World Poetry Celebrates the Wonderful Poetess and Writer Melanie Simms !



Ariadne’s Notes: 

Exciting new show World Poetry Café  radio show, July 12, 1-2 pm PST with  a fascinating double billing of Melanie Simms an award winning poet of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a former Perry County Poet Laureate of PA on the show also featured  was the talented poet  Ahmad Al-Khatat  who was born in Baghdad.  Team: Ariadne  Sawyer, MA and Dr. Diego Bastinutti, hosting. Victor Swartzman sound engineer, Sharon Rowe, special volunteer.    The show included a beautiful e-poem dedicated with permission to Osiris Munir from a powerful e-poet from  Kenya, Alexander Nderitu. He  is a Kenyan novelist and poet. In 2014, BBC Scotland picked his poem ‘Someone in Africa Loves You’ to represent Kenyan literature at the Commonwealth Games. . His official website is It was such an honor to talk to Melanie again and to meet Ahmad Al-Katat and listen to his poetry in Arabic and English. 










Melanie Simms is an award winning poet of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a former Perry County Poet Laureate of PA .She is the author of  two books of poetry, Waking the Muse (Outskirts Press), Remember the Sun (Sunbury Press) 







Her  new book Life Signs and Fortune Cookies will be released shortly from Sunbury Press as well. To pre-order:  contact her publisher at lknorr@sunburypress,com  (Sunbury Press) 

She has two new books upcoming, Journeys through the Aesculapia, (a book of poetry about medicine and the experience of healing) and her first science fiction book, Alien Prophecy is currently underway. You can visit Melanie’s website at


(for Dr. Wazir, Geisinger Oral Surgery)

I opened my neck

Bared the wounds of my life,

As your scissors

Cut me free.

It was a necessary surgery,

Yet as you snipped,

Stitch by stitch

I imagined

Switchblades and murders,

Mafia and threats from beasts of the night

Hovering at my bedside


To devour me.

I even feared

You might be one of those rogue doctors

Killing patients on rounds.

A bible lay at the bottom of my bed

Trying to remind me of a long, lost god,

But through your kindness, I found salvation.

You rescued me

Healed me with your modern amulets and medical wisdoms,

Sent the demons back to Hades,

And brought me to the light

Like a priest on Sunday morning,

Inviting me to drink

From the wine of life


Melanie Simms (C)  All rights reserved by the author.



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