you today to thank you generously
    For your abundance of fund raising resolutions
    Where we believe that you will indeed bring forth
    And that is your “Honouring Others” Promise

    Way to go my old acquaintances! Cheerio Pip Pip to you!
    Our Lord Jesus Christ is Emmanuelizing you!
    His Holy Spirit as you know is guiding your steps
    Let go and let God give you His guidance always

    Let us celebrate Festivities like never before
    Ascertaining that we put Jesus Christ always first
    Expect miracles in your midst and entourage
    Never lose Faith regardless of what is forthcoming

    Remember not to think that you’re following footsteps
    Your ailments and illnesses are moving differently than ours
    Remember in your prayer that you are a Link in a Bond
    Between God’s People on Earth and you dear friends

    End this Year with Peace and Prosperity and Fun
    Promise Our Lord Jesus that you will become active
    In the Community and in your personal Hygienic Health
    We like some resolutions to be more fruitarian and vegetarian

    God’s Celestial Hosts are cheering you all the way
    Our Lord Jesus Christ has a Plan for you all to manifest
    Wait in anticipation for this invitation to come to you
    That will bring you into a World of true Heroism

    You know that it has nothing to do with Ego/Pride and Vanity
    As you believe wholeheartedly in Humility/Simplicity and Integrity
    Now the time has come to let things happen as they will
    Not requiring any hindrances from anyone nor you my dears

    Your Joie de Vivre soon will be restored old friends and buddies
    Your beliefs also will submerge and bring you into new heights
    May celestial hosts sends you their love and encouragement
    Believing in your innocence and tolerance of ill wills from others

    In Heaven everyone there are family and friends galore
    Observing and praying profusely for the world’s state of affairs
    Continue to read the bible saying your daily prayers soulfully
    Never lose Faith and believe that God is always there for you

    A Portfolio is being prepared for you where your voice enlivens
    God’s population on Earth from a distance for years to come
    Yes you’re reviewed under a Satellite mindfully and that is good
    Do not lose hope for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all man

    We bid you farewell for now dear friends and remember forever
    That Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour is forthcoming
    His promises are recorded and must be read diligently
    Though you no longer have memories of your readings

    His Holy Spirit will give you the words when it becomes necessary
    Fear not Folks! Be obedient without complaining or arguing
    Time is of essence and you know that we are Everlasting
    And so continue to go into your Prayerful Resting Place

    Have a good day. Be vigilant. Take courage. Be brave.
    You have not been forgotten and as a matter of fact
    As you know you all rest in the palm of our Lord’s hands
    Be diligent. Rest and Forgive and Forget injustices

    With God when you enter Heaven everyone will say:
    “I too am Enlightened! Hallelujah and Amen!”


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