World Poetry Celebrates the Amazing Bernice Lever!






Ariadne’s Notes:  On March 15, at 1:10 PM PST, the talented poetess Bernice Lever called into the World Poetry Café radio Show. CFRO 100.5 FM  to bring the listeners up to date on her poetry, events and wisdom. Also featured was Leslie Pintchik , Jazz great who will be featured next. the show was dedicated to Stephen Hawkins who was a hero to so many including the special abled. The World Poetry Team of Ariadne Sawyer, MA , Victor Shartzman and special volunteer Sharon Rowe. Music from Laura Kelsey’s upcoming new CD: Dispel and from Leslie Pintchik’s new CD: YOU EAT MY FOOD, YOU DRINK MY WINE, YOU STEAL MY GIRL!










  BERNICE LEVER, a  writer, editor and teacher,   creates poetry on Bowen Island. Her 10th book of poems was “Small Acts”, Black Moss Press, 2016. She edited WAVES, Fine Canadian Literature, at York, U., Toronto, 1972-1987.  She is a Life member of League Canadian Poets & some other groups. 

 Bernice’s travels have let her read poems on 5 continents. Her grammar & composition book (now a CD or free PDF) is “The Colour of Words” .  If you want a free copy of Bernice’s book, please send her an e-mail at:

This book has been used around the world to help students with their English.

 Although she is active in many national writing organizations in Canada, she is  now delighted to be on the west coast again, writing PEACE poems for World Poetry and others.



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